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Wistiti posted this 09 January 2018



Hi guys!

In the past I play a bit with the Figuera concept. It use the POC as we already know the potential. I think this guy, Marathonman, understand the principe behind the Figuera device...

Chris, if there already a tread about Clemente Figuera, feel free to move this at the good place!


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creasysee posted this 13 February 2019

Hi Marathonman and all!

I'm presenting a solid state version of part G (SSPG)! This is amazing! It works!!!

How it was made:

Special thanks to Marathonman.

Regards, creasysee. улыбка

Aetherholic posted this 27 June 2019


Part G wire 93 turns 2mm x 1mm rectangular enameled copper 2.5mm spacing.

Build sequence:

1. Support the core on 2 empty wire spools

2. Epoxy 2 3D printed wire guides one each side and wait 24 hours for cure.

3. Start to wind the core.

4 Finish the wind.

5. Coat the windings liberally with epoxy. use 2 1mm PTFE sheets and two aluminium plates and clamp as hard as possible.

Leave 2 days to cure.

6. Remove the clamps etc. and clean up.

7. CNC the surface 0.05mm at a time until all wires exposed.

8. Mount on the frame.

9.  Mount the Part G head and finish up the wiring.


Aetherholic - One truth, One field

Marathonman posted this 13 November 2018

You have to admit the sheer genius of Figuera that designed this device 110 years ago thus realizing the total lack of advancements or suppression of our Scientific and Physics community since then. if you ask me total greed has overtaken Corporate world to the point of a total control scenario.

using induced emf within the circuit (Self Inductance) to control current flow at a rate of efficiency in the upper high 90's is and will always be sheer genius. using an active inductor to control current flow, splitting the feed into two independent feeds using magnetic fields in total unison, forward biasing like a mag amp, storing and releasing potential at a specific time needed to offset the rising potential drop. then adding a portion of the output to replace the losses occurred and give rise to amplification to the rising primaries,   good god what a sheer genius Figuera was.

PS. i get an apartment of my own next week thus my lab/work bench will live again........ let the rebuilding of the Figuera device commence.

back in the saddle again.



Marathonman posted this 10 March 2019

While i have some free time i am working on the cheapest timing and switching that can switch the Figuera part G in a make before break scenario with the ends switched on twice as long. i will order from Mouser and test the circuit before i post it on line.

I found some IGBT's  that are being discontinued so the price is really fantastic and a driver for .86 cents. i will either use an up/down decade counter or just a regular decade counter. the up/down will require and Arduino or something similar but the regular decade counter just  a signal generation of some type.

there can also be other ways to switch as with a PNP with the use of a 300 volt opto-isolator to isolate the two sections of high and low signal.

i will also be investigating the infusion of the secondary feed back with electronics also that can be switched from the same signal of the positive brush electronics but will start at the opposite side of part G's positive side and end on the opposite side.

IE... positive electronic switching starts from left to right and the secondary feed back from right to left to mimic the brush rotation.



mabberflouth posted this 17 March 2019


    i have bean lookin at this figuera generater for a while and this is the best place i have seen talking serius about it. im gonna build one of these and i hope i can help on the way.

i am new here and want to say hi to everyone on this generater. i hope i can get grate results.

ave a good day




JohnStone posted this 23 May 2019

Hi all,

Finally I arrived here where Figuera cause is still alive :-) Some of you contributors might know me from other threads. I was silent now for several years but now - after my retirement - I search for new shores and want to deal with Figuera implementation.

I am a trained electronics engineer. But I know very well, that my training coverd a small part of the reality only. So please understand that I will be mostly silent for now while reading the wealth of contributions and learning basics of figuera configuration in my lab.

Thank you all for your contributions that gave me a steep learning curve up to now. 



Marathonman posted this 24 October 2018

I have a chance to get a 50 to 60 thousand a year job over the next week plus my own place. If anyone has prayed for anyone before please do so for me now at this time. My sanity and this device hangs in the balance.



Marathonman posted this 25 October 2018

Thank you very much, that really means a lot to me.

i have pounded the pavement every day for the last month contacting every agency i can think of.  i have 4 professional people helping me on my resume' before they see it Friday. plus i just attained a 500.00 home painting job for the owner of Door Vets.

i am sorry it is off topic but if it happens it will be balls to the wall for the Figuera device and all the readers and builders.

one way or another WE WILL SUCCEED ! My mission will help the worlds mission. the more that knows about the Figuera device the better human's life will be. 



romanta posted this 28 December 2018

Good day to all. In the old year I began a series of experiments on the topic of Figuera, at the moment what MM says is true. after I made the secondary coil half shorter, I got a much larger power output. I plan to cut the coil still, and see what happens, with the same input parameters of the primary coils.This is up to change.This is after the change.

romanta posted this 11 January 2019

in my free time I am engaged in preparing for the manufacture of a small device.

Marathonman posted this 22 January 2019

Good news everyone I just got hired and start Friday, give me a few weeks and let the building begin.



Marathonman posted this 27 February 2019

The original replicator did mention that each half was to be calculated separately so your hypothesis has substantial merit.  when i build my next triplet i will investigate this.

Temple Transformer will not assemble my cores so i will have the arduous duty of assembling them myself which i have never done. well i will jump in with both feet because that is what we do.

I will have my cores in about two weeks primaries, secondaries and my C core part G.



Marathonman posted this 18 March 2019

Weird, i just took the battery out and let set for a while then took another pic and it worked but i still lost over 30 minutes of video in the process.

