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Chris posted this 24 August 2019

My Friends,


Effective 7/4/2019, Spectrum Software is closed. Micro-Cap is now free.

Technical support will be available for at least 90 days via email at Support.

You can download the latest versions of Micro-Cap here: Download

You can choose either the executable program or the entire installation CD for MC10, MC11, and MC12. If you have an earlier version, download and use MC12. These new versions do not require the security key, so they make Micro-Cap free to the entire engineering community.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you for the last 39 years.

Spectrum Software


Every little bit helps!


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solarlab posted this 25 August 2019

Thanks Chris,

Since Micro-Cap is a Spice based simulator with a decent GUI and scores of models, it provides a good baseline for electronic circuit design, analysis and optimization simulations. Assists in documenting your circuits as well as validating them.

It will be interesting to see where this [now free] capability might lead. It's an oldee' but goodee' - been in development and field use for 39 years! Not that bad to learn and use with pretty good documentation and help file.

Some Spectrum Micro-Cap (Ver-11) basic tutorials can be found here:



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solarlab posted this 25 August 2019

Individual Tutorial Links:



solarlab posted this 20 September 2019

Interesting note about some amazing folks at Spectrum Micro-Cap

Brief background

As you know, MicroCap12 Spice modelling schematic simulation is now free.

We found a problem with the "bar icons" not displaying properly using MC12's Large Tool Bar option with Win7 set to Display Appearance of 150% on our 3280 X 2160 82" Samsung monitors (bragging a bit here of course!). These large monitors are also used at the local college Maker lab for group displays (the old overhead projectors don't have the needed detail).

The Amazing Part

Anyway, emailed Andy (tech guru at Micro-Cap) about the problem and a few days later he updated the MC12 software [12.2.02 (64 bit)]. Auto updated over the internet; and the Icon Bar is fixed for our configuration. So, if you have a hi-res 4k monitor at 150%, the large icons now work!

Big deal right?

Well consider this - MC12 is an expensive, Professional grade, analysis program that is now available for FREE. And these fellows take the time and effort to update their now free program to fix a one-off problem!

Things like this really do reinforce your faith - there are good people out there!



solarlab posted this 08 October 2019

Technical Learning - Education

The successful conceptualization, design, development and commercialization of Excess Energy Generation Devices (E2GD) requires considerable knowledge and expertise. For those wanting to learn, or just brush-up on their skills, there are a variety of resources available; for example:


Power Electronics Specialization (an on-line course by the University of Colorado - see the 15 minute video at end of this post - interesting!)

Overview: Design modern switched-mode power converters; create high-performance control loops around power converters; understand efficiency, power density and cost trade-offs

By 2030, 80% of all electrical energy will be processed by power electronics. Professional advantages continue to grow for technical engineers who understand the fundamental principles and technical requirements of modern power conversion systems. This specialization covers design-oriented analysis, modeling and simulation techniques leading to practical engineering of high-performance power electronics systems.


There are six (6) courses in this series:

Much of the content learned through these courses, or similar ones, is invaluable when working with E2GD as well as the many other related fields.

Note: Course 6 - Capstone Design Project in Power Electronics starts November 11th {Enroll for Free}. Approximately 16 hours. Includes transformer design and Spice simulation.


Video presentation <not E2GD per say, but directly related>:


This information will be quite useful when we get around to presenting our Introduction to E2GD - "Autonomous Flashlight  End-to-End Development Design Example."


Chris posted this 08 October 2019

Hey SL,

All good advice, but feels a bit like an advert to me?

Really would like to see some of your breakthroughs!


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solarlab posted this 09 October 2019


Note: Course 1 - Introduction to Power Electronics starts today (08 October 2019). Costs, I believe are $45US a month, or, financial aid is available as well as free course auditing.


Hey Chris,

Not advice,  nor  is it an advertisement!

It's geared directly towards those folks who want to increase their knowledge and move forward but may not know where to get inexpensive, accessable, training, education and information - there are avenues available - some very good ones...


Also, we don't do "breakthroughs" - we help others do breakthroughs!


You will likely never see a completed functional system presented on the forums for a number of reasons - mainly because of the risk of theft or bragging rights brought on by egos; and/or the brutal bashing that the developer of a working system receives.

Ruslan - is - was - a striking example of this. Plus commercialization would be difficult, if not impossible, if the design were to be presented in an open forum - the bashing, bad publicity, and then the million knock-offs of questionable quality and character - all contribute to one keeping their devices "trade secret."


