The Primer Fields

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Scorch posted this 06 June 2018

Hello all. smile 

Been awhile since I brought anything here as I have been away due to on-going distractions of life.

I recently ran across a very interesting video series called "The Primer Fields" by David LaPoint.

This appears to be some VERY interesting explorations of vortex physics and I am not sure if anybody here on this forum has ever seen these and I think Chris might want to copy these video to his hyiq youtube channel.

Primer Fields Part 1

Primer Fields Part 2

Primer Fields Part 3

It appears that he WAS going to make even more videos than these first three BUT; due to the way so many trolls were treating him; he just stopped after only 3 videos. cry

Sure wish he would produce more videos on this...

Please forgive me if this is already being discussed somewhere else on this forum and if it is; please redirect me to the right thread. cool

Kindest regards;


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Marathonman posted this 06 June 2018

Trust me, i first hand know what the low down steps a troll will go to to discredit someone avoiding replication for clarification.

study the fields in motion will give one the advantage to the real working system of the Universe. the bell shape is with every single thing on Earth whether it is with magnets, Electromagnets, the Earth or Universes.

i watched these years ago but was wondering where he went to, well i guess i now know. 

Welcome Scorch.


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Vidura posted this 07 June 2018

great videos, should be shown in schools & universities

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Chris posted this 07 June 2018

Hi Scorch,

Nice to have you back again! Thanks for sharing, I have not seen these Videos.

Very interesting, I am part way through the first one already.

I think this deserves its own thread, its important, however, for others following, that has not already seen it, we have a thread:

The Field Structure of Nature


This Thread, has very similar ideas.

Thank You very much for sharing!



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