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Wistiti posted this 09 January 2018



Hi guys!

In the past I play a bit with the Figuera concept. It use the POC as we already know the potential. I think this guy, Marathonman, understand the principe behind the Figuera device...

Chris, if there already a tread about Clemente Figuera, feel free to move this at the good place!


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Chris posted this 16 July 2019

My Friends,

Information I have received, Marathonman is going else where.

It appears the rules here are intolerable.

I wish him Luck in his endeavors. All his followers, I also wish Luck.

I am locking this thread, for the likes of Aetherholic and others that have greater understanding and working machines, I ask please create new threads on your machines when you are ready.


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Chris posted this 15 July 2019


I edited your post, took out the abuse of another Member - Another Rule broken!

I apologise, I did not mean anything by the statements I made! I will change it now!

I don't have a problem with the views at all. I do not measure by Number, I measure by Quality and also Response.

Marathonman, you were way off topic, and had done so on many occasions, and you already broke other rules, and, like others on this form, including myself ( Ask SL ), for being OFF TOPIC, Posts have been deleted.

Thing is Marathonman, you're the first person to complain if others come to this thread and post off topic information!

Rules are Rules, if you cant stick to the Rules, then you know where the door is!

I am no Dictator, I am a Moderator! I moderate, for Momentum, The Figurea Thread was going pear shaped and I see no point on wasting others Time!

I am getting wary Marathonman, I do not have to put up with this behaviour! I have better things to do!

Stop digging yourself into a deeper hole and get on with your life long task!



P.S: Two more Posts I now have to delete!

Marathonman posted this 15 July 2019

Hey Chris do you think you can demean me further in public. for one I DID NOT BEG FOR DONATIONS, i simply asked people to become active in these type of devices which has many forms. in your warped thinking you took as direct begging which you are wrong.

i personally think you have issues with this thread having 38K excuse me 39K views while yours are barely braking 5k and now you want me gone. and you wonder where all your visitors came for.

please stop acting like Aaron or Stephen it's not very becoming of you. i came here because i was under the impression we had room to express ourselves within certain limits. WELL that sure got thrown out the window didn't it. NOW there are suddenly stipulation being brought to the table that stifle ones own expression of the device for which they are working on..

it's rather disgusting knowing how may tens of thousands of hours i have put into the understanding and testing of this device to be demeaned in public just because i posted a few slightly off topic posts that actually related to the thread. hell just delete the whole thread as i am sure that would make you much more happy. never mind i will.

you make a great dictator Chris

PS. just so people know, Aetherholic is. he is tying to patent a variant of part G and even told me so in a PM. after all i have done for this thread and the Figuera device towards enlightening the world how this device operates. is that disgusting or what.


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Chris posted this 15 July 2019

Admin Note: 

I have deleted several posts for breaking the Forum Rules.

  • Stay on topic.
  • No asking for Donations.
  • Think of other Members.


I expect all Members to be respectful and considerate of other Members! Be considerate!


alset posted this 03 July 2019

Hi all,


A very simple way to get some electromagnets. Please watch the video below. Electromagnets can be easily got from ballasts of fluorescent lights (reactances). In the video ballasts from junkyard (70 W and 230 volts) from street ligths are cut to get the electromagnets.


Marathonman, two questions:

-Your part G has a fixed number of turns and thus a fixed impedance. How will you tune the impedance of the part G to get the proper ratio I_max/I_min in the electromagnets?

-Could you post a wiring diagram of your system? I can not get the idea of your power supply with resistor. I thought that the input current was simple DC which could be obtained with a variac and a bridge rectifier. Can you post a wiring diagram of your whole proposal?


Thanks in advance

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Vasile posted this 01 July 2019

I can relate to what you are saying, sure there are a lot twisted things in this world as you have enumerated some of them. I too have tryed to change things around me, mainly people. But it didn't went that well and the reason I haven't succeded is because of me. I didn't do it right. That I can tell you with 100% certainty.

You see, aside the bad things in life there are also the good ones, like the laws that govern nature in general. Think about the beauty of a plant, the consistency of the suns movement or simply the fact of being alive, being conscious. So if things are the way they are, is most probably due to a main cause. Most of the people in this world are like ships without guidence and they go where the general stream of water takes them. If you don't like where the general stream of water goes, then do something about it. If you look back in history, it was always the power of small groups of people and there ideas that produced the most radical changes in the world.

