Why They Fail

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Chris posted this 19 September 2021

My Friends,

I have said it before: "It is statistically Impossible, to Continuously Fail!"

Yet, they DO!

Today I want to talk about why they Fail! They FAIL because they focus on Symmetry, brain washed into thinking that's the ONLY Way!

It is not, and its NOT how Nature Works!

Chiral asymmetry appears in nature at all levels, form elementary particles to morphology of mammals, and possibly even at the level of galaxies. ... The process of spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking and the high degree of sensitivity has to small chiral asymmetries are at the core of the observed asymmetry.



the asymmetry of life — the fact that most biochemical molecules are ‘left-handed’ or ‘right-handed’ — could have been caused by electrons from nuclear decay in the early days of evolution.


Key Words:

  • left-handed
  • right-handed


Conventional Electromagnetic Induction, entirely lacks Asymmetry! Coincidence? No!

I have used this image to display this type of Ignorance:


One has to be a little smarter than the average Brain Washed Electrical Engineer, or Ph.D, or BA, or what ever, accept Zero Indoctrination and Zero Postulates!

They say openly:

inculcate is to teach by repeated instruction


It just so happens that the very definition of Brain Washing is the same:

any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, especially one based on repetition or confusion.


They try to show experiments that Diss-Prove our work, yet they fail miserably, not even following half of the required Engineering necessary and already given!

They carefully craft Miss-Information to guide others away from the Truth!

History shows, we are the only ones to leave a Trail of Successes in the History Books, we have, most here attest to this! We have told you! Shown You! You have all you need, all you need do is:

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting - Gautama Buddha


They Fail, because they have an agenda to Fail and try to Brainwash you into believing there is nothing there, when the truth is, there is, its simple and cheap!

They do not want you to have what we are sharing!

They are not Pro-Life, they are Pro-Death, and proud of it, that is, as long as it is You, and not them! They are Monkeys of the Machine! Slaves to a Belief System that is inherently Failed and they have not yet realised it!

Our Society has been Hijacked for many decades and we must do what ever is necessary to correct it! Bring Humanity back on track and be Pro-Life again!

This forum, and those invited to our backup forum  will have all the information you need to Build Energy Machines that can go well Above the Unity Boundary!

All you need to do: Start, and go all the way!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 21 September 2021

My Friends,

Many peoples way of thinking that is extremely narrow minded and extremely obsolete:


Truth is, we will NEVER Run Out of Energy, Energy is Unlimited!

Solar is good, to a degree, but is extremely Wasteful! Its a very large Pollutant, in 30 years, where does all this rubbish go?

Elon, old mate, you can do better! Yes Renewables is critical, but make sure the right one is chosen! Plan for at least 100 years into the future and I will be happy!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 29 September 2021

My Friends,

I like to keep track of progress on the other forums, the problem is, there is none! They fail consistently, which is mathematically impossible!

I see some of the most stupid comments by people that truly should know better! They never make ANY PROGRESS!!!

All I see is:


They all miss the basic fundamentals:

  • What Voltage is!
  • What Current is!


They never work on the basic, fundamentals of these two items and how these items come about! Never! They continuously miss the fundamentals and distract from this path! I have to say, they are working EXTREMELY HARD to Distract you from making any progress!

No one is going to do it for you! Their Decades of Zero Progress is evident!

The Copper Atom has 29 Electrons:


The KEY is to Free, and Accelerate these Electrons, the Elementary Charges which make up Voltage and the Flow of them making up Current, down the Wire! Bucking Magnetic Fields do this for you! Thus Partnered Output Coils!

This entire Technology, it is so simple! Yet they seem to be able to deliberately miss all the important concepts on a consistent basis! All the time!

Please see through this Propaganda that only Bought and Paid for Trolls can push!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 05 October 2021

My Friends,

Electrons are part of the Elementary Charge family. The Electron has all the fundamentals:

  • Mass
  • Electric charge
  • Magnetic moment
  • Spin


As we all know, the Definition of Current is:

1 ampere will be the electric current corresponding to the flow of 1/(1.602 176 634 × 10−19) elementary charges per second.


This figure is the mathematical Inverse, so using a calculator, we get this figure for One Ampere:

One Ampere = 6,241,509,074,460,760,000 elementary charges per second


The Copper Atom is the only place these Electrons can come from, there is no Physical Electrical Path, because of the Electrical Insulation, for them to come from:


Science is yet to understand this very simple, very basic Fact! You will not find this Fact written in any Textbook anywhere!

