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The Magic happens when you break Symmetry

This guide is a Cook Book, a Guide, for new comers, to build machines that can, with understanding, and a little bit of effort, build a machine that has an output that is Above Unity and beyond! Yes Free Energy is possible and we can show you how, yes its Free too! You don't have to pay a single cent if you don't want to! All that is required, is you put some effort in to learn and build!

This guide is a concerted effort by Members, that have done the work, and are getting Above Unity results, and is the outcome from the thread: Suggestions to get others up to speed?


CD_Sharp's recommendations

This list is a recommendation from CD_Sharp:

  1. Understanding the final goal is to build a high power, usable AU device, but achievable only by intensive work and studying beyond this intro.
  2. Replication of The Mr Preva Experiment because it gives incentive and makes people realize how current can be "amplified".
  3. The 2 states of a coil and the relationship with antenna theory.
  4. The storage and decay phase of an inductor.
  5. Replication of R.I.E. and understanding how charge can be accelerated.
  6. Replication of the circuit "Some coils buck and some coils don't" and understanding how to make charge flow when the input is off.
  7. Feedback studying with Akula lantern no 4
  8. The inductance cancellation experiment
  9. The first true above unity device: replication of Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment, COP around 2
  10. Sky is the limit, depending on the amount of effort.


CD_Sharp's Success:

Special dedication to CD_Sharps continued efforts and his Success Here. (Now Deleted by CD_Sharp) Shown again in the below video:


This is a taste of what can be achieved with the right Understanding!


Maximum Electromagnetic Induction

Many methods exist to get the Coils working as is required to "Generate" an excess in Energy! Two main methods are common, a basic description is as follows:

  1. Three Coils, One Input Coil and Two Output Coils. Various circuits can be used.
  2. Two Output Coils, using one Output Coil as an Input also. Various Circuit can be used.


Three Magnetic Fields, Each Current in each Coil is a Magnetic Field and you have to make them Asymmetrical:


You must Asymmetrically Regauge your machine:



Some, here, have had great success! Success could be yours also, but one must learn what is required, learn what the goals are! And how to reach those Goals! One must be willing to put in the work to learn whats required.

Nearly every thread here, on this forum has a purpose! I recommend everyone read and study as much as possible!

Start Here - Simplicity and basic Facts to step forward.



    1. What is Electrical Energy:

      1. Electrical Energy
        • Electrical Energy is Measured in Units of Volts and Amperes with a Phase Angle ( Theta ) taken into account. Current is considered Kinetic Energy, the flow of Charges, deemed to be 6.24 x 1018 Electrons past point ( p ) in one second.

      2. Connecting the dots to Energy - The A-Field
        • Making sense of Energy and Mass, the subatomic particles, Ions, Electrons and Protons all carrying their own Charge, the Elementary Charge. Also covering The Magnetic A Vector Potential and more! This thread closes the loop in the Energy and Gravitational area.

    2. How to "Generate" Electrical Energy:

      1. Electrical Power "Generation" - Please Study
        • The discovery of Michael Faraday (1831) - Electromagnetic Induction.

      2. Charge Separation
        • Charge, Ve+ and Ve -, is separated. Ve+ is forced to the Positive Terminal, Ve- is forced to the Negative Terminal.

      3. Current Observation and Measurement
        • Current is seen as a Voltage Drop across a Resistor. This shows as a waveform on the Oscilloscope.

      4. The Lorentz Force
        • The Lorentz Force is used for Charge Separation.

      5. The Sawtooth Waveform
        • The Sawtooth Waveform is the Defining Waveform for Energy "Generation"!

    3. How to Amplify Electrical Energy:

      1. Current and Voltage Amplification key to Energy Machines
        • Voltage and also Current must be amplified for an Energy Gain. Looking at one at a time, Current being the hardest to understand.

      2. The MrPreva Experiment
        • An experiment that proves the equations and text of Floyd Sweet and others.

      3. Magnetic Resonance
        • The equal and opposite Currents in separate Coils, Partnered Output Coils.

      4. Electromagnetic Waves
        • Try to think of each Magnetic Field as an Electroimagnetic Wave.

    4. Magnetic Field Opposition and M.M.F:

      1. Reduced Impedance Effect
        • Learn how the opposition of Magnetic Fields can change the Impedance of the Partnered Output Coils.

