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Wistiti posted this 09 January 2018



Hi guys!

In the past I play a bit with the Figuera concept. It use the POC as we already know the potential. I think this guy, Marathonman, understand the principe behind the Figuera device...


Chris, if there already a tread about Clemente Figuera, feel free to move this at the good place!





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Chris posted this 09 January 2018

Hey Wistiti, Sweet Thread! 

The News Articles that we have on Clemente Figuera, and his device, tell all about the device, and yes Marathonman has it entirely Correct! This we have covered for a long time also.

Figuera says, very clearly, he sold the patents to the Bankers, so we must not trust the Patents!


Telegrama / Telegram Figuera 1902.

As we know, experiment proves truth, dis-proves lies, we already know much of what is said in the Patents is not true, sorry Hannon, but Experiment On the Bench does not support the Bankers falsified Documents.

What Experiment On the Bench does support however, is what Figuera said in the early News Articles. A source that is hard for the Bankers to change...

Thanks for sharing Wistiti, Figurea is one of my favourites, a great man that only now, more than 100 years later, is getting credit for his work!



P.S: My favourite resource:

Chris posted this 09 January 2018

I think it should be noted, and is very important, all the research done and data gathered is important for the Historical Record!

It is up to the reader of the information to Prove or Disprove the information contained!

It is very easy to Prove or Disprove! A very simple Experiment like The Mr Preva Experiment can shed a lot of light on these devices!

In saying this, the words used by Clemente Figuera, forgetting all else, the words used, are critical:

  • induced
  • inductor
  • magnet
  • electromagnets
  • turns
  • variation
  • field
  • traversing
  • voltage
  • current - 37 times second to top, The top word in this document is Figuera at 42 times.
  • dynamos

All these key words, are critical to only one thing: 

Electromagnetic Induction

It is even said, by Clemente Figuera himself:

This principle is not new since it is just a consequence of the laws of induction stated by Faraday in the year 1831: what it is new and requested to privilege is the application of this principle to a machine which produces large industrial electrical currents which until now cannot be obtained but transforming mechanical work into electricity.

PATENT by CLEMENTE FIGUERA (year 1908) No. 44267 (Spain)



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Chris posted this 10 January 2018


How many Coils does Clemente Figuera Use?


How many Coils does Melvin Cobb Use?


How many Coils does Alexander Frolov's Phi Transformer Use?


How many Coils does Don Smith Use?


How many Coils does Floyd Sweet Use?

Divide by Two and exclude EX1 and 2 because they are Dive Coils.

  • P1 = 2 + FB1 = 3 Coils
  • P2 = 2 + FB2 = 3 Coils

EX1 and EX2 are Drive Coils, for Feed Back, or Feed Forward, depending on how you want to look at it,  giving a Time Constant via an Induced E.M.F from the two Power Coils Opposing Fields squeezing out the side through the EX Coils.

Turns Ratios and the Wavelengths used are important, we know this already.


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Marathonman posted this 10 January 2018

Thank you Wistiti and Chris for your kind words. i had or tried to post a very informative post but when i tried to post it said i had to relog on thus my entire post disappeared  so ill keep it short this time.

the first pic you have on your last post was a failed attempt from Wonju and that core orientation will not work in the Figuera device. i will slowly reveal all about this device as we move along as to not overwhelm or leave people behind as my sole intention is to get this device to the world and not be like other so called free energy people selling lousy books and trinkets that do nothing but be a good paper weight.


Marathonman posted this 10 January 2018

I also would like to point out that the banksters really did not touch the patent as such because Figuera wrote a slightly cryptic patent so i guess they left it a lone. most people can't even get past part G because they are associating the pic to the device when in reality the pic is just part G in it's very, very basic form just for understanding purposes and one needs to think out side of the box and of that time period.

there are basically only two ways to control currant, one is through resistance which is very, very wasteful and the other is through a magnetic field. a lost art that was used at the turn of the century using a magnetic field to control currant flow. what Figuera did was split the feed into two and controlled both separately using an inductor and a rotating brush. as the positive brush rotated the currant running through the primaries to part G caused a north magnetic fields at the brush from both feeds. having two north faced opposing fields allowed them to stay completely separate while varying the currant of both in complete unison dynamically. as the brush rotated the amount of winding's changed magnetically linking to the system thus varying the amount of magnetic field opposing the original currant flow.

and this my new friends is how Figuera did it.



