Light Up the Darkness

Two days after being shot, just before appearing on stage, Bob Marley said:

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The people that are trying to make the world worse, never take a day off, why should I. Light up the darkness!

Category: For Giggles

Tesla 369

mrblobby Latest By mrblobby 06 March 2019. 5 257 4 0

Category: Experiments


Chris Latest By Chris 05 March 2019. 57 2.7K 4 0

Category: Experiments

Electrical Energy

fer123 Latest By fer123 01 March 2019. 32 1.4K 2 0

Category: Notifications

Outage - ISP

Chris Latest By Chris 01 March 2019. 11 263 2 0

Category: Resources

Charge Separation

alohalaoha Latest By alohalaoha 24 February 2019. 13 519 1 0

Category: Experiments

Let's Sparking ...

Vidura Latest By Vidura 19 February 2019. 64 1.2K 2 0

Category: Experiments

Lenz's Law

Chris Latest By Chris 15 February 2019. 35 1.3K 2 0

Category: Hardware

practical hardware tips

Vidura Latest By Vidura 15 February 2019. 10 1.8K 3 0

Category: Theory

Dickson charge pump

Prometheus Latest By Prometheus 12 February 2019. 0 144 2 0

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