Who is watching and who is helping?

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Chris posted this 03 March 2020

My Friends,

Over the years we have had our fair share of trouble with Trolls! However this post is not so much about Trolls but rather Views.

Aloha mentioned some time back, the number of views vs the actual people here helping. I have also noticed a huge difference, and I know much of this is Google Censorship Algorithm, but the Views on my videos vs the Views on the Website are more than pitiful. In some cases we have a 12.5% view rate, which is really bad! That means 12% of the website readers are watching the videos.

Google's Censorship Algorithm, is pitiful in itself! I mean I see, visually, videos go from 230 views down to 190, I mean they cut back the views, but 12% is extremely harsh.

This example is from my thread: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment, currently sitting at 5.6K Views. Video Seven, for a reason, is one of the most popular videos, currently only has: 715 Views.

So: 715 / 5600 * 100 = 12.77%

Even over at ou.com, I have posted a few times and the lack of participation is defining. We almost have an Alien Race Routing for us? Is it the case someone is watching, routing for us, saying:

You can do it you dumb Humans! You can do it, we have faith in you! Come on pull yourselves out of the Mud! You can do it!


This is why I want to Thank You ALL So MUCH! You who are participating, helping advance Humanity, forcing the boundary of Technology and Humanity's most important necessities, making life more affordable and comfortable for all of humanity not just the few at the top, is very much appreciated!

Our experiments on Asymmetrical Regauging are super important and one answer to Humanity's Energy Problems:


If you all replicate these experiments, you will see with some work, an Energy Gain is there, its is a Magnetic Pump, Pumping Charge Down the wire and we would push Marbles down a Straw. As in a home made pea shooter. Or an Electron Accelerator:


Simply, we are: Increasing the Rate of Kinetic Energy

You are all a part of History My Friends! Thank You!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 06 March 2020

My Friends,

We are one of the most successful driving forces ever to emerge on the Internet for the advancement of the Human Race! For the Liberation of the Poor, to have the opportunity to, at the very minimum, power small appliances with minimum work and cost.

As I asked you some months ago to go and post to: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy, your opinion, work and what you felt was important, and you did, Thank You, I am sometimes posting, to create more awareness, for a broader better educated public. You here My Friends will always have my first and foremost commitment.

While I see more and more having this mentality:


We are getting more and more successes, I am extremely pleased with these successes! However, I can only guess, others are reading, not participating here, but elsewhere, away from the view of the Public!

While we work Smart and Hard, others are not! They are actively copying our work, trying to apply our work and gain from the taking from others to benefit themselves.


These people do not realise, we have already won! We have many Years of public Judgement, 5 Years on the other forum, several Years here on Our Forum and many years on my Website: www.hyiq.org

Anyone taking what we have shared will come under such extreme public scrutiny that their efforts will be quashed before they even begin! It is a new World, the Public have the Power and our power is getting stronger! We will no longer let In-Justices go Un-Punished! No matter how many friends they have in high places! It is you my friends that now have the Laws of the Lands in YOUR Hands now!


JFK was 20 Decades before his time! His legend, is our strength! Our guide! He is the Globes shining Light!

It is time my friends, to become who we were meant to be: "Free and Independent!"

Best wishes,

   Chris Sykes

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Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).