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stand by posted this 16 March 2020

Hello everybody
To begin with, I must say that I am the same white Christian who retired after a few days ago.
Thanks to Chris for clearing my steps and I apologize to everyone for accidentally leaving the forum and I won't be upset if Chris forbids me.
There is a lot to say, but I will just say that in those days I was being followed by some gentlemen, probably in black and probably without face, but I am very sure I did not see any physical, only warnings through incoming messages - until I delete all the files on my youtube channel.
If anyone is curious to visit my youtube channel, you will be surprised to find out that all the videos were uploaded the same day. Why?
Chris, thank you again for taking me out quickly. I chose this gesture instead of compromising the forum.
On the other hand, I have to say that I am Romanian like some who work in the front line. Bravo .....
I speak and write in French and Spanish and very little in English.
For the practical part .... I'm trying for a while to reproduce your successful Chris, with all the variants of partner coils. I will try to expose two videos in the profile thread and ask you to tell me if they are close.
Thanks. Cristian

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Chris posted this 16 March 2020

Hi Christian,

Please stay on topic, please do not post posts that are unnecessary, please stay on topic and be thoughtful of other Members.

We are very strict on the few rules we have, so please don't break the rules.

Stay Cool Calm and Collective, together we will make a huge amount of progress. We cant expect to change the world in a day! Be prepared for this to take months or even years, as it is a slow learning curve for new comers. As we get more replications, others will come and also join, this is a time consuming process.

best wishes,


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stand by posted this 01 April 2020


Many times I had the intention to delete this trend, but I gave up and I did well because now is the perfect place to post a result of the last communication with you Chris (I know you will be the only one who will read this post).

Here it is no longer about <your forum or my forum etc ...> Here it is about human dignity and the responsibility of one's words. I have this responsibility, do you have it? I honestly can't get over the fact that you make unfounded accusations. If the first time I came to your forum you accused me of doing politics, now you accuse me without reservation that I would have conflicts with you on Stefan Hartman's forum. I expected that after my answer you would try at least one excuse but you did nothing like that. Do I work well? I know that. I have the same responsibility I talked about before, in everything I do (or at least I try)

Now I understand why no one is communicating with me in this forum. You have a terrible obsession that everyone is against you, and this is always destructive and with a fatal ending and I urge you to believe it (you won't, of course). There is much to be said, but the violence of the language is the last thing that characterizes me. Although you will probably ban me, though, don't forget that in addition to being brilliant minds like you ... First - we are all human.

Note: If you still want to clarify this problem (but do not want to) why not ask Stefan if he has ever heard of me or anyone who resembles me?

all the best. cristian albax

Chris posted this 01 April 2020

Hi Christian,

Well, this is somewhat of a shock!

I am not perfect, I agree, and I do have my problems! I do not disagree, but what you have written is, out of context and incorrect:



I mistook you for someone else, named Christian that I have not seen eye with in the past! I made an apology:

Hi Christian,

Please do not worry, I may have confused you with someone else.

Your'e doing good work! Keep at it! Learn as much as you can! It will come in time! Study others here with working machines, they all have similarities and get the the same end goal in slightly different methods.

Best wishes,


Ref: My Reply to You.



I did not say where when or at what stage in History that I may have thought I had, had a disagreement with you!

 Hi Christian,

Yes, on the other forum I was moderated. Many there were un-happy with me sharing my work! And still are!

I remember we, you and I have not seen eye to eye before also, some time back? Its ok, I don't have a problem, its all good I see you have good intentions!

Look I want to put this out there: I share my work, if others want to learn what I have learned then great, we have since made progress! Some have shared their work and its proven to be valuable beyond those that wish to stop us's wishes! However, these douch bags are no longer in control! We are!

Time, Experiment, and properly investigating the smallest things normally overlooked by others will be out path forward!

I do not know everything, I am a student also. I only try to make a difference!

Best wishes,



I mentioned no Names, or no times! You are clearly assuming context and persons!



Yes behaviour like this is pretty up there on my list to ban! What are you doing?


Christian, I did not degrade you, or your person in anyway! But you have me! I merely mentioned that I presumed it was you that I may not have seen eye to eye with in the past. If this is too hard for you to digest, especially after my above apology, then we best part ways! I am not happy at all with this last post, I think it is totally un-called for and think you should have worded it better!

If you have taken my message personally, even after my apology, then posting this here is not the best way to proceed! You should have posted a Private Message and I would have happily resolved the issue with you. This public outburst on a totally off topic thread, is against all our forum rules!

Best wishes


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Chris posted this 01 April 2020

My Friends,

I have decided to Ban Christian!

I do not have to put up with this sort of behaviour! I am not here for people to slander!

If you re-read the first post on this thread, then you will have more context as to why!

Best wishes,


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