Why They Fail

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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

My Friends,

I have said it before: "It is statistically Impossible, to Continuously Fail!"

Yet, they DO!

Today I want to talk about why they Fail! They FAIL because they focus on Symmetry, brain washed into thinking that's the ONLY Way!

It is not, and its NOT how Nature Works!

Chiral asymmetry appears in nature at all levels, form elementary particles to morphology of mammals, and possibly even at the level of galaxies. ... The process of spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking and the high degree of sensitivity has to small chiral asymmetries are at the core of the observed asymmetry.



the asymmetry of life — the fact that most biochemical molecules are ‘left-handed’ or ‘right-handed’ — could have been caused by electrons from nuclear decay in the early days of evolution.


Key Words:

  • left-handed
  • right-handed


Conventional Electromagnetic Induction, entirely lacks Asymmetry! Coincidence? No!

I have used this image to display this type of Ignorance:


One has to be a little smarter than the average Brain Washed Electrical Engineer, or Ph.D, or BA, or what ever, accept Zero Indoctrination and Zero Postulates!

They say openly:

inculcate is to teach by repeated instruction


It just so happens that the very definition of Brain Washing is the same:

any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, especially one based on repetition or confusion.


They try to show experiments that Diss-Prove our work, yet they fail miserably, not even following half of the required Engineering necessary and already given!

They carefully craft Miss-Information to guide others away from the Truth!

History shows, we are the only ones to leave a Trail of Successes in the History Books, we have, most here attest to this! We have told you! Shown You! You have all you need, all you need do is:

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting - Gautama Buddha


They Fail, because they have an agenda to Fail and try to Brainwash you into believing there is nothing there, when the truth is, there is, its simple and cheap!

They do not want you to have what we are sharing!

They are not Pro-Life, they are Pro-Death, and proud of it, that is, as long as it is You, and not them! They are Monkeys of the Machine! Slaves to a Belief System that is inherently Failed and they have not yet realised it!

Our Society has been Hijacked for many decades and we must do what ever is necessary to correct it! Bring Humanity back on track and be Pro-Life again!

This forum, and those invited to our backup forum  will have all the information you need to Build Energy Machines that can go well Above the Unity Boundary!

All you need to do: Start, and go all the way!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

My Friends,

Many peoples way of thinking that is extremely narrow minded and extremely obsolete:


Truth is, we will NEVER Run Out of Energy, Energy is Unlimited!

Solar is good, to a degree, but is extremely Wasteful! Its a very large Pollutant, in 30 years, where does all this rubbish go?

Elon, old mate, you can do better! Yes Renewables is critical, but make sure the right one is chosen! Plan for at least 100 years into the future and I will be happy!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

My Friends,

I like to keep track of progress on the other forums, the problem is, there is none! They fail consistently, which is mathematically impossible!

I see some of the most stupid comments by people that truly should know better! They never make ANY PROGRESS!!!

All I see is:


They all miss the basic fundamentals:

  • What Voltage is!
  • What Current is!


They never work on the basic, fundamentals of these two items and how these items come about! Never! They continuously miss the fundamentals and distract from this path! I have to say, they are working EXTREMELY HARD to Distract you from making any progress!

No one is going to do it for you! Their Decades of Zero Progress is evident!

The Copper Atom has 29 Electrons:


The KEY is to Free, and Accelerate these Electrons, the Elementary Charges which make up Voltage and the Flow of them making up Current, down the Wire! Bucking Magnetic Fields do this for you! Thus Partnered Output Coils!

This entire Technology, it is so simple! Yet they seem to be able to deliberately miss all the important concepts on a consistent basis! All the time!

Please see through this Propaganda that only Bought and Paid for Trolls can push!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

My Friends,

Electrons are part of the Elementary Charge family. The Electron has all the fundamentals:

  • Mass
  • Electric charge
  • Magnetic moment
  • Spin


As we all know, the Definition of Current is:

1 ampere will be the electric current corresponding to the flow of 1/(1.602 176 634 × 10−19) elementary charges per second.


This figure is the mathematical Inverse, so using a calculator, we get this figure for One Ampere:

One Ampere = 6,241,509,074,460,760,000 elementary charges per second


The Copper Atom is the only place these Electrons can come from, there is no Physical Electrical Path, because of the Electrical Insulation, for them to come from:


Science is yet to understand this very simple, very basic Fact! You will not find this Fact written in any Textbook anywhere!

Electromagnetic Induction is a Field that has not been completed, it is a deliberately incomplete field! With 29 Electrons per Atom, 1 Ampere would require all the Electrons from: 215,224,450,843,474,482.76 Atoms! Stripping out all the Electrons from the Atoms, so why does Copper not change to another Element?

That's why I use this Quote:

Ref: Ark of Truth - Alteran Woman


We have presented you with proof, its called Independent Replication, the only accepted Proof of Concept and Experiment! Follow the Above-Unity Tag and you can see this evidence!

Refuse to believe in their False god's, and instead, believe in yourself: "Be your own leader"! Refuse to accept others failures as any sort of evidence! They Fail for a very good Reason! 

Best Wishes,


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Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).