Energy Machine Operation

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Chris posted this 22 May 2018



Your Heart, what does it do?


Another self running pump, The Hydraulic Ram Pump:


A long time back I said:

Its a Living Beast with a Heart Beat! One needs to bring it to life! Not expect it to Live!

Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy ( January 26, 2015 )


I followed this up some time later with:

It's something you have to "bring to life" it lives and breaths, its a living machine!

Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy ( December 01, 2015 )


Some time later, Graham Gunderson stated a similar thing: ( July 9 2016 )


So we take a closer look with the watt meters are saying is that we're getting about 8.3 Watts out DC and that's gonna vary it breathes it moves around for an energy input expense of about a watt and a half right now.


The reason for these comments are very straight forward! I have posted the answers in the Thread: Asymmetrical Regauging

A working machine works in the same way a Pump does. This we also saw in the Thread: Increasing the Rate of Kinetic Energy

An electrical generator is in the true sense not a generator. It creates nothing. Electricity is not made by the generator, it is merely captured or pumped.

T. H. Moray - The sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats


Remember the basics:


All Pumps, work on a difference of pressure, a Ragauging, and create a pressure as a forcing function.


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Chris posted this 22 May 2018

In the Thread: Timing

We covered why a Common Mode Choke does not produce excess Output. In point of fact, its designed not to, its designed to remove and stabilise what they call 'Noise' or 'Transients' of sorts. Does this say anything? Anything at all?

How does it do this?


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Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).