      2. Accelerating Electrons
        • Learn how the opposition of Magnetic Fields can allow for a much faster change in Current in the Partnered Output Coils.

      3. Non-Linear Inductance
        • Learn how the Partnered Output Coils Inductance changes during a single Cycle.

      4. Increasing the Rate of Kinetic Energy
        • Learn how Magnetic Fields change Current flow in Partnered Output Coils.

      5. Impulse Pressure Wave
        • What is a Current flow in wire.

      6. Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT
        • Observing Current Interactions in a wire when another wire is present. What configurations give best results?

      7. Transformer Math
        • The Math behind Transformer design is a handy thing to know about!

    5. Ensuring you have Magnetic Field Opposition:

      1. Timing
        • Without taking into account the timing, each coil will only ever see one change in Magnetic Field, that of the primary!

      2. Energy Machine Operation
        • What do you need to aim for?

      3. 3D Printing Bobbins/Formers for Coils
        • Design and 3D Print your Custom bobbins for your own Machine.

      4. How to build your own Above Unity Machine
        • What I recommended to do to build your own Machine.

      5. A Coil, the Current and the Voltage
        • What is a Coil going to do when you energise it?

      6. Asymmetrical Regauging
        • One of the most critical things to understand!

      7. Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction
        • When a Current flow in one wire changes, what does the other wire want to do by default?

    6. Moving ahead with your Build:

      1. The Input Coil
        • Few turns, a short pulse, all the Input Coil does is excite your Partnered Output Coils!

      2. Parallel Wire or Bifilar Coil Experiment
        • Let your Partnered Output Coils do what they naturally want to do!

      3. Delayed Conduction in Bucking Coils
        • Partnered Output Coils can only oppose if they are aloud to!

      4. Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment
        • Experiment with your Partnered Output Coils!

      5. Diakoptics, breaking a problem down
        • Applying Diakoptics to your Partnered Output Coils!

    7. Improving your Build:

      1. Coil Geometry
        • Get your Magnetic Fields Up! Faradays Law depends on the Change of Magnetic Field from BMin to BMax and the greater the change, the more Voltage is "Generated".

      2. Measurements
        • Look for the effects first! The numbers will come when you have the effects! People always fail when they look for numbers and do not focus on the effects!

      3. Self Powering Above Unity Machines
        • Looking for methods to Self-Power Your machines. Various Circuits and ideas already exist and we discuss these Circuits and ideas.


Some work is required! I = V / R, when R is static and does not change, then only V can change to increase I so you need to work on increasing the Effects! Working on the Effects is where you will succeed! One day you will look up and have a COP > 1 which is quite easy to achieve!

The absolute biggest problem I see, is others, on other forums, have absolutely no idea what Electrical Energy is, and how to "Generate" it! So many run down Rabbit Holes! Chasing fairy-tale rainbows that have no place in Science! Don't waste your Time and Money, in little time and for little money, you can make real progress if you follow what we have shared.

Members here at know all of the above, they have done the work to move forward.


My Advice:

Stick to Facts and Logic! Simplicity is always your friend!



All Members deserve credit! Fighter, CD_Sharp, have shared lots of info! Many Members here have shared lots! I Thank You All! Some members have made lots of progress but decided to stay quiet on the results. Some members are still working on getting over the unity boundary. Not all members have been successful, it does take work, patience and insight.



Many Members have replicated, some deciding to stay quiet. Wistiti has been showing this for years! Many Member's have self-running machine's! Here are the public acknowledgements:



While we have had a Scope Measurement error reported, many of us have successful Machines! From time to time bad measurement may hold up progress, but the over all success of the whole must not be interrupted by the error of the one! Here we work together to resolve Issues and help others Succeed!



This thread may change at anytime! We are working on better ways to help get others up to speed. To get others building machines that can show very promising results, quickly cheaply and easily! For this reason, we may change this thread at any time, making improvements and so on.