Electromagnetic Induction is a Field that has not been completed, it is a deliberately incomplete field! With 29 Electrons per Atom, 1 Ampere would require all the Electrons from: 215,224,450,843,474,482.76 Atoms! Stripping out all the Electrons from the Atoms, so why does Copper not change to another Element?

That's why I use this Quote:

Ref: Ark of Truth - Alteran Woman


We have presented you with proof, its called Independent Replication, the only accepted Proof of Concept and Experiment! Follow the Above-Unity Tag and you can see this evidence!

Refuse to believe in their False god's, and instead, believe in yourself: "Be your own leader"! Refuse to accept others failures as any sort of evidence! They Fail for a very good Reason! 

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 26 October 2021

My Friends,

As the State of the Race gets worse and worse, they are trying harder now more than ever to keep you away from the Truth!

The Truth is easy to find if one wants to look! We, Aboveunity.com have given you the Truth!


Todays Problems

Most of Humanity is experiencing tougher time today than ever before! Money is not what it used to be worth, inflation is through the roof, and everyone's Debt is skyrocketing out of control!

Living Costs are just unaffordable for most today!


Todays Solutions

Aboveunity.com, exclusively, is sharing our knowledge with the world, Energy, one of the biggest bills in the household today, is Abundant, it is everywhere and it should not be anywhere near as expensive as it is! Families should not have a $1800.00 quarterly electricity bill! This is extorsion and just a total Ripoff!

So, learn to build your own! Put the Ripoff Artists out of business!

We have many solutions here on this Forum, based on the same basic ideas, Bucking Coils! A Concept I introduced around 2011 in my Experiments.

Electrical Energy is Pumped, at Resonance, by Magnetic Fields, the very same way an Electrical "Generator" does! We have only taken the concept of the Electrical Generator one step further, used Asymmetry in a field that totally avoided Asymmetry and incorporated the rest of Science in where Science had ignored.

Small machines, Cheap and Easy to build, like this:

Ref: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment


This is where you can start, Cheaply, Easily, and Simply!

We will help you!

More information is coming! I had prepared a new experiment many months back, but have not released it yet because of the huge outage we had:


I have given some here access to this article, just because they have done the work. This will come soon, with added information!


The Future

There is only one path forward, every Human Being must be Self Sufficient, "Generating" their own Energy as required, and living on the utilities provided by Nature!

We can have Technology, we need it! But we must become much less wasteful and start looking after our Home and our Brothers and Sisters!

We must get rid of Government and Council, become more responsible, and start with better, much better systems of advancement! Public Council must become more main stream, leaving behind non-localised decision makers! They, those that do not have you and your Communities best interest at heart!

Humanity MUST become a Space Faring Race! This should have occurred 50 Years ago! Humanity will NOT survive if it does not become Multi Planetary! This would also solve many Problems on Earth!

We can do so much better!

My Friends, those that want to keep you from the Truth, those that have played a role, they are total Morons! We will win! They have already lost this game they play! We have left them for Dead already!

An example of the Ignorance of some:


Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 30 October 2021

My Friends,

This is pure GOLD!

Why they fail is shown here in explicit detail:


For the Trekkies like me:


Can you see, why they Fail! A myriad or words describes this: Ignorance, Stupidity, Blind, Delusionary conceptions, and many more! Instead of the Illuminati it is the Delusionary!

FJB! I mean Lets Go Brandon!

Best Wishes,


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thaelin posted this 30 October 2021

Sorry but my heart still says One man, One woman. They can proclaim to be anything they want, but in the eyes of the Holy, still only one and one.

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Chris posted this 03 November 2021

My Friends,

I am 100% convinced, there is a minority, a small few, desperately trying to hold things back from Humanity! Energy Evolution, what we are doing, is one of many things they wish to keep from you!

Some work against Evolution!

I have been very careful to do what I have, trying to keep a low profile! I have had threats of all kinds! I have been sent SMS Messages t my mobile phone, I have been told that "They" know where I live, all sorts of things have occurred to me, but what I see most often is actions by what I consider Trolls, spreading Misinformation and misdirection! It is everywhere and its stronger now than ever before!

Good people exist, a Majority try to help! Majority want to see Evolution occur!

To those Majority of people, Beware those that would not have you succeed! They are a breed of being all unto themselves! Not Human in any way!


If you do bad things bad things, will come for you, this has been the way of the world, you don't need the word karma for that, because people have been trying to control people, either with fear or guilt. This has been the basis of a whole lot of things happening in the world.


Working against Evolution, has to be the absolute stupidest thing any sound, logical mind can try to do! They will always, eventually, Fail! They always do! Its in their Nature to Fail! Failing is what they do best!