Just as you mentioned a while back - lots of ill intentioned folks with smiley faces out there!

We would really like to see any breakthroughts - especially those of a well documented theoretical nature. Something we can work from to build a true Above Unity conceptual device.


And "hey" cut the condescending attitude - thought we were all in this together with a common goal!





Chris posted this 09 October 2019

Hey SL,

I am sorry you took my post the wrong way! It was not meant to be condescending in any way.

I agree, Ruslan is a very good example of why we need to keep our head's above water! It is critical we get folks moving in the right direction first! Get a simple understanding to become main stream thinking!

Your posts are providing an avenue of education, and further advancement for those that do not yet have Electronics Knowledge, however, here at this is an expected requirement. Those participating must at least have a basic knowledge of the material provided, or be prepared to pick up the ball and learn fast.

Not all here have an advanced knowledge of Electronics, I fit into this group, I am only average, this is all that is needed!

Many here are learning, including myself, this knowledge we are learning can not be learned in any course, it is material that is not taught in the current educational system. We, here are the only ones teaching others what we have learned!

We here at are sharing the knowledge we have, knowledge that no one else has! Knowledge that other imposters claim to have but do not!

So, at this stage, I am happy for others to read, take the opportunity to participate in the courses you are suggesting, but again, My website is not for the advertising of the material that we expect others to already have a partial background in.

This forum is dedicated to Above Unity Machines! - And, we are further ahead than any other website on the internet!

We truly are Light Years ahead of the others!

Your respect and Support in our Goals and Direction are greatly appreciated on My Forum!

Best Wishes


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solarlab posted this 09 October 2019


Anyway, sometimes a "refresher" can be of great value!  It, I believe, does complement and support your Goals and Direction.

Certailnly no harm in reinforcing one's knowledge, even if it's already assumed to be resident; and it doesn't harm anyone to review the "orthadox" -  IMHO. The more you know can not be a bad thing! laughing

Some might even find this information quite useful in the course of developing and designing their own Above Unity Machines...  Plus - and this is a big plus - it's inexpensive, takes very little time and very easy to do.

Once you know the basics, the exceptions become quite easy to accomplish!

==== Some (useful magnetics design) information - Examples - F.Y.I. ====

Magnetics for Power Electronic Converters
Course 5 of 6

Several typical Videos (from Power Electronics Specialization Course 5)

Introduction to Magnetics:

Example Video - direct link => from week 1:
Note: From the video - MQS [rate-of-change] is typically ignored - but (maybe) not always by those seeking E3GD!

Ideal Transformer:

Example Video - direct link => from week 2:
Note: Transformer Dot convention & Lenz's Law [ideal transformer - not quite "real" - demonstrative only].

Losses in Magnetic Components:

Example Video - direct link => from week 3:

Design of Magnetic Components:

Example Video - direct link => from week 4:


... and so forth ...

Now, consider trying to relate this type and amount of information by employing the "regurgitate - copy and paste" routine by way of only "postings" - maybe not the best or most effective method available?



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Chris posted this 09 October 2019

Hey SL,

Maybe you miss understood my last post.


I do not want to see post after post of links to courses on my website!


We are not an advertising platform! 

I warn you now, for a third time, and expect not to see any more!

Failure to abide by the rules will result in a ban!


   Chris Sykes

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solarlab posted this 10 October 2019


Hi Chris,

Thank you for the clarifications. This clears up several concerns we had regarding YOUR AU Forum.

Discouraging (banning) discussions relating to Theory, Professional Engineering Design Practices, Electro-Magnetic Analysis, Circuit Simulation, Personal Eduation and General Advancement is not conducive nor compatable with our pre-release Public Discussion Form stratagy.

Thanks again for giving your considerable work and effort in helping advance these very Disruptive Technologies.

Best regards,

Solarlab - SAEC


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Chris posted this 10 October 2019

Hey SL,

You are introducing false truths!

You were WARNED for SPAMMING US with OFF TOPIC CONTENT, which is standard practice for any forum that is run properly!

You were NOT BANNED!

I agree, we here at are not suitable for your technologies! SL, I wish you the best of luck with your pre-release!

Perhaps purchasing a Hosting Plan and running your own Forum may be an avenue for you?

We have already done our Pre-Release, and its going very well to date wink

Anyway, as far as reading between the lines, I am gathering you wont be back, so I also wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours!

