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Chris posted this 6 days ago

My Friends,

I am going to show a small experiment, one that follows the works of Andrey Melnichenko and even Tariel Kapanadze's works and as we know many others.



We have discussed here before, the fact that H3 is H3 simply because H1 and H2 cancel out: H1 + H2 + H3 = H3, why is this so, because H1 is Positive and H2 is Negative! We have seen this equation before: 1 + -1 + 1 = 1.

I think with Fighter's success recently, its time for some hands on!

  • First Layer: 88 Turns.
  • Second Layer: 43 Turns.


Layer One:


Layer Two:


Turns Direction:


Layer One Inductance:


Layer Two Inductance:


Non-Inductive Connected:


Layer One Resistance:


Layer Two Resistance:


Closed Loop Resistance:


My Coil, like Andrey Melnichenko's, is 0.33 + -0.33 + 0.33 = 0.33.

Two thirds of my Coil is canceled out. My Circuit looking like this:


  • L1 and L2 are Non Inductive.
  • L3 is Inductive.


If this Coil is carrying 1 Ampere of Current, and exactly one half of the Coil is Non-Inductive, then Turn for Turn, only 45 Turns will create an M.M.F, which is considered as 45 Turns x 1 Ampere = 45 Ampere Turns or 45At.

Science tells us, that Turn for Turn, where we have Non-Inductive part of the Coil, this part of the Coil does nothing! Creates no Magnetic Field, therefore does nothing.

However, from Experiment, we know that this part of the Coil DOES do something! Remember Floyd Sweets paper: Nothing is Something, this is the same!

At Resonance, we have a perfect Standing Wave! We know this as Magnetic Resonance! Where each Magnetic Field is 180 Degrees out of phase:


Now, straight away, we should see a problem! Why? Kirchhoff's Current Law says the Current must be equal at every node, but we have Turn for Turn, one Coil that is Inductively Zero, and another Coil that has only a part of the Induction canceled!

In the specific case of positive charges moving to the right and negative charges to the left, the effect of both actions is positive charge moving to the right. Current to the right is:

I = da+ / dt + da- / dt

Negative electrons flowing to the left contribute to the current flowing to the right.


Each node does not equal the other, so the Circuit must balance out, Current is Increased as the Standing wave shows us.

Remember what Induction is? See here: Non-Linear Inductance

Induction gives us an approximation on the Coils ability to carry a Current: L = ε / di / dt

By Bringing a Coil arrangement like this into Resonance is our task.

Where each Electromagnetic Wave travels in opposite directions. One through the other in the same space.


Space itself is the ability to accommodate energy. Consider for a moment the following illustration:

A signal (energy) is transmitted from point A to point B. A and B are separated by a finite distance. Consider three periods of time:

  • The signal is launched from A.
  • 2) The signal resides in the space between A and B.
  • 3) The signal arrives at B.

If (3) occurs simultaneously with (1) we say that the signal has traveled at infinite velocity. The signal has never resided in the intervening space and therefore there exists no space between A and B. A is virtually at the same point in space as B. For real space to exist between A and B it is necessary that a signal travelling between them be "lost" with reference to both points for a finite period of time.

Now we know that for real space to exist between two points a signal travelling between them will propagate at a finite velocity c, ( c = 1 / √με )

If a signal will not travel between two points, as in the case when c = 0, then we can also conclude that there is no link or intervening space between them. 

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something.


Floyd Sweet tried very hard to make c = 0! What does this mean? It is simply a Standing Wave, a Team Wave was used:

It is a simple matter using the equations E / H = √με and c = 1 / √με for a team wave to get rid of H and c and so convert the first equation into the well known equation for energy density in the so-called electrostatic field.

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something.


I have pointed out: Why 'C' is equal to One in these Devices.

We have a lot of data!


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Chris posted this 5 days ago

My Friends,

I am going to show Transformer Coupling, to drive my Experiment.

Input Coil Turns: 2 Layers 37 + 39 = 76 Turns.

The Input Coil:


Input Coil Inductance:


Input Coil Resistance:


You can see, I have less turns than the single Layer on my Output Coil, first layer, but the Inductance is higher:

  • 84 Turns compared to 76
  • Inductance of 395 compared to 412


Geometry, the Length of the Coil plays a role here.