A Massive Crunch is coming, things will be bad for a lot of people! Momentum now grows, a tipping point will soon be reached! Once reached, there is no return! Change will be forced on People, Evil will be driven out! There will be no patience for those that do the wrong things! They will be shunned and have no existence in any Society!

This change will come at great cost however!

They have lost control, its going to get worse from this day forward for them, that's why they so desperately Censor so much information, they are absolutely terrified of Unity of Good People!


The Future Starts Now!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 10 November 2021

They are doing nothing but mislead you! They lie, they lead you down rabbit holes and they Always Fail! 

I have said many times before:

It is Statistically Impossible to Continuiously Fail!


Yet they do! All the time!

I read some of their posts, just to have a laugh at their continued lack of progress! It is so funny watching them try to mislead the masses, when it is only them! They have no followers any more! They only mislead each other!

I read some posts that sparked this post, and I had to laugh, what a joke, they surely Jest!

They are unable to follow anything truthful and honest, they continue to have nothing and always make no progress, but everyone now sees this and now they have exposed themselves for what they really are!

They come here to read our progress, but they know, they will be Banned and Removed if they come here and start their Propaganda Non-sense! It angers them so much, they have ZERO Control Here!

Get away with it elsewhere, they do! Make monstorous Claims, they do! Have NOTHING, they do!

It is so extremely easy to see through their Propaganda!

Before me, anything "Asymmetrical" in the community was essentially near Zero - What a coincidence! Now everyone is claiming they have an "Asymmetrical" this, or that!

Here at aboveunity.com, our adventure Continues, in Search of Truth, uncharted Science and Answers to Burning questions:


We believe in the systematic understanding of the physical world, through observation and experimentation, through argument and debate. But most of all through freedom of will.


We are Light Years Ahead of the Rest!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 12 November 2021

My Friends,

I see many trying to be The Hero that gets there first, the one that has all the answers!

Like I said:

Before me, anything "Asymmetrical" in the community was essentially near Zero - What a coincidence! Now everyone is claiming they have an "Asymmetrical" this, or that!


Now, every second conversation I read, seems to be, people making Huge Claims! Of course, Claims that they can never backup!

Not like we have! I have a list of Successes behind me, I gave the answers, those that want to Learn, Replicate and Succeed, if they pay attention, did Succeed! CaptainLoz's Asymmetrical Regauging Experiment is just one example!

People that do not pay enough attention, do not succeed, simple as that!

They do not know it, but they are missing some very fundamental, key aspects! "Asymmetry" by itself is insufficient to Succeed! I laugh so hard at those out there trying, hard, to become the Martyr, trying to be the next Community Guru. Don't they look so Desperate and at the same time, Hopeless!

The Date, the Date that everyone knows and sees is the definitive answer to these people!

Simply, you cant be first if you're NOT!

Now, everyone tries, and they look so desperate doing so!

My Friends, you know the truth, no matter how they try to Paint Pretty Pictures, you know what the truth is! We are one of the most popular Energy Forums on the Internet, because people know we have Succeeded and give Answers! We provide Truth!

After they Banned Me from ou.com, they started posting things like this:

In other words, an "EMJunkie" type arrangement.


Lets hope this doesn't stick, I would hate to see EMJ get credit for an age old non-inductive winding technique.


This is the sort of thoughts people think! This is how some people work! They are all doing their best to either Stop this technology, or to try and give themselves credit! They are terrified a Bloke working in a Shed has solved the worlds Energy Crisis, where they could not!


They tried, they Failed and now we hold the future in our Hands!


Let them fall on their sword, for they have not the Knowledge or Experience to become the Martyrs they wish to become!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 15 November 2021

My Friends,

Statistics show, prior to 2015, the two most common Machines or Circuits were:

  • School Girl Motor
  • Pulse Motor
  • Joule Thief Circuit


This was the best the community had to offer!

When I introduced Partnered Output Coils, in 2015, the previous terms, faded into obscurity! Now, the most common topics, not in any specific order, are:

  • Bucking Coils
  • Asymmetrical Transformer
  • Accelerating Electrons


All terms I introduced into the Community together as a whole! Ironic?

Now, more and more people see Results that None had ever achieved before!

I wonder, has our success, pushed Serious Researchers Arms up behind their back? Have they been forced to step up, or be left behind? I will let the Reader decide on the facts, but one thing is certain, we have changed the landscape of Energy Machine Research, like no other! How is this possible? Planning is the answer!

After a while, people get tired of Dumb and Stupid!