Marathonman posted this 10 January 2018

In a standard Generator we have almost the same thing happening as in the Figuera device except of course the Figuera device main section that does the generating does not move. in a standard geny part of the output is used to excite and create a magnetic field then the rotor rotates through these fields creating currant. the amount of power used to excite this field is ONLY a few percent of the output so why in hell can't a geny be overunity.  well it has to do with the cogging effect, as the rotor passes the stator polls it tends to not want to let go. the attraction is so intense that it takes massive power to overcome this attractive force and destroys any chance of being OU. using 125 % power to get 50 % power is not only crazy but only benefits the rich oil barrons and rapes the environment 

Figuera on the other hand figured out that he could do the same thing by just moving the weightless, massless field back and fourth totally eliminating the cogging effect entirely.

did you hear what i said  (THE WEIGHTLESS,  MASSLESS FIELD)  that takes a minute amount of power to move back and fourth thus rendering those smog farting, environment and people killing machines OBSOLETE.


Marathonman posted this 10 January 2018

my next video will include the primary and secondary relationship thus the cause of coherency between the primaries and secondaries. If the Primary fields are not coherent (In Unison) the total energy in the region is the sum of the energies of the one field, i.e., the increasing electromagnet. if coherency is maintained the square of the field intensity of each electromagnet combined is integrated over the region of space occupied by the secondary, thus the total energy is the square of twice the field intensity integrated over the region, or twice the energy of the two fields incoherent!. so basically that's twice the field intensity squared compared to regular bucking coil fields.


Chris posted this 10 January 2018

Hello and Welcome Marathonman!

I agree with your posts, that last one in particular, speaks volumes...

The field energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the total electromagnetic field. As a result, the simple addition of the energy fields of the total field can be many times the energy of the initial fields separately. This property of the electromagnetic field is non-additivity of the energy field. For example, when added to a stack of three flat circular permanent magnet energy of the total magnetic field is increased to nine times! A similar process occurs with the addition of electromagnetic waves in the feeder lines and resonance systems. Total energy of a standing electromagnetic wave can be many times greater than the energy of waves and the electromagnetic field to add. As a result, the total energy of the system increases. The process is described by the simple formula of energy field

Andrey Melnichenko - Transgeneratsiya electromagnetic field energy


The underlying principal (forget Millikan’s experiment) has been derived in that magnetic effects vary on the square of the current. As the load on the machine increases, the volt-ampere product increases. The rate of flow of charges increases.

Floyd "Sparky" Sweet - The Space-Flux Coupled Alternator

We have an experiment here we, well I refer to all the time, The Mr Preva Experiment, this proves exactly this. It is undeniable and only Fools try to dispute it.

You are right in what you say, I have found the same things, spending many years gluing a long trail of references and data to support my findings!

Simply, hard provable data can not be disputed by any sane mind!



Marathonman posted this 10 January 2018

I have been just posting randomly so to get a better understanding of the device i will start at the beginning.

Marathonman's Synopsis of the Figuera device

After three years of constant study, research and on hand experience, i have concluded that the Figuera device operates in said capacity according to the 1908 patent and the following is my interpretation of said free energy device.

in the patents it can be seen how ingeniously and by mechanical methods, how the engineer tried to generate electrical energy inside a coil by varying the flow of two opposite and opposing magnetic fields, trying to get into the machine the same characteristic behavior of a conventional generator, but without moving part.

