Power Input and Magnetic Field

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Vasile posted this 5 weeks ago


I have been doing some research lately into magnetic field  versus power input. I ended up reading into Joseph Newmans story. I actualy watched the film also, which is very interesting. You have a link here if you want to watch it:

The movie was promising so I searched for more info on the theory behind Newmans invention. From all I have seen and read about this topic, I think the next experiment is the core principle:


2 x steel core: -Cilindrical shape, Diametre=2.53mm, Lenght=20mm;

1 x enameled wire: -Diametre=0.5mm, Lenght=514.25mm, Resistance=0.043 ohm, Mass=0.9g;

1 x enameled wire: -Diametre=1.0mm, Lenght=2057mm, Resistance=0.043 ohm, Mass=14.4g;


 I take one of the cores  and I wind all of the 0.5mm diametre enameled wire on it. I have 1 layer and a total of 32 turns on it.

I take the other core and I wind all of the 1.0mm diametre enameled wire on it. I have 5.27 layers and a total of 80 turns +- 15 turns.

You have pictures atached if you want to see more.

I treat the the coil and core assemblys as electromagnets with the folowing specifications:

Assembly 1( with the 0.5mm wire):

-0.186 VDC;

-4.325 A;

-0.043 ohm;

-0.804 W;

-0.001 mT;

-0.000'000'005 Wb.

Assembly 2( with the 1.0mm wire):

-0.186 VDC;

-4.325 A;

-0.043 ohm;

-0.804 W;

-0.004 mT;

-0.000'000'020 Wb.


By using the same amount of power (VxA) we can have different magnetic field strenght. The only thing that changes to produce this differences is the conductors characteristics (lenght, mass, volume, etc.)

I hope you see the beauty of this experiment and that it will help you in your journey.


All the best,



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Marathonman posted this 5 weeks ago

Another thing is the length of the coil winding. i have found that even with higher current with a 1 inch coil on a 3 inch core i was not able to project out past the end of the core with barely detectable magnetic field.  this is what told me along with other experiments that the inverse square law is directly applicable to every know field whether it be Radiation, Gravitation, Electric or Magnetic. they all abide by this rule macro to micro to cosmic.

one thing i might add is the resistance and inductance has a significant roll in the speed or reaction of the coil that is why i have been harping on the Figuera thread to wind with thicker wire then according to conventional science as that device does not rely on resistance to control current flow. just some things to keep in mind.

good observations.



Vasile posted this 5 weeks ago

Another point that appears logical to state is that electrical power (Volts x Amps) is not actualy the true power, the true power is realy the magnetic field. This two entities, electrical and magnetic, are not necesarily directly proportional to each other, as the above experiment has shown. One is an effect (electrical) and the other one is the cause (magnetic). Conventional theory is more focused on the electrical part, the effect. The cause, the magnetic part, has little atention to it. It is funny. It is like Creation has forget about its Creator.

At least that is how I see it.

All the best,


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