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Chris posted this 30 July 2017


Bucking Coils are used in many ways. One example is “Common Mode Chokes”, an example that has perhaps clouded the entire concept of Electromagnetic Induction. Let’s look at the “Common Mode Choke”


A common mode choke is where both line and neutral windings are wound on a single core. When using a current compensated choke to decrease common mode noise, (the interference pattern or the unwanted noise) you want to have a high impedance at the unwanted frequencies to knock down that unwanted noise.


Figure One: Common Mode Choke Diagram



Figure Two: Typical implementation of a Common Mode Choke


Let’s think, what’s is the actual purpose in Common Mode Chokes? What are they designed to do? What are they particularly good at doing? Think really hard at what they are doing. Because it is really important to understand!


Any Coil carrying a Current will always have a Magnetic Field. The Magnetic Field is defined, by Amperes Law, as: B0nI  


·         B = Magnetic Field in Gauss (CGS) or Tesla (MKS)

·         μ0 = The Permeability of Free Space, or Permeability of the Core Material μr

·         n = is the number of turns per unit length.

·         l = The length.

 ref: see Magnetic Fields Produced by Currents: Ampere’s Law


You can see, the term Ampere Turns: AT = NI, which is Turns (N) x Amperes (I). This means the more Current through the more Turns we have, the more Ampere Turns we have, this is part of the above equation, thus, the more Magnetic Field we have!


Kirchhoff’s Current Law states that the Current In to a Node, must be the same as the Current Out of the Node, and so we have the same Magnetic Field in each Coil in our Common Mode Choke! Each Field is Equal and Opposite.


There is a problem with the way we understand Magnetic Induction, that may already be apparent. We see the exact same requirements that are necessary in Electromagnetic Induction, but yet we see none, we see the opposite! We see the reduction of Transients, surges, and the like. Thus the design and use of the Common Mode Choke.


But why?



The answer is surprisingly simple! Because the Magnetic Fields are being held steady, they are not allowed to change, the Current is Equal and Opposite, it is a locked, a Rigid System


This is NOT what happens in an Electrical Generator! The Magnetic Field is aloud to Change over Time in respect to the timing of the System. This is not the case in the Common Mode Choke! The Magnetic Fields in an Electrical Generator dynamically change, at any one point in time and the “Generating” Coil can vary with Load, so the total System is dynamic, changing, not held steady.


So, delay one of the Coils Magnetic Field relative to the other in the Common Mode Choke and see what happens… Wow we have a completely different System! No longer any good as a Common Mode Choke, not serving the purpose of a Common Mode Choke anymore.


Bucking Coils, or I like the term Partnered Output Coils, can and do "Generate" Electrical Energy! You need to let the System Breath, bring it to life!


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Chris posted this 31 July 2017

In the very first Tariel Kapanadze Device, the Kapagen, we saw a timing. A timing that was very evident if one has done any work on Tesla Coils especially.



In all Resonant Tank Circuits with a Spark Gap, the Spark Gap will Arc over and Spark at a certain Time during the cycle, normally this is at peak voltage.

This is a part of the Kapanadze work and has been for a long time! It was seen in most of his devices.


Chris posted this 31 July 2017

Tom Bearden's MEG was a very unusual device, appearing to be very simple, and reported by many that is does not work, when infact is does.

When Tom Bearden used the term "Non Linear", this term meant Timing. Timing of the Coils, the Interactions between them and that it was very important to make sure the MEG was Non Linear in this way!

It took me a while to understand this. Something I read on the JLN website put me in the right direction:

a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) is REQUIRED for getting the output datas measured above

- JLN Labs - The MEG Project

Now for some here, this may make sense. But for others, I was one of these ones, I needed a bit more information.



A MOV is non Linear, meaning that is is an OFF device until a Voltage Potential is reached. At this point, the MOV Conducts, is now On, it becomes a Switch if you like, a Voltage Controlled Switch!