We eliminated the Trolls, and gave the willing, room to Evolve! So many have! Together, with a common goal, its amazing what's possible!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 17 November 2021

My Friends,

They claim to be Gurus! Yet, we have given working Machines and they can not replicate them, even though we have given all Data to be able to make successful Replications!

More and more, every day, I see a struggle! Good vs Evil! 

One thing I find very hard to deal with is how far behind some are! Simple things very easily provable on the bench are ignored? What Deliberately? Do you really think they are really doing the best they can to Prove / Disprove a Technology that should have been with us well over 100 Years ago? No! No they are not!

After a while, people get tired of Dumb and Stupid!


Ignoring what's provable, is not Science, it is Ignorance!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 21 November 2021

My Friends,

I write something here, Today, something of Importance, tomorrow, they write it - AEST vs GMT - Do you see what is occurring here?


They try to dispute what I have said! And, then:


Classically funny to watch! They do not reason properly! They cannot Reason Properly! Agents of Darkness are trying to prevent this Technology! Their failure is evident, it is Imminent! They have no Logic!

Often, the most simple thing can be staring you right in the Face!


Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 22 November 2021

My Friends,

Some days I read some Truly Stupid, Totally Uneducated, almost Preplanned Disinformationist Tactic, statements! OMG How Pathetic!

When a mind has absolutely closed itself to all possibilities, then no possibilities can ever exist! The mind has become locked in a frozen state of IBM!


Yup, nothing but a discolored smelly mess behind that! ONU - Of No Use!

Sometimes a statement gives away much more than the meaning of what's being said! They are so far off the mark, so silly, that nothing can save them, from themselves!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 24 November 2021

My Friends,

For the same reason Government has become unnecessary, helping those that do not wish to be helped, or do not want to be helped, has become unnecessary!

We cannot help those that already have their minds made up!


It is only those that wish to help themselves that will!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 25 November 2021

My Friends,

Aboveunity.com's Tier III Members, today, know what a 2 Hour Experiment can yield! Some Members already knew a great deal of what was presented!

Simple and Cheap, producing results, that put the Doubters in a permanent state of Shame!

Because Tier III is a private area, only for those working to progress, I am not going to show what we have achieved, but instead I will show you a tiny, snippet of Data:

Remember our situation with Positive Voltage and Negative Current? That's Negative Power:


Power = Voltage x Current x Cos(Theta)

= 150V x 50A x Cos(180)

= 150V x 50A x -1 = -7,500 Watts of Peak Power just in the Spike above!


Yes, that's:

Negative Power, -7500.0 WattsPeak Power


The people out there, trying very hard to Bull S**T you all, are so lost that they cant navigate their way out of a Paper Bag!

Its really Simple, if you're not here working with us and for yourself towards a common Goal! Then you're not on the right side of History! You're on the wrong Side! You're not going to achieve, or even have a happy long term future! They want minimum population and total control, you will be forever more, a Slave!

They Fail for a Reason, because they are Told To! Made To, its their Job to Mislead you! Its their Job to Lie, cheat and steal from you! Steel your Future away from you!

"It is statistically Impossible, to Continuously Fail!"


Time to Wake Up People! Wake from the Slumber they wish to keep you in!

Aboveunity.com are World Leaders In Energy Machine Technologies:

We are Light Years Ahead of the rest! 


Oh My, they are SO FAR behind!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 26 November 2021

My Friends,

They are so far off, its nothing but Funny:


Many here see Results, something no one has ever seen before! We are Light Years Ahead!

While they are Off Chasing Rainbows!


They have no Idea what they are doing! No Idea what so ever! Reading their posts is just Laughable! All they have got: A Whole Lot Of Nothing!

Remember their Agenda, now watch this:


More to come very soon My Friends!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 27 November 2021

My Friends,

I have said this for a long time now, this is SO EASY, We have given them all the data, and they:




Best Wishes,



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Chris posted this 07 December 2021

My Friends,

This is a bit sad:

Ref: None technical posts, petty bickering and contests of rivalry


When Good People get tied up with the Trolls, Good People start asking Questions! This is what has happened here! You decide who the Trolls are, we have Banned some of them already!

I have said it before: "It is statistically Impossible, to Continuously Fail!"

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 08 December 2021

My Friends,

It appears the Fighting and Bickering has gotten a lot worse over there:


My Friends, I look at only one thing: Potential, and many members have Potential, problem is, there is Zero Direction and thus there is Fighting and Bickering.

The Thread: Chris's replication of Andrey Melnichenko's GLED, is starting to show, what others have tried many times and failed to replicate, effects of Above Unity! Many of our other threads have also!

When the right Environment is secured, Progress can be made, other wise, its all a waste of time! Also, a Forum really needs a few people that knows what they are doing, this helps immensely!

