Resonance & Fluid Dynamics in Electrical Systems

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Scorch posted this 31 March 2017

Here is the story of how I eventually found myself here after recently watching some videos produced by Rick and Chris who are both making an honest effort to convey true information to us after dealing with lots of trolling on the various forums which I have also experienced and continue to experience including those on youtube who just keep coming out of the woodwork to the point I should actually just start charging them by the hour for the services I provide solving all the problems they decide to have.

And yes, this IS about vortex physics.

This document includes a few links but this is probably the best reference I have-

And of course, discussion is certainly encouraged.

Kindest regards;


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Wistiti posted this 31 March 2017

Hi Scorch.

Nice presentation of your path and great point about the vortex physic! The vortex always fascinate me... they are clearly an amplification of energy.

Have you achieve some interesting results with your experiments on vortex?

Thanks for sharing!

p.s.: By the way guys, green is also my favorite color!


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Scorch posted this 31 March 2017

Please forgive me but I am merely a humble bench jockey-student here trying to learn these new concepts in science and electrical engineering.

I have not yet conducted any vortex experiments and I am only just now working on absorbing some of these materials including Randy Powell's instructional math videos.

I believe I am beginning to comprehend it at this point and do hope to conduct new experiments in the future and I hope to learn from others who are much farther along than I am which is why I am here.

PS: There is a point in Randy's video where he does mention something along the lines of Rodin Coil does divide in 1/3 which seems to fall in line with Chris's partnered coils being a 1 to 3 ratio.

Randy described: "linear energy out separated by thirds" at time stamp 11:10 and it appears the link in the forum is failing to recognise time position in the URL-


Kindest regards;


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Charles posted this 26 April 2017


Hello Scorch.


I found this video a year ago on Viktor Schauberger an Austrian forest ranger that had a good comprehension and understanding of some of natures systems.


To quote Boyd Bushman:


Nature does not speak any language yet it is talking to us all the time and the key thing is to identify what it is saying


Viktor Shauberger understood some of what nature was saying and developed some highly effective engineering based on his theories and observations. The video is about his life and work. It especially centers around naturally occurring vortexes and how nature puts them to use.






The Secrets of Water, The Documentary of Viktor Schauberger


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Scorch posted this 02 May 2017

Hey Charles. This is indeed a very interesting documentary exploring these natural flow and energy systems.

And I am also reminded of something called a "vortex water trap" in which certain elements are extracted from natural water sources with magnets and vortex generating water jets.

Such as this;

Main Page

There is a huge wealth of information there including all kinds of different prototype units as well as some very interesting plant and health benefits as detailed here-

Thank you for your input.

Kindest regards;


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