Above, the Diagram depicts a MOV that starts Switching On at around 250 Volts, it conducts at 250 Volts!

So Conduction might typically look something like this:

Note: This wave form does not apply exactly to the MEG.

All MOV's are Rated, have different ratings, and ratings can be very different. Some voltages might be 18 Volts. So make sure you know what youre using!

So the Timing here, it is again what we saw before. It is sensible! There is a Timing at a particular Voltage, this Voltage triggers Interactions Between the Coils on the Core at this time!



Chris posted this 31 July 2017

Many other devices have shown this very same required Timing!

Ruslan, Akula, many others, lets look at one of Ruslans:

 The Image above has been something shown many times by Ruslan alone. It is taken from the following video:



Another example from Ruslan:



So, what's with the Timing we see, and have seen for so long? Many others show the same thing! Graham Gunderson is another!


There is a basic answer, it is to do with Work. I have been looking at this for years. On my website, I have posted many pictures, in different circumstances, showing this: 

Showing the Points of the wave where to trigger some sort of switching events.

Your Input is doing Work as if it is Climbing a Hill, from Zero, to Peak. This is the part of the Cycle you do not wish to disturb, remembering the Common Mode Choke is designed to Stop this Behaviour! Otherwise your Input is Impeded too Much! Your Input is Choked Off, Restricted by Lenz's Law. This is a Symmetrical System, One on One, Equal and Opposite!

On the other hand, After the work has been done, we can use Gravity, or Natures way, to bring a System back into Equilibrium, Zero State. At Rest. So from Peak to Zero, there can be as much work done in this area as you can fit in! Its a Roller Coaster ride of Electromagnetic Induction, an Unimpeded path of adventure! Remembering we have a Maximum Magnetic Field at this point in Time!


In my early research, I did not understand at the time, the importance. Now I do, I hope you do too!


Chris posted this 31 July 2017

Sorry all, have been busy, and have put the posts in that I wanted.

@Vasile - Yes, it is, and now I entered the last three posts it may make a bit more sense why the MrPreva Experiment by itself is not Above Unity.

Its very close though, a very efficient Electromagnetic Induction Experiment when tinkered with long enough.

@All - The Idea of the Timing, is to get the Magnetic Field to absolute Maximum, for the smallest input, then bring in your Partnered Output Coils at this point!

  • Input is switched in and from Zero to Peak, POC/Bucking Coils are open Circuit.
  • At peak Input, Switch in Your POC/Bucking Coil, One Coil now assisting the Input!

Timing, its why these devices work, Timing makes these devices Asymmetrical!

Tom Bearden's "Non-Linear"


Note: Wave Propagation, when done right, can do all this for you and this is looked after by the perhaps unknown parts of the Wave propagation Theory. That's why not all devices are switched, some are just LC Tank Circuits with the correct Wave Propagation techniques applied. 




Chris posted this 01 August 2017

Hi Vasile, We have done some work here on the Akula Circuit. I studied it in depth when Akula started sharing that information. There are a few threads here on this.

My opinion is the very short pulses are Electron Spin Resonance, a way to get the Electrons Excited and start them to Flow.

Akula uses Bucking Coils. This from his own mouth! See Link provided.

We did have someone hwo claimed he was working with Akula join us in our work at one point, seemed to have inside knowledge also, so we took his word for it.

CD_Sharp is perhaps the best person to comment on the Akula stuff: Akula's 30 W lantern and Akula's 30 W lantern replication

You see, we have two things going on, we have a Trigger - This gets things going, some Electromagnetic Induction to get the Flow of Charged Particles occurring, and of course the Voltage required for Current to Flow. This is Kinetic Energy!

Then we have the Asymmetrical part. Kinetic Energy is the Motion of something, in this case it is the Motion of Charged Particles:

Figure One: Conventional Current Flow - Kinetic Energy


Also, we have something else, most important of all, we have a Magnetic Field, at value   X   Above Equilibrium.