Maybe Pete needs to step in on this one?

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 15 December 2021

My Friends,

I read this yesterday:

Ref: Vasik041 - Do You Want Change


In the process of waking up, people are becoming more and more frustrated with those that will not accept basic facts and logic, sometimes for different reasons.

I feel for Vasik041, this is a feeling I know well! For how long, can people that really should know better, play dumb? How can the Obvious be so Un-Obvious?

There are some, a small group, that is actively misleading people with Propaganda and Fake Evidence! I struk a group, very active at this, at ou.com.

I have said it before: "It is statistically Impossible, to Continuously Fail!"

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 18 December 2021

My Friends,

Oh the mess I see elsewhere! Its an obliteration, its a complete wipeout, they have totally lost the plot, all hope that they were going to eventually make SOME Progress has evaporated!

They are in Total Disarray!

What a shame, not a single thread that shows one bit of promise at all anywhere to be found in the top ten topics on any other forum at all!

Its so sad, its laughable!


When are they going to get it, there is no other path forward, only Partnered Output Coils, its the only way forward that is Cheap and Easy, yet they can not see the Forest for the Trees:


Hmmm, I think we all know! So many clueless Fools!



I have said it for a long time: We are Light Years Ahead of the Others!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 20 December 2021

My Friends,

In reference to other forums and their Members:

It is clear to me, 7 of 10 Researchers have No Idea, whatsoever, what they are Searching for!

Their Goals are Unclear, even to them! Its almost like they are just Board and looking for something to do, and have no intention, whatsoever, to be good at what they are trying to do!

It absolutely astounds me that 9 of 10 Researchers have absolutely no idea about Fundamental Electric "Generator" Processes!

It is critical to set Goals and know your Path Forward! Most of them simply do not!

Knowing what Voltage is and how it is "Generated"!

Knowing what Current is and how it must be Supported!

Knowing how a Simple Magnetic Field Changing in Time is the Catalyst to these processes.

Knowing how more than Two Magnetic Fields can interact in an Asymmetrical Way!

Knowing why Symmetrical Magnetic Fields are always going to be Below Unity!

Stopping the Bull S**T, and keeping things simple, and not making up Voo Doo Science to fit some Concocted Rubbish Theory! Those making up Rubbish Terms that have absolutely no basis in Science are so absolutely Confused and Lost!


The Answers, all here on this Forum, are simple, Cheap and can be done in an Hour if one takes the time to learn a few simple things! An Asymmetrical Transformer, a very small extension to Current Conventional Science is the worlds Answer to all this Dumbness that I see from those so lost in the Winds of Bull S**T!

I have said it for a long time: We are Light Years Ahead of the Others!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 21 December 2021

My Friends,

It must cut them so bad, the fact thay they have totally lost control, they have nothing, and that they see Us Here making so much Progress with the absolute best Content on the Internet! It must cut them bad!

It must cut them to know we are more popular now, getting many thousands of visits more than ever before!

It must cut them that they have no direction, no structure and no one working on anything of value over there!

I am so very proud of Mambers Here, we are the absolute best Team of People on the Internet, we eliminated the Trolls and we broke the Unity Boundary Together, many of us here are so far ahead of the others, that they will never catch up now! A 3 year old kid could do it, its so simple! We have made this field that easy now!


Universal Karma, this is their end!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

My Friends,

Those that complain the loudest are the ones trying the least!

Date Stamps prove who tells the truth:


Read 2777958 times now! I am EMJunkie! Others still try though! Even if they are miles away from the Truth!


Yes, so many Copy My Work and claim it as their own! Isn't it Sad! Wonder why I do not share anything of value, its mostly for this reason! Again, Date Stamps prove who tells the truth!

I have seen a few times now, some experiments, very close to the mark, and the experimenter panics and goes side ways, never to return to the main Objective! Which is: "Generate" Electric Power.

I absolutely can not easily explain this behaviour!

At this point, if the Experimenter thought Logically, and approached the Experiment with care and dedication, there would be copious amounts of Success!

I saw a comment today, on another forum, the "overconfident's motor" was "Debunked", and this saddens me! I know how may times I have  built machines, and its not the Machine that does not work, it is the way I understood the machine! I failed! The Machine was not "Debunked" because I failed, I failed and that's all!

It is truly irresponsible to call anything else!

Behaviors of some people are truly astounding! Wildly unpredictable! Yet, totally predictable if there is an Objective to Hide this Technology! The Logic of Old, is GONE!

When are people going to start thinking Logically again?

Best Wishes,


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Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).