Simulation Software - Micro-Cap is now free!

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Chris posted this 5 weeks ago

My Friends,


Effective 7/4/2019, Spectrum Software is closed. Micro-Cap is now free.

Technical support will be available for at least 90 days via email at Support.

You can download the latest versions of Micro-Cap here: Download

You can choose either the executable program or the entire installation CD for MC10, MC11, and MC12. If you have an earlier version, download and use MC12. These new versions do not require the security key, so they make Micro-Cap free to the entire engineering community.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you for the last 39 years.

Spectrum Software


Every little bit helps!


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solarlab posted this 4 weeks ago

Thanks Chris,

Since Micro-Cap is a Spice based simulator with a decent GUI and scores of models, it provides a good baseline for electronic circuit design, analysis and optimization simulations. Assists in documenting your circuits as well as validating them.

It will be interesting to see where this [now free] capability might lead. It's an oldee' but goodee' - been in development and field use for 39 years! Not that bad to learn and use with pretty good documentation and help file.

Some Spectrum Micro-Cap (Ver-11) basic tutorials can be found here:



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solarlab posted this 4 weeks ago

Individual Tutorial Links:



solarlab posted this 2 days ago

Interesting note about some amazing folks at Spectrum Micro-Cap

Brief background

As you know, MicroCap12 Spice modelling schematic simulation is now free.

We found a problem with the "bar icons" not displaying properly using MC12's Large Tool Bar option with Win7 set to Display Appearance of 150% on our 3280 X 2160 82" Samsung monitors (bragging a bit here of course!). These large monitors are also used at the local college Maker lab for group displays (the old overhead projectors don't have the needed detail).

The Amazing Part

Anyway, emailed Andy (tech guru at Micro-Cap) about the problem and a few days later he updated the MC12 software [12.2.02 (64 bit)]. Auto updated over the internet; and the Icon Bar is fixed for our configuration. So, if you have a hi-res 4k monitor at 150%, the large icons now work!

Big deal right?

Well consider this - MC12 is an expensive, Professional grade, analysis program that is now available for FREE. And these fellows take the time and effort to update their now free program to fix a one-off problem!

Things like this really do reinforce your faith - there are good people out there!



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