Nature and all its beauty wants the Magnetic Field to dissipate, move back to an equilibrium state! But now we have Bucking Coils, with two things in place, High Magnetic Field and also Current and Voltage, one of the most beautiful combinations In Science!



Zanzal posted this 01 August 2017

I like the idea Vasile, but the practical implementation is not immediately obvious. Is there an experiment you can recommend to illustrate?

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Chris posted this 01 August 2017

Hi Vasile, apologies, I have marked the Image above: Figure One: Conventional Current Flow - Kinetic Energy

What we are looking at is Timing.

Like the Minute hand on the Clock increments one minute when and only when the Second Hand has counted 60 Seconds...

We are not doing anything funky with Voltage or Current as such.


P.S: Racking my Brain to think of a better way to explain this.

Chris posted this 01 August 2017

There is a reason I termed Partnered Output Coils (POC) and try not to use the term Bucking Coils.

Like I went through above, Bucking Coils typically are a static, or a better term: Rigid System! Partnered Output Coils are not!

The Common Mode Choke, using Bucking Coils, does the opposite to Partnered Output Coils. But at the same time Partnered Output Coils do Buck.

You can not Choke Off your Input! Your Input must do Work - it creates a Magnetic Field and Separates Charges.

The Common Mode Choke, Chokes Off, how we want to start the Coils working. That's it's Job. As I tried to illustrate above.

To avoid this, we Switch in, Activate, our Partnered Output Coils at the Peak of Our Input, We have done our Work on the Input, we have Climbed that Hill, the Magnetic Field is there, we have Charges Separated.

If this does not make sense, please study, please re-read until it does. Please ask questions.

Like I said, in the right situation, using Wave Propagation techniques, this Timing is apparent only by studding the System. DC Switched Systems need to account for this.

The Magnetic Field itself is Symmetrical.

Systems that Buck, Two Magnetic Fields Interacting together need to be Symmetrical.

The Interactions of these Magnetic Fields over Time is where Electromagnetic Induction Occurs!

It is these interactions that need to be Non Rigid, Asymmetrical, or Non-Linear, meaning: not the same at the same Time!

I hope this clears up any Confusion?



Chris posted this 02 August 2017

Its worth noting, Andrey Melnichenko talked about Timing, many inventors have. but reading some data on the Andrey Melnichenko page, you will quickly see that the Coils he was using were switched.

The Switching.


Think of each Magnetic Field as a breathing thing, it just doesn't seem right to Choke if Off. Let them Breath.

Timing is important.


alohalaoha posted this 02 August 2017

Chris and all, some info about this Ruslan's video called An Effect, he has told where exactly at sinus current form we need to kick it to get LONGITUDINAL SCALAR FIELD transition from usual transverse field in grenade coil. He was using HV unipolar pulse trains, with correct duty and pw from his Tesla or Katcher.

Chris, look carefully at each frame where after correct hv-kick-timing interval vectorial transverse field transform yourself to longitudinal and start to slide in sync with unipolar pulse-trains from Katcher. Have seen at X-time axis of oscillograph like sudden move of comple sinusoide. VERY IMPORTANT IS THIS. It means it is not the same Vectorial TRANSVERSE FIELD but has transforemed in LONGITUDINAL SCALAR FIELD which has ability to "suck" high condcution current DENSITY 20-30 A, through thick ground conductor in Ruslan BTG 4.5 kWt.


The system 24000 times in second make strong magnetic H field arround grenade coil and after just-in-timing WITHOUT ANY JITTER, complete energy of vector magnetic field was transformed to Scalar LONGITUDINAL which travel axialy along the grenade coil and suck free conducting elecrons from the heavy ground conductor which was mounted in central axis of grenade tube where Scalar FIELD has maximum and minus sign.

TRY it if you have proper equipment. This work magnificent. But keep in mind proper GRENADE COIL GEOMETRY AND WINDING DIRECTIONS CW-CCW.



