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drago posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello Chris and guys.
For some time I study the material here on forum and I have also read Chris's book "Guidelines to Bucking Coils "
Very good book..Thank You !

I need you Input to see if I have the correct understanding :

In a transformer because the wingdings are the same polarity...the magnetic field fights each-other and does not work together with one another...

In the bucking coils...or 2 coils that are warped in opposite direction, there will be 2 magnetic fields of Opposite POLARITY.
As in Magnets N with S will attract and N/N or S/S will repel.

The 2 formed magnetic fields in the bucking coils because of opposite polarity will SYNCHRONIZE and will not work one against the other.

Attached picture is with 2 identical devices,coils,magnetic fields...that repel each-other !

(I HOPE I did not get it backwards )

In this situation we have leaned that one magnetic field can help and work with another thanks to the Bucking Coils...and so we can build devices in this matter.
Can this new understanding be used in every device..for example more efficient Joule Thief or Joule Ringer ?

Thank you Chris,and you guys.
Best forum ever.
You are doing a Great job !

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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello Drago,

Welcome and Thank You!

Yes, you have it right! You have a good understanding!



When you say:

In a transformer because the wingdings are the same polarity...the magnetic field fights each-other and does not work together with one another...


Yes, in a Transformer, this is the Symmetry we have, Equal and Opposite but we must add Losses into the equation.

We get: Output = Input + -Losses, or: 85 = 100 + -15, in other words, in a Transformer, it can never go Above unity, because of its Symmetrical Energy Transfer! Here is an image of Symmetry to help visualise:



As you can see, Asymmetry is not Symmetrical, yes bad definition! However, we have Symmetry between our Partnered Output Coils, Asymmetry is the use of an Input Coil to introduce the optimum Frequency and therefore induce a Voltage in Each Partnered Output Coil to allow for a Current to Flow.

This is an Asymmetrical Process, because the Input is a very small amount of the Output, Frequency wise, Energy wise and various other areas also, including Magnetic Field Vector wise. 

I find this best to think about the Current through Turns, Ampere Turns which is equal to M.M.F. Asymmetry is: M.M.FInput + M.M.FSecondary + M.M.FTertiary = M.M.FTertiary.

In a Symmetrical Transformer, we have: M.M.FInput + M.M.FSecondary = 0.

Remember: Every single Changing Magnetic Field in Time can Induce a Voltage in a Conductor that resides in the Magnetic Fields Proximity! The Secondary Coil has its own Magnetic Field Changing in Time! This can be a Source of a Tertiary, bring Asymmetry to a Machine! Problem is, it is not used in Science today and the Input is entirely opposed by this Field! A total Waste in Energy!

Best wishes,


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  • Vidura awesome starts here! - Thank You L0stf0x
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