Swiss Dude's Lenz's Free Motor

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swiss_dude posted this 4 weeks ago

Hey guys, somebody suggested I should present my project here, but seemingly I cannot create a new topic in this forum, so I just mention it here. I was a bit disappointed by the many cartel trolls at overunity, and the ignorance and religious-like cult with myths and mysteries, concepts that did not reveal all the details, leaving people to speculate for years (examples: sweet, figuera etc.).


My Design reverses the fieldstrength vs space ratio of a magnet in relation to a coil, and therefor reverses also the "lenz-drag" to become the "lenz-accelleration". It is all logical and I did not find anybody in 10 years who was able to debunk it. A guy who works for stadler rail said the only reason why it wouldn't work (from his POV) is because it violates "the law". It's called Anti-Lenz-Field Generator, promises selfrunning and easy modification of existant generators, such as those in nuclear power plants.

I have released a few vids about it, including a prototype test, at:   for more details see the other ALF vids on the same channel.

Thanks for you attention.

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Fighter posted this 4 weeks ago

@swiss_dude, you can create a new topic for presenting your device, just go to "Browse by Category", click on "Devices" then you'll be directed to that category where you'll see the "New Discussion" button in the upper side of the forum:



Nano posted this 4 weeks ago

Oh nice, you posted here. Looking forward to seeing what others have to say about this.

I'm the guy who suggested the swiss dude share his project here. I recently found this place from some of Chris' videos and thought people here may be interested in his passive Lenzless motor design. I've yet to come across any other projects taking his approach.

I'm still really new to this whole scene, but I've been learning a lot, and plan on getting bench equipment real soon.

Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

@Swiss_Dude  and Nano,

Welcome to the Forum! Thank You for sharing! I moved your post out to its own thread, if you wish, I can rename, let me know the name you wish to choose?

This is a very good idea, I have not watched all of your video yet, but think the general concept is viable and will be fruitful!

Your build quality is superb, very nice work! Weldone on your success!

We here at pride ourselves on sharing and helping each other the best we can! We will always try to support your efforts and no one here ever gets trolled like other forums!

All Work here is Public Domain and has been since day one, meaning work posted here cannot be Patented and will always stay in the Public Domain always, This means all Leaches that are looking for someoneleses technology to Get Rich Quick, will have a community of very angry members to content with if they are caught doing the wrong thing! With all members support, we have avenues of legal protection like no other and we will keep information here safe from thieves at all times!

It is not right, not fair, and not Human, to take something that is not yours and use it else where for ones own bennifit! Some do try!

So feel free to be yourself here and welcome!

If you have achieved a result that puts your machine Above the Unity Boundary, we use the ABOVEUNITY Tag to keep track of these machines and inventors.

If you need it, we have a thread: Help with using the Forum. to help get new Members up to speed.

Welcome and sorry for this late reply.

Best Wishes,


Wistiti posted this 4 weeks ago

Excellent travail ! Much more excellent way to think about it!

Thank you for sharing!!

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