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Chris posted this 02 August 2017

Hi Aloha, this is right. We have a set of interactions here, where the interactions are such that Electrical Energy is forced, the very Flow of Current induces more Flow of Current.

It is about the Timing as you say.

Ruslan and many others have given so much, they are legends!

In my effort to keep things at the most simple possible, I liken this entire process to the Electrical "Generator"! As this is what we are doing.


Chris posted this 03 August 2017

It is important to Note, at Peak Cycle, we have the exact same things required for Electromagnetic Induction:

  • A Magnetic Field.
  • The apparent ability and necessity for this Magnetic to Change over Time.
  • Coils in the same Proximity as this Magnetic Field.

So, if we are smart, we want to bring in as much Electromagnetic Induction as we can!

Remembering that the Magnetic Field is Symmetrical! Its a Symmetrical Structure! So we need Two Magnetic Fields at this Time. Thus Partnered Output Coils!


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Chris posted this 06 August 2017

To avoid this, we Switch in, Activate, our Partnered Output Coils at the Peak of Our Input, We have done our Work on the Input, we have Climbed that Hill, the Magnetic Field is there, we have Charges Separated.

I want to point out some data I have read before, many years ago, but not realised the importance until now.

The recent posts to this thread and another helped Cross Reference some Data, and as a result is helping with an understanding:

We shall, briefly repeat this argument for the case of variation of the self-inductance.

Suppose that a current i. is flowing in an oscillatory system consisting of a capacitance C, ohmic resistance R, and self-inductance L, at some instant of time which we shall take as the starting instant.

At this moment we change: L, by, ΔL, which is equivalent to increasing the energy by 1/2  ΔLi^2

The system is now left to itself.

After a time equal to 1/4 of the period of the tuned frequency of the system, all the energy transforms from magnetic into electrostatic.

At this moment, when the current falls to zero, we return the self-induction to its original value, which can evidently be done without expending work and again we leave the system alone.

After the next 1/4 period of resonance oscillations the electrostatic energy transforms fully into magnetic and we can begin a new cycle of variation in L.

If the energy put in at the beginning of the cycle exceeds that lost during the cycle

This piece of Text is amazingly insightful! This is in the context of AC LC Resonant Systems. Specifically the Current Waveform.

I hope this brings a light to the Dynamic System we need to create, the one we have been shown for so long, by so many.


alohalaoha posted this 06 August 2017

Chris Sykes, keep in mind geometric configuration of yours partnered bucking coil.

Looking from axially perspective, you have two coils with same or different number of windings, one wounded in CW and other in CCW. Both coils make symmetric configuration of vectorial magnetic fields H. From our point of view due to current change direction at 180 degrees due to opposite winding direction to initial current, both H+ and H- configuration. It further means we have two bunches of magnetic particles which present in fact non-inertial mass of some kind of substance. Our task is to transform two banches and their masses in equivalent masses but other kind, called it scalar magnetic mass. Only way to release that scalar mass is to strike both vectorial fields H+ and H- in proper timing. + and - signs, means that we have 2 phases of current, 0 degrees initial current and 180 degree reverse current due to windings direction change. Adams called that striking moment, ZERO timing moment. It means not zero time, but a such moment where both magnetic whirpools start forming before they come back again in same position after complete toroidal whirpools cycle. Onw whirling is at 0 degrees, other phase shifted in respect to first at 180 degrees.Similar like two arrows fly to each other and spin around main direction axis. Zero time moment of truth is a moment of contact. Or much precise it is a such moment where two magnetic whirls draw-well whirling each at own whirling phase. After direct hit each other scalar magnetic mass is released from vectorial magnetic mass and due to high inertial forces preshaped to longitudinal bunch of highly preassured and accelerated scalar particles by mighty Coloumb forces. At one side looking from our sight of view we have highly accelerated stream of highly inertial scalar mass while on other same mass but decelerated. Any charges which enter in such highly kinetic area will for sure accelerate these charges and make high conduction current due to interaction on Coloumb forces levels. This i my point of view at current level of understanding and i have found another more confirmation at Adams motor patent and his coil switching in Zero system time - whirling .

