My Friends,

Today I saw a post, it was a little eye opening:

It's funny, but, when we look at videos, like on YT, we can get just about any information we need, on just about any subject.We can build many many things by using diagrams, schematics, and instructions provided by these videos. And have been able to build up almost anything, except, Self Running Devices. How odd is that...

Ref: NickZ


For us, the answer is simple, I posted this answer and how his interpretation may be the problem:

NickZ, any Interpreter will tell you, when interpreting, or translating from one language to another, half of the battle is actually in the Interpretation of the words being said, not the words themselves! Thus the term: Interpreter!

Perhaps your interpretation of whats going on in these circuits and machines is the problem, not the circuits themselves?

Certainly, that's what my Members would say to you!

Success comes from properly interpreting the information, because failure is simply a lack of understanding! Think specifically in Units of Force and what Unit of Force you can make work FOR YOU, Instead of against you!

Ref: Chris, Me, EMJunkie


This is true! It is very true! We know from our work, we have almost as much Force working for us, as we do against us! This is where Above Unity Comes from! We know already, M.M.F is equivalent to Force and thus Joules, or Energy.

What I have not realised, until today, is that some people really are trying! They may not necessarily be Trolls, just really good at Complaining and making loud noises and not so good at thinking!

Thinking is so extremely important, we have to think about every step, every effect, we have to be thorough and attentive, not missing anything! We have, that's why we are so far ahead!

Others are not, not yet anyway!

Remember: The more Force we have working For Us, the more our Input Goes Down! The System stays at its Output, and we see much greater Gains!

Its all about looking at the Forces in the System, and making as much Force work For Us as we can! Remember our Equations: 1 + -1 + 1 = 1? This, again as we know is Force, we aim for a net Gain in Force, then our Output is going to reflect that very Net Gain!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,



P.S: Yes, the Title has double meaning.