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Chris posted this 04 July 2020

My Friends,

The future is now! How we think, the way we approach things affects the result.

Please take a minute to watch this video:


The future is going to be awesome, we have Technology here at that shows whats possible when we put our minds to the task and do not let ourselves be limited to others peoples boundary's!

We have Energy, we just need to improve on the technology, iron out the kinks.

You can help us, join the future!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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Chris posted this 06 July 2020

My Friends,

We have seen over the years, machines produce enough Electricity to Power themselves and light a load! Here is one of many examples:


Many, many people have had trouble understanding these machines! 

I want to say, if you properly understand Voltage, Current and how Current is Sustained, then you can use Lenz's Law to make these machines work!

As Lenz's Law in a Symmetrical System is the main problem of Unity, in an Asymmetrical System, Lenz's law works for you! They Key is to Think in an Asymmetrical Way!

Remember my straight wire methods of thinking about Coils, well here is a Symmetrical representation:


Please take special note of the direction of the Diodes! Red Arrow indicating a Current Flow, Black Arrow indicating a Current Flow. Each Current Flow, Naturally, must oppose each other!

I believe this is very important to think about these methods in Units of Force. If we have a Force, and we know from Newtons Laws. Current ( I ) through a Wire ( N ) is Ampere Turns and Ampere turns is Energy when you know the Flux through the path: FM.M.F = 2 W / Φ or FM.M.F = NI, this is the same thing! See Here.

Coil this wire up on a Former, we have a Conventional Transformer, a Symmetrical Transformer, each Magnetic Field Equal and Opposite to each other, less Losses. All Systems have Losses! The basic equation representing this: 1 + -1 = 0, so there is no Force left over, it is all used, or transformed.

Remember Newton: 

For every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction


Well this is it!

How do we make this Asymmetrical?

Well, we must think about this Asymmetrically, here is one way:


Asymmetry, here you can see, the Flow of Current is: 1 + -1 + 1 = 1, we have more Force in the system.

In the above Video, Akula did this by using shorter Wire on one of his wires. This is what Fighter has done, and Fighter Tuned for Resonance: Here.

Remember Newton, well now we have a different situation:

For every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, and for every Reaction there is an Equal and Opposite Counter-Reaction!


You can see it in Kapanadze's Coils, the fact that the Current runs opposite:


Asymmetry! We know, we have been told:

We have been told this everywhere, Tom Bearden, many more! Symmetry is bad, it is no good for Energy Systems! It always ensures we have Below Unity Systems! Always! Equal and Opposite less Losses!

You must remember, every single Magnetic Field, ever, when it Changes in Time, it can Create a Voltage in Conductors in the immediate area, this is Faraday's Law, plain and simple! To make this all work for us, we must know our basic Laws inside out, I studied in great depth, these laws many years ago:


Understanding Lenz's Law properly, and knowing the Right Hand Grip Rule is a very important start to this technology!

I have been through much of this and My Experimental Series is Here.

We can only help you get on board, the rest is your decision! Join Us, Be Part of Something Better!

The Future is now, all you have to do is participate.


Chris posted this 07 July 2020

My Friends,

Today's video is about Success and the fact that we need more people to get on board to share and help push this Tech out to the People!


You and all your success have made you all part of History! You are all famous! Thank You Everyone!

We are Light Years Ahead of the Other Forums! We understand basic Science, here is an example:


CW and CCW is a Natural Phenomenon.

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).