How to build your own Above Unity Machine

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Chris posted this 01 December 2018



You Will need:

  1. One Input Coil
  2. Two Output Coils
  3. Patience
  4. Support


You need to follow the basic plan laid out here:



NOTE: Partnered Output Coils can be wound either CW / CCW or CW / CW Flipped.

  • CW is Clockwise.
  • CCW is Counter Clockwise.


I prefer CW / CCW.

You will need to make sure your Output Coils have Opposing Magnetic Fields, thus Opposing Currents! 


This is a Critical and Required Component!


The Operation to start with is as follows:

  1. Input Coil ( Green Coil ) brings up the Potential, then is switched Off.
  2. One Output Coil then Conducts Current ( Gold Coils ).
  3. The Second Output Coil then also conducts Current, a split second after the first, Equal and Opposite, to the First Output Coil ( Gold Coils ).


INPUT: Go for 2 Volts DC and around 320Hz or so, a Duty of around 10% or so. Slowly turn the Voltage up until you see things start to happen.

You will need to make sure the turns are greater on the Output Coils, per Coil by a factor of at least 1 : 3, so for every 1 turn on the Input Coil, you will need 3 Turns on the Output Coil and then that again for the Second Output Coil.

NOTE: Sometimes dropping a few turns on one Partnered Output Coil can be of benefit.

A small Gap between the Cored Partnered Output Coils to delay the Magnetic Field Mutual Coupling between the Coils. Circuitry can also be employed to delay Conduction on the second Partnered Output Coil.

Monitoring Currents in the Partnered Output Coils, you will see the Partnered Output Coils, like The Mr Preva Experiment, will Oppose, Magnetic Fields will Oppose! The Machine works because the Fields Buck, a Bucking Oscillator!

NOTE: When you have Bucking Output Coils, you will see a Sawtooth Waveform! Look for it, its the sign you need to see to know you're getting results.

Now, its up to you, arrangement, how you Construct it. I suggest Small Cheap and easy to work with!

On your Input Coil, perhaps use 12 turns 1mm wire or slightly larger. This means your Partnered Output Coils will be approximately 36 Turns each give or take.

NOTE: Don Smith suggested 1 : 4 Ratio.

I have suggested a few Circuits already:



Of course, this is what I have found, and the Output Circuit is not limited to these Circuits specifically!

Look at the Independent Replications, for some inspiration:


  1. Bill Alek
  2. TinMan, Bradley Richard Atherton.
  3. Graham Gunderson.


Basic and up Front, No Bucking, then your machine does not work and you need to re-arrange your Machine.

This is an Asymmetrical Machine, all this I have covered here on my website. We have:

  1. Amplified Voltage. Turns Step up.
  2. Amplified Current. Bucking Magnetic Fields as in The Mr Preva Experiment.


For all we have covered, all of it, and if you've followed, then this task should be easy!

I Promise You, if you follow the rules, make your Machine do what I have said above and on my Websites, it will work. You will have an Above Unity Energy Machine! You have my word on it!



NOTE: I expect you are experienced enough to competently work with Electrical Energy! This device can be dangerous, High Voltage and Current can very easily be achieved! I am not responsible for harm to person, and or equipment! I give you this very simple Guide as is and without warranty or guarantee. I have given a promise, and if you follow the instructions, this will work as I have stated! Making Changes will result in Failure.


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Atti posted this 01 December 2018


 I fully confirm Chris's writing!  Chris has perfectly summed up the building criteria, the opportunities to find work in the work of others.


How much energy do I spend and how much can I get out of it? Are there any measurements in and out of this? How much is the difference?  Did anyone make a similar measurement? Just out of curiosity.

Chris posted this 01 December 2018

Hey Atti,

COP > 1.0 when one has Tuned Frequency and Duty. Also with good Gapping and any Switching.

Crazy thing is, many here could build for $20.00 and an hours work if they know what they are doing.

Again for the readers: Critical Point is, Partnered Output Coils MUST Buck, this is the Current Amplification part. Greater turns on the Output Coils steps up Voltage, this is Voltage Amplification.


Very simply: Power ( P ) = Voltage ( V ) x Current ( I )



P.S: Lets see, what we see, from those that have waited for this for an eternity?

alohalaoha posted this 01 December 2018


 I fully confirm Chris's writing!  Chris has perfectly summed up the building criteria, the opportunities to find work in the work of others.


How much energy do I spend and how much can I get out of it? Are there any measurements in and out of this? How much is the difference?  Did anyone make a similar measurement? Just out of curiosity.


Hey Atti

It is not important how much input power you will inject in circuit 10Wt or 100Wt. You will get as much energy as you need at output once process was started.

Aboveunity power comes from charge injector pump, or from ferrite core charges.Sources of charges could be different. High potential - high frequency devices like Tesla transformer, Vladimir Brovin's Katchers (with HV bipolar or HV mosfets or IGBTs), Ground, Indepenent mass of high conductivity metals, salt water, highly ionised air, plasma sources etc.etc.

