When Coils interact together, in a particular fashion, they can generate electrical energy. All that is required is a Changing Magnetic Field and Coils that can interact together.

We saw exactly this in the Mr Preva Experiment! We have seen this before in other devices.


But, BEWARE: An Experiment many would come unstuck on: kachcher with alteration


Some Specs:

  • 20 Turns
  • 56 Turns
  • A 75mm Toroid
  • Capacitor 2.7V 3.3F Super Capacitor
  • 2222A Transistor
  • 3 White LED's
  • 2 Resistors (red brown orange gold) I believe 21K

Super Capacitors are a Cheat. So Beware of them. They are normally odd values: 2.7V 3.3F

Its just not fair that these sort of stupidities are shown, it makes a mockery of the whole Energy Field.

This example is fraudulent, but, many other examples are valid!

  • Steven E Jones Circuit
  • Nelson Rocha variant
  • ... list is endless...