In a standard generator we have what is termed a quadrature. the incline and decline of the north magnet and the incline and decline of the south magnet. also we have what is termed "the cogging effect". the cogging effect is where the rotor passes the stator electromagnet and upon passing the electromagnet an extreme attraction force wants to pull the rotor back in to register (alignment) causing the motor to bog down from the heavy load of the attractive force. this extreme force from present day generators has been the same since the days of Praxii in France and has not changed. thus we are left with a system that is completely crippled from the cogging effect and inefficient beyond belief. the amount of fuel used in this type of system is staggering and certainly benefits only the Oil Companies and tax hungry Governments.

in the Figuera device both electromagnet accounts for only 1/4 of a quadrature but with no cogging effect what so ever since the device is stationary and no moving parts. thus allowing the 1/4 quadrature to be much more efficient in terms of power usage (input) verses power output. since the cogging effect has been removed the amount of power that was wasted on rotation is now available to the system for use to power it's electromagnets and rotating brush motor which amounts to very little leaving a system that is so efficient it powers it self and the load indefinitely. once the system is started with an external power supply, it can be removed and the system remains running with no noise, lubrication, pollution or waste products to deal with. the implication of such a device is utterly mind boggling and a game changer to the average human. allowing each and every human to grow their own food 24/7 365 days a year, pump their own water, power their own home and personal vehicles. thus changing the very evolution of the human race advancing toward a more productive, peaceful, harmonistic society riding the powerful elite of their choke hold on the human race through control.

My further understanding is that through my research a setup with two bar magnets facing each other separated by a nonmagnetic bar glued between both like pole faces to keep them separated by a fixed distance and a stationary loop with an attached galvanometer. if the magnets are moved back and forth, the galvanometer will move back and forth with twice the deflection magnitude as that of a single magnet moved at the same rate. proven by Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and William J Hopper and others.

What is the Figuera device.

The Figuera device consist of a complimentary set of primary opposing electromagnets (Set N and Set S) between them resides an output coil/core (Y) governed by a controller part "G" that varies the currant allowed through the the primary electromagnets.

the primary electromagnets are varied in currant in unison, one taken high, the other taken low, just enough to clear the secondary then reversed. in the said action a unique condition takes place in the area the secondary output coil resides in causing the condition known as a Motional Electric Field. as both primaries are occupying the same relative space in space, we have a set of conditions where both B fields (Magnetic fields) are opposing one another therefore effectively canceling each other out. in this unique condition, both fields are effectively equal zero but the electric fields of both electromagnets remain intact therefore doubling the effective E field compared to one electromagnet alone thus the square of the both. 

 by using a DC source through part G, the original source is effectively split into to two separate feeds allowing the primary electromagnets to be varied separately in unison allowing the cancellation of B fields and the additive E fields to remain to be collected by the secondary, a condition known as a pure BV field. the secondary according to the patent is "properly placed" in this area that is effectively zero B field zone but where the Electric field is actively present and doubled in strength.

Superimposed magnetic flux from the two sets of electromagnets (Set N and Set S) consists of one electromagnet with left to right spin taken high, and one electromagnet with right to left spin taken low in unison. thus we have a unique condition in the space surrounding the secondary: the resultant magnetic flux, due to superposition of fields, is zero; and the resultant motional electric field intensity is E = B1 x V1 + (-B1) x (-V2) = 2B1 x V1, or E2, double the intensity attributable to one electromagnet alone, where B1 is the magnetic flux due to the electromagnets and V1, the electron drift velocity in, say, the in and out direction. although the magnetic flux energy in the device is reduced to zero, the electromagnetic induction giving rise to what we term the "motional electric field" has by no means been canceled nor reduced in any way as both are positive and additive. this is and have been verified by William J Hooper and others.

another unique condition of the opposing primary electromagnets is that while one electromagnet is taken high, the other is taken low but in doing so in it's receding action, the rising electromagnet basically shoves the receding electromagnet out of the secondary core into it's own core from where it's magnetic field was born. this action causes a considerable amount of magnetic flux to be confined in the said core thus allowing the magnetic energy to be shoved out the back of the receding electromagnet into part G to be stored in a magnetic field for later use therefore feeding it's self every half turn of part G. if the receding electromagnet is taken down to far or the primary electromagnets are not in complete unison the pressure between them will cease and induction will fall low to the output of the peak of the rising electromagnet.