Chris if you wind your coils axially for example at old radio ferrite rod you will get Hopper- Melnichenko configuration exactly.

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alohalaoha posted this 06 August 2017

Idea for Sparkey VTA machine.

wind two pairs of axial coils in Hooper manner and put both pairs in antiphase loaded with same medium - ferrite or soft-steel or similar. Excite both pairs with pairs of quadratute excitation coils - 90 degree apart with proper pulse shape and timing or maybe pulse trains.


p/s. Hooper manner is - start winding form our eyes point for example in CCW direction step by step winding, till the end of cardboard form. Than stop, fix windings and from the same point looking from our eyes sight, start winding in CW direction back. Than repeat procedure for any number of layers.

one more variant on toroidal core


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Chris posted this 10 August 2017

Hi Aloha, sorry for the late reply.

Yes, this scheme does work, although I replicate the following, slightly different:

This was published in 1995, and was given by the people that worked with Floyd Sweet in the early days:

You can find the entire document here: http://newenergytimes.com/v2/archives/fic/N/N199503s.PDF

Hope this helps some!



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Zanzal posted this 17 August 2017

Someone made this video that compares two different approaches. Shorting the coil at max amplitude, and opening the coil at max amplitude.. Very interesting results...

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Chris posted this 18 August 2017

A good video! Perhaps not enough information...

What's Coil Un-Shorting - Anyone?

If you study this and understand it, you will see Graham Gunderson uses this exact same technique on one of his coils while the other one is standard Induction.

A very fast change in Magnetic Fields in the Proximity to a Coil, creates a very high EMF in that Coil, Electromagnetic Induction!

This can be the second Induction Cycle and the first can be Standard Induction in the other Coil.


This guy is mostly correct, he has missed the fact that there is a Non-Linear Inductance introduced upon Shorting the Coil!

The Inductance changes with the Magnetic Field, as the Inductance changes as does the Magnetic Field! Creating Oscillations.

The Oscillations are because of Non-Linear Inductance.




Because the two Magnetic Fields Oppose for part of the Cycle, there is no Reactance, this means we see very fast changes in time.

Believe it or not...


Zanzal posted this 18 August 2017

What's Coil Un-Shorting - Anyone?

Looked at the video a second time. I guess what he meant by unshorting is that the coil is normally shorted, and when the amplitude would be max he ends the short. So essentially going from a dead shorted to loaded generator coils and back twice per cycle. Considering how little time the generator coils are feeding the cap that is quiet impressive that it actually results in faster charging. The cost was 20%-30% more power consumed. However it looked like an improvement in efficiency to me.

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Chris posted this 18 August 2017

I think the Clue is in the Wave Forms.


Coil Shorting:


Coil Un-Shorting:


Without knowing the Circuit, it is hard to say for sure, but we can see some things that are inherently different.

  • Zero Voltage in between the Spikes.
  • Spike Amplitude is very much higher.
  • The repetition rate/Frequency inside the Spike area is different.
  • The Spikes appear to be sharper, but much wider. Time Constant is visible.

After more study other things will be apparent also. Again, as I pointed out, this is what Graham Gunderson does, same, but inverted, Green wave form:


Of course, RLC Time Constant is much different. Showing a much longer Time. Akula also shows this same Time Constant:

 What does History have to say about this situation? Who else do we know that has already done this and shared this technology? Andrey Melnichenko has given freely all this data for nearly two decades.



A simple Coil Un-Shorting Circuit like this could be an example. Mosfet RDSon must me multitudes less than the DC Coil resistance of L2:


By Un-Shorting L2 (Mosfet Off) we have effectively switched L2 into the Circuit, it can now do work, its Magnetic Field can interact with the other existing Magnetic Fields. Electromagnetic Induction, for the Second Time!!!


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