The Resistance is almost the same: 0.4 compared to 0.4, no visible difference.

Next, I will show the drive on the Coil, from my Switching Unit.


Jagau posted this 5 days ago

Excellent Chris

I think the junction between L2 and L3 will give you double the input power?


Chris posted this 5 days ago

Hey Jagau,

When you say:

I think the junction between L2 and L3 will give you double the input power?


I think the Current will double, but double from what to what, I will show more soon.

Best wishes


Jagau posted this 5 days ago

Sorry I thought it was a replication of melnichenko when he said this


Since the current in the coils of the same, we believe the resulting voltage in the time T2 is twice to the accumulation of energy
expended at the time t1.



Chris posted this 5 days ago

Sorry I thought it was a replication of melnichenko when he said this


Since the current in the coils of the same, we believe the resulting voltage in the time T2 is twice to the accumulation of energy
expended at the time t1.




Hey Jagau,

Yes, you are correct in this situation! As we have 2x the turns on the First Layer and the Capacitor is directly connected through the Diode, then 2X the Voltage will be present at the terminals.


This is of course only true when the Coil: L2 is shorted in the above diagram. When L2 is un-shorted, then the Circuit will only have the Voltage of a Single Coil.

I have a little more to add soon.


Chris posted this 5 days ago

Hey Jagau,

I was called away, sorry.

We have some open doors with the above circuit, it is not clear, and in-fact it is confusing as to its operation. I want to specifically show something. The Circuit above compared to this circuit:


We are looking at some circuit differences! In fact, we have several different Circuits in the document here: Генератор на нелинейной индуктивности

What we know to be true, is the Circuit used is more like this:


Which as we know was the working model, when it was stated:

A working model by Valery,

Improving the coach, you can create the perfect coach, but first-class car - barely. (Edward de Bono)

Energy generator in the nonlinear inductance

Developed and assembled the unit with an efficiency of greater than 1. Working in self-maintaining, with the releasing enormous amounts of energy it takes to glow lamps. Valery.


We know this to be in-accurate! We know from research the circuit was the Circuit pointed out above, and again here:



You can find a lot of data here: Akula's circuits- is this the principle?


The quote:

The essence of the research: obtain convincing theoretical, computational and experimental evidence for the possibility transgeneratsii electricity from non-additive (non-linear) properties of the energy of electromagnetic fields and waves. The experiments are quite simple and easily reproducible in any special laboratory. This work is the development of some interesting ideas about the physics of Tesla radio and the possibility of generating energy from non-linearity of the energy field. The work is not contrary to modern physics, electrodynamics, well grounded in theory.

Ref: Andrey Melnichenko - Common-mode interference of electromagnetic waves and transgeneratsiya energies.


The point, I am trying to make is, we must follow the path of proof. Proof, hard data is going to be where we make huge leaps forward like we already have!

The document: Transgeneratsiya electromagnetic field energy, make a huge effort to deal with Electromagnetic Waves and specifically:

So we see that for the addition of two opposite-traveling electromagnetic waves resulting electromagnetic wave power increases by four times.


The method of operation is Electromagnetic Waves in Opposition.

I hope this research helps some!


Chris posted this 3 days ago

My Friends,

Its taken a while, I have been pulled away a few times and also had a few other problems to deal with.

The following Video is Long, so beware. Its also a video aimed for beginners!


I hope these experiments prove to be useful to others!


Chris posted this 2 days ago

My Friends,

Another Video, this time a bit of understanding on what we saw in the Experiment in the first video.


I hope this video is useful for all!


Vidura posted this 2 days ago

Very well done this video, really good and simple explanation of the principles, I recommend to all to watch it, it is also good for those with advanced understanding to keep in mind the basic mode of operation, the goal to reach. Vidura.

Chris posted this 14 hours ago

My Friends,

As I said in the last video, I needed to drop my turns down on my Input Coil. This is an Image:


So now I have an input Coil of: 12 Turns.

This is a difference of: 76 - 12 = 64 Turns. Also because, as was also stated, we have whats called Unity Coupling now, we should get much better Coupling from Input to Output.

Remembering, we do only have an effecting 45 turn to 12 turn Coupling. So that's a step up of: 3.75

A video is currently being processed.


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