All the best,



Cornboy posted this 28 June 2019

 Hi All, some shots of my mini coil setup.

 Regards  Cornboy.   smile

Cornboy posted this 27 June 2019

 Thanks for doing that Aetherholic, much appreciated.

 Thanks for the explanation MM, and nice job on coils.

 Regards  Cornboy.   smile

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Dadrev posted this 27 June 2019

@ Aetherholic

A nice job!!

Seven groups of inductor-induced in honeycomb. A super professional job!



Aetherholic posted this 27 June 2019


Part G wire 93 turns 2mm x 1mm rectangular enameled copper 2.5mm spacing.

Build sequence:

1. Support the core on 2 empty wire spools

2. Epoxy 2 3D printed wire guides one each side and wait 24 hours for cure.

3. Start to wind the core.

4 Finish the wind.

5. Coat the windings liberally with epoxy. use 2 1mm PTFE sheets and two aluminium plates and clamp as hard as possible.

Leave 2 days to cure.

6. Remove the clamps etc. and clean up.

7. CNC the surface 0.05mm at a time until all wires exposed.

8. Mount on the frame.

9.  Mount the Part G head and finish up the wiring.


Aetherholic - One truth, One field

Cornboy posted this 27 June 2019

 Looks great MM, very neat.

 Any chance of a diagram of your power supply?.

 Regards and thanks,  Cornboy.  smile

Cornboy posted this 27 June 2019

 Bloody hard stuff to work with MM, clamping it together and holding it flat while you epoxy it will be a challenge, maybe Aetherholic could shed some light, after doing his.


 Regards  Cornboy.  smile 

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Cornboy posted this 24 June 2019

 Nice work Peter, great to see you at it again.

 Regards  Cornboy.  smile 

Cornboy posted this 23 June 2019

 Neat Job MM, i hate winding coils!.

 Regards  Cornboy.   smile  

Chris posted this 16 June 2019

@OurBobby - I have PM'd you my reply so as to not clog up the thread.


Ourbobby posted this 16 June 2019

Hello Chris,

                   Thank you for your concern. I seem to have my own peculiar way of doing things. Well so my father used to tell me!

I pretty much understand what is going on with the build, and i think i understand the concept behind the elevated voltage with the primaries. i think this might be a method of producing reactive power.  At first i was convinced that the Figuera device had to have some sort of radiant output, i am not so sure now. however, Tesla's remarks have a habit of lingering within ones memory. i will keep building and pop in to see how marathonman's progress is going in case i have detoured too much, if at all. unfortunately i am not able to build as quickly as others. my other present commitments are profound.

Thank you for your comments



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Cornboy posted this 16 June 2019

 Hi All, primaries are cut and machined all the same length, ( within about 5 thou ).

 Secondaries bobbins i bought online from China, closest i could find, then cut them down and made correct spacers for desired length.

 So on to winding the secondaries, and making their cores.

 Regards  Cornboy.   smile



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Cornboy posted this 15 June 2019


 The coils are 40mm long, the cores are 75mm long, and are laminated.

 Wire is 18g , 7mh inductance, 0.6ohm  dcr.

 Still a bit of work to do on these, like machining one end of the core flat and trimming the cores to the right length and all equal length, but still very economical.


 Regards  Cornboy.  smile

Cornboy posted this 15 June 2019

 Hey All, this almost feels like cheating, compared to you MM, it is a very easy and cheap option for anyone for testing on a lot of projects.

 Off the shelf audio inductors, for around $12.00 AU each, including cores.

 When i asked my au supplier can you move the coil along the core he tried and said definitely not, so i ordered one and found a way without any damage, then ordered 12.

 I am saving the left over cores after cutting them, to place in the centers of the secondaries, which are a loose fit, and then filling them with a mixture of iron dust and epoxy, to make filled cores.

 All the Best  Cornboy.   smile

Cornboy posted this 14 June 2019

 Hi All, a small success with my new Commutator, still loosing contact, will run it for a few hours to seat the brushes and then see.




 Regards  Cornboy.   smile

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