Below is brush holder on top of my new C core.

wire is coming which is square for less precision grinding.



alohalaoha posted this 09 April 2019

I will no longer post trying to convince or instruct people on the Figuera device. there is to many people that seam to be convinced their way is the highway even after my bench proven facts that are provable and replicatable. i will only post my build status and nothing more. ask a certain question in a pm and i will answer otherwise i will not respond to a question in the forum. i am through with uneducated or rather non thread readers that think the Figuera device is what ever their mind wishes to be at that moment in time.

good luck is all i may render, you will need it and then some.




Common Marathonman, take it easy man. You have our support and attention. Don't drop now till the finish line. Many people wait further instructions from you. Don't give up. This is my personal message to you. But do as you will. This is a MATRIX world and everything is possible, because it's virtual. Virtual like XP or WIN7 on your computer.


To all

This is very helpfull tool for Figuera buiders and many other researchers - Tiny Magnetic Poles indicator. Very usefull when expeimenting with coils.

From here:

Hall sensor is from cheap computer cooler fan FS276 or VHE101B.

Pinout FS276 is same like VHE101B.

Pin1 = Vcc.

Pin2 = Collector of North Pole transistor - on sch. blue led.

Pin3 = Collector of South Pole transistor - on sch. red led.

Pin4 = Gnd.

That's all. Happy build.

Regards to all


Marathonman posted this 15 April 2019

I am using Decade counters for my electronic switching part G. would like to use up and down decade but don't have time to study the circuit needed.

an curious if that is your primary shown.? forewarned that using solid cores for the secondary induces eddy currents and Hysteresis but would be fine for the primaries. Figuera used solid cores for his build but back then pure iron was much more available then now a days and much cheaper.  my complete set of 16 primaries and 8 secondaries ran me around 750 which to me is ok since it is top notch material being grain oriented also.

I am sorry for the ruff comments. after many, many years of explaining this device it seams very few actually try to confirm what i have presented on the bench.  benching is the only way to verify which is what i have done. it only take a few small tests on a small scale to verify all information presented.

hopefully i will resolve my jig issues during the week so i can assemble my cores this weekend. i am rigging up a tension system for my part G wire and will have it wound by this weekend.



JohnStone posted this 23 May 2019

Hi Cornboy :-) Thank you for your warm welcome. Great you are active here! Looking forward for collective success.

Cornboy posted this 04 June 2019

 Hello All, finally got some time to play with my commutator, it is set up with Positive and negative feed back comm switch, and the feedback timing will be adjustable a full 180 degrees, just need to fit housing into a stand of some sort.

 Will be building 6 x coil triplets from modified audio crossover inductors with laminated cores for the inducers, and modified, shortened bobbins with as many offcuts from lams from the crossovers, that can fit, and then filling the air pockets with iron dust and epoxy.

 Regards  Cornboy.   smile




Cornboy posted this 28 June 2019

 Hi All, some shots of my mini coil setup.

 Regards  Cornboy.   smile

Peter posted this 22 May 2018

Hi Marathonman and Aetherholic,


First of all, thank you both for your (brilliant) hard work, and the fact that you're willing to share all the info needed to build this wonderfull generator. remember, you are not alone in this quest.. I think that besides us, a lot of people are trying to build this device..

Please don't let them trolls get to you..keep sharing info, and i am sure together we can build this thing, no problem.

Right now i am also building my part G..  al be it on a somewhat smaller scale.. ( look at the size of your C-core Marathonman, that's impressive..and plenty overhead..) .

Can't wait to see how both your builds are coming along..

I'll try and post some pictures of my build a.s.a.p. in the mean time,best of luck to you both. Namaste

Greetings from the Netherlands.


Marathonman posted this 22 May 2018

Welcome Peter is is always a pleasure to have one aboard that is eager to join in. i have ample information i have posted from my research and bench work that i hope you took the liberty to access. i do like the idea of a wire alignment guide on the bottom of part G. uniformity of  magnetic fields is definitely a must in this device so it is not a bad idea. the positive brush is on slip rings and the secondary feedback is commutated allowing both brushes to remain their sign always. yes, the secondary is mandatory for continuous operation replacing losses and amplification to the rising side of the device.

one thing i have to say to ALL is i am sorry for my harsh posts in which i have deleted. i have some pressing issues from here and other sites plus personal issues at home that caused my judgement to slip thus my patience also and for that i am truly sorry.  i have tried to maintain a pleasant posting atmosphere all while dumping a boat load of information from my research and bench work so others can test and replicate but recent pressing issues seemed to be a little overloading at times. the recent Law suit i filed on my mechanic was the final overloading issue along with cash flow problems.


 Thanks for the vote of confidence and the assessment of both brushes was very well said.

there are a lot of people out there that seems to think part G can be eliminated which basically boils down to a misunderstanding of just what part G does and how important it actually is.

part G spits the feed into two, forward biases like a mag amp, reduce and raises the currant on a continuous basis through self induction (C-EMF),  keeping them separate with north opposing fields,  stores and releases potential to either off set the rising side or stores the potential for the next half cycle along with the storing and released potential of the primary electromagnets then uses the secondary output to replace losses and amplification . all this happens inside of part G which will become the power supply once the starting is removed.

so all i can say is try that without part G and tell me how that goes.

PS. Eindhoven is a beautiful city especially at night.

WOW ! 10,000 views hit today.

Thank you all and THANK YOU CHRIS


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