Part G

After much research into the origin and function of part G, i was able to narrow, with the help of a colleague, the origin, device and manufacturer of the part G device to Germany and Zeiss or Otto as the manufacturer. both companies produced precision variac of the highest quality and were the go to companies for quality workmanship. more then likely it was Zeiss as the dates and events are to easily lined up. one little known fact is that DC can be used through a Variac and produce similar effects of currant restriction through variation with a twist of a knob. Figuera on the other hand chose to have the core wound with one continuous wind, one end to Set N and the other to Set S all while varying the currant through the rotating brush making contact with two winding's at a time in a make before break scenario to avoid currant disruption to the primary electromagnets. this action would be detrimental to the function of the device if b emf were allowed to take place as all induction would cease and power production would come to a halt.

part G is a magnetic resistance device rarely used in today's modern world, a forgotten relic in a world of silicon ic's that can be had in any style, shape or form. part G is unique as it splits one DC feed into two separate independent feeds. this feat is accomplished through two opposing fields as the currant enters part G through it's winding's causing two opposing north magnetic fields. these two magnetic fields restrict the amount of saturation of the core restricting currant flow and through self inductance or rather dynamic self inductance (magnetics).

part G is connected to the primary electromagnets to allow the inductive kick back from the receding electromagnet to be stored in it's core every half turn of the rotating brush, thus allowing the stored magnetic field to be converted into currant feeding the primaries as the brush rotates. this action of part G is similar in action of an inductor allowing energy to be stored and used. as the brush rotates so does the magnetic field. when constructing the device a second secondary can be wound on the output core allowing said secondary to be used for the sole purpose of powering the device to replace losses occurred through heat and wire loss, which accounts for very little aiding the inductive kickback from the declining electromagnet allowing the device to be self sustaining. once this device is started with an external power supply, the supply can be removed and the device will run indefinitely powering what ever you so choose.


scientist's of our present day say that free energy is "impossible" yet their are over 10,000 free energy device patents in the united states and over 40,000 globally, most of which were illegally seized by the patent office under the guise "of national security". funny thing is the US patent office is not even part of the US Government ( independently owned and operated) yet they are continuously allowed to do so, steeling average citizens free energy patent. the suppression of free energy is coming to an end as all through out the world are becoming aware of the ability to self sustain. Maxwell and Faraday proved with out a doubt, that free energy is possible. if this was not so then why did J. P. Morgan, a rich banker, spend million trying to hide the fee energy equations through Heaviside, Lorentz and possibly Einstein through bribe monies. J. P. Morgan even went so far as to pull school books and had them changed and put back into circulation. he was also responsible for the suppression of the most gifted person of our time, yours truly Nicola Tesla. reducing him to the point of feeding pigeons for the remainder of his life. if perpetual motion is not viable, then apparently Figuera and our Universe did not get the memo, wouldn't that be awkward if the world stop spinning tomorrow.

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Chris posted this 10 January 2018

@Marathonman - Are you aware of the very old devices called Mag-Amps, Saturable Reactors and the like?


“Now I'm going to say something I should not. Floyd Sweet was privileged to work with the  Germans after WW2. He pulled this trick on me with the VTA except I caught him and was  booted out he only made it look like he condition the magnets . The Germans already had  developed, kept away from the people rotating mag amps and Sweet worked on them. ( He  was an electromagnetic expert in this field) It was funny to me when I would go over to  Sweet's place with the coils I wound for him and when I would leave it would be working the  next day. I asked him to remove the 100 watt power Amplifier and he refused so I left then  was asked to never return by Tom Bearden, Tom did not know as I never told him. Tom even  brought one over to me to test away from Floyd's house where it was working before Tom  left to have it tested. Floyd went nuts when Tom told him he was testing this at my shop. It  did not work. So whatever GE had knowledge of , Floyd knew How, but I can make this  machine work either way.”


“That is why nobody can make it, Sweet device also Magnetic Amplifier.”

John Bedini

 I was never able to confirm any of this. But back in those days it was how they did things. So its hard to say.

We are growing stronger every day, with every new member, we are working as a team and we are moving forward all the time. Our Collective Will makes us in stoppable! We are already making a difference!

We work for the next Generation, making the difference the last Generation should have, but only few did.


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