Charges only need to be sucked by Bucking Magnetic Fields and boost their initialy field strenght. Process is autosync once has achived. As low impendance is your load as much charge injecting would occur. This device make with easy infinite rise of power. So you need to sink additional power or to lower injection rate.

ps: The most important thing here is a TIMING. All must be balanced and coordinated. Maybe Chris should start with design electronic logic control for all kind of assymetric devices ?



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alohalaoha posted this 01 December 2018

I want to share these Tesla's words which have a great importance to all aboveunity researchers and inventors.

They were from the lecture delivered by Nikola Tesla to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers at Columbia College, New York 20 May 1891. Lecture was firstly posted in the electrical engineer, a weekly journal of electrical engineering, volume viii, from 3 July, 1891.

Quote Tesla"

I would call attention to the fact, that in an alternating electrostatic field, a conductor, such as an exhausted tube for instance (or any resonant coil, waveguide, any conductor my addition), tends to take up most of the energy, whereas, in an electromagnetic alternating field the conductor tends to take up the least energy, the waves being reflected with but little loss. This is one reason why it is difficult to excite an exhausted tube, at a distance, by electromagnetic induction. I have wound coils of very large diameter and of many turns of wire, and connected a Geissler tube to the ends of the coil with the object of exciting the tube at a distance; but even with the powerful inductive effects producible by Leyden jar discharges, the tube could not be excited unless at a very small distance, although some judgment was used as to the dimensions of the coil. I have also found that even the most powerful Leyden jar discharges are capable of exciting only feeble luminous effects in a closed exhausted tube, and even these effects upon thorough examination I have been forced to consider of an electrostatic nature.  How, then, can we hope to produce the required effects at a distance by means of electromagnetic action, when even in the closest proximity to the source of disturbance, under the most advantageous conditions, we can excite but faint luminosity ? "

End of quote

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Chris posted this 01 December 2018



If, for instance, the commutator-space between the brushes a and c, when the latter is at the neutral point, is diminished, a current will flow from the point Y over the shunt C to the brush b, thus strengthening the current in the part M', and partly neutralizing the current in the part M; but if the space between the brushes a and c is increased, the current will flow over the auxiliary brush in an opposite direction, and the current in M will be strengthened, and in M' partly neutralized.



More than 100 Years old! dated March 2, 1886!

We already know this is specifically related to the Amplification of Current:


The Greatest man that ever lived, Nikola Tesla, the Mr Preva Experiment with Don's video, is undisputable.


Jagau posted this 01 December 2018

I confirm what Chris quotes above for experimentation.

In my last experience with two coils partnered Output coils (POC) and one input coil  that transmits at the resonant frequency

with only 0.300 millivolt p/p, I got 60 volts p/p. Make yours you will see, easy and cheap to make.

It's reality.



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Jagau posted this 01 December 2018

The model to use is very simple Aloha, everyone can do it.
Take a pot core with 3 cables twister set of gauge 24 or what you have on hand, 2 cables are in mode P.O.C. and the third in Rx
With a signal generator injects about 5 volts p / p in order to
find the frequency of resonance when you have found injected into your POC and look at the exit you will be surprised at the result.
Adjust the voltage of the S.G. up to 300 mv p / p and you will still have a lot of voltage present. It is a (C.E). cold electricity, .but with an avramenko plug I turn on up to 5 leds without extra consumption.

P.O.C. configuration is the name of the game it is a must


alohalaoha posted this 02 December 2018

Hey Jagau

What about current output? Have you did some meassurements ?

I need hundred of Amps at the output not some uA or mA. Also voltage must be in hundreds of volts not mV or V.

Need overunity heater to warm house and garage.

If you have concrete project let me know. Wish to bild one and improve if possible.

ps: I have not much possibilities to try thousands of experiments, simply because have no cash for all to realise. For all of this i need highly professonal and expensive lab and highend equipment and tools. This is only reason why do asking you and not only you but all the others for just one concrete working overunity device. Can make one but not thousands....

ps: my newest e-mail is Fell free to contact me if you have real ou device to share with me.

Thank you

Best regards to all - Aloha

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Jagau posted this 02 December 2018

Hello Aloha

I am in this forum to learn, and with my latest research I share with you the little things that I find

because this is the purpose of this forum.


share what would be interesting
learn to share it
help those whom we can help.

No I have not found the rosetta pearl yet but I'm working on it.

I hope I did not disappoint you, but you bring me ideas that sometimes move me forward.


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alohalaoha posted this 02 December 2018

Thank for your support and many clever ideas Jagau.

You are a good american man, in same free energy problems like all honest people in america.

If you belive in my words, same situdation is at russia, and very probably 99,9999% in other parts of the world.

I know from my life way , only experiement is a supreme judge of all possible and impossible theories because he always present and show us a truth. This is the only reason why we need to listen him and analyse what he always tell us. No other way in total darkness of this parasitic world.

Best wishes


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