Best wishes


Chris posted this 10 October 2019

@All Readers,

After recent posts and warnings, taking into account the last post, particularly this line:

This clears up several concerns we had regarding YOUR AU Forum.


I have decided that Solarlab is not a suitable member for us here at, due to the fact that our paths are very different.

As I said, I wish him well in his future endeavors!

Please understand, I have many hundreds of Members that I must keep safe and protected, for these reasons I must treat any on going trouble as an act of hostility against and our Members.

We are in very muddy waters, I have many tales I could tell, all of them very Negative towards this technology coming out publicaly!

So I am in a position where trusting anyone is very difficult - We have a job to do, and those joining this movement must march forward with strength and pride!

Solarlab, again I wish you well for your Pre-Release, and I wish you well in any other future endeavors!

Kind Regards

   Chris Sykes

Fighter posted this 10 October 2019

In my opinion there is a contradiction when someone is working in secret but still wants to be member of a community having the same goal as his work. If someone is here benefiting from the knowledge and experiments shared by our members but refuse to share anything back to the community then that someone is here just to take advantage of our members' work.

I consider that as totally wrong and dishonest.

If you want to be a lonely wolf it's fine, do your work in your own bubble. But if you want to be a lonely wolf and in the same time a member of a community that's a contradiction, you're actually not a member of that community if you don't give anything back for what that community gives you.

Sorry about this but I think this is the outcome of that "I want to get everything but I don't want to give anything" attitude.

Zanzal posted this 10 October 2019

There aren't many places to share and network with like minded people. Can't blame people for wanting to take refuge here from the wonderful alternatives. It is true he (or she) didn't contribute in the same way as you do Fighter, but he was still a person who I believe wanted to be helpful in his own way. As long as SolarLabs isn't attacking people why did he deserve to be banned? He was banned for getting on Chris' nerves. That's a risky thing to do for sure, considering Chris has to pay the bills each month, he certainly doesn't want to have to pay to put up with people who annoy him. Still I consider it kind of a sad situation that it happened.

Chris posted this 11 October 2019

Hey Guys,

I agree with all you have said!

@Zanzal, I try to be fair and just. wink

When you say:

SolarLabs isn't attacking people why did he deserve to be banned? 


I want it to be known, that I am not banning him/her, officially!

The definite difference in opinion that has just now been identified, has lead to a situation that only can be resolved by going separate ways, which is sad and not what I wanted!

Every Member is Important to me! 

But the Ship cant be Sailed with a Crew that want to Revolt all the Time!


He was banned for getting on Chris' nerves.


Its not really true, SolarLabs way of doing things does not agree with Our Forums way of doing things. His approach is different to Our Approach!

We are solely, a come Learn and Share Community, like you say: "to share and network with like minded people", well, the way I see it, SolarLabs does not want to be part of this.

This example is an example of why I think it is important to stop problems before they become a big problem for the whole Community! Problems like this can "Stop the ship from Sailing"!

Lets stay on Target, be proud we have such a great community, and stay strong!


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Atti posted this 11 October 2019

I think everyone is right. The question is what's better for the purpose.

-Take part of the knowledge of a group and remain silent
while not sharing your results. This is wrong and not fair!

-Or in his own way, but a helpful man. For example, it helps the group in theory. Sometimes, however, there may be disagreements with other people. And maybe that's the right thing to do.

And of course there are a lot of registered members in this forum. But one sentence has not been written yet.
They do nothing.

Then what should they do with them???????????

Chris posted this 11 October 2019

Atti, Agreed!

The question marks you posted is a very good indication of the conundrum we face.

Again, I try to be fair and Just!

All Forums need to be Moderated for the Forum to be successful, otherwise the Forum becomes a place of all out Rioting and Bullying! Small groups manipulating situations to suit themselves. The groups lying, cheating, thieving others technology, claiming it as their own, and out right Anarchy! The CIA Goon Squad that have been in control of innocent inventors futures! Often completely squashing poor unsuspecting people into the ground! Discrediting Inventors at ALL Costs!

We all have been witness to this!

I will not let that happen here!


So, I must make difficult decisions sometimes!


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cd_sharp posted this 11 October 2019

Hey, guys,

No offense, but this is false:

He was banned for getting on Chris' nerves.

SL was here for making fun, trying to annoy and distract people from working on the important experiments and devices. I haven't seen a single experiment of his.

@Chris, I think you made the right decision. We should not let useful content be polluted with off-topics.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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