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dale morgan posted this 04 April 2020

Hello everyone,  is a site loaded with all sorts of simulations. Unfortunately they are no longer downloadable. The sims are in Java Script so I think everyone should be able to run them. I do have actual experimental units but I'm not ready yet. It's in the pipeline as they say.

Have a glorious day!


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Vidura posted this 05 April 2020

Hey, dale morgan. Although sometimes simulation can be useful for conventional EE, it comes almost certainly to its limits when phenomenons involved in AU are the target. As the software is based on faulty or incomplete laws and formulas it is quite useless in this case. Just try to simulate a one wire transmission, or the BEMF of a noninductive coil, you will find the impossibility, while simple practical experience will show a completely different result. Maybe in the future simulation software will be updated to cover a broader range of EM, But anyway, If you have some hardware I would encourage to use it, starting with simple experiments, there is no substitute for direct experience, really. Regards Vidura

dale morgan posted this 06 April 2020

Hello Vidura,

The simulations aren't meant to give exact answers. That is what we are trying to do. They are useful to visualize the shapes of different arraignments and have no specific exact answers. They are completely adjustable. If you use the charged rings in opposition sim and get the parameters adjusted correctly you will see it self pump. The architecture has to be correct, just as in nature. A charged ring pair is an analog of coils butted up against each other. Opposed coils

If you would like to see single wire transmission check out Borderlands. The LW Wave video.

I have experiments... just can't  get them out yet. Life happens all the time, sometimes too much!

Have a good day, Dale

Chris posted this 06 April 2020

Hey Dale,

We have other simulation threads and have been through the same stuff. We are very confident the Simulation Software is not complete enough to accurately Simulate what we are doing.

Simulation is flawed, and EM Theory behind the Simulations is incomplete.

Best wishes,


dale morgan posted this 06 April 2020

Hey Chris,

No problem at all. Just trying to be helpful. Please go ahead and delete it when you see this. I meant no harm.

Still a good day,


Chris posted this 06 April 2020

Hey Dale,

My Friend, you are always helpful! I thank You for that! I was just letting you know we have covered Sim. I am more than happy if you want to keep it going and show where we may have missed something in the past?

Best wishes,


dale morgan posted this 06 April 2020

Hello Chris,


I know that I don't know all of what the group has been doing. So far I haven't seen much about simulation software, that I recall... I just looked around where I thought it might be found, but no joy.

My perspective is quite different than most, thus I know I can be irritating at times. I don't try to be. Generally when I read stuff, relevant info pops into my brain like the site I spoke of above.

I'd like to say more to the group, but it's useless to do so without the unit to show to everyone physically. In the somewhat near future I hope to be able to explain the dynamics of the theories that this effort is standing on by demonstration with devices that exhist in physical reality. At this time, first off I would like to show the separation of curled and uncurled magnetic vector potential A. That's is my plan. To peek behind the curtain so to speak.

I really don't want to be disruptive of the experiments under way. Right now I wish I hadn't re-found the HYIQ site. It is too early because I don't have my stuff unpacked yet. I'm probably over eager to help as I believe that society is going to become unstable, not real soon but on the way. Some want that, most don't. Like yourself I want to spread the word such that anyone can understand and build their own units. Be independent and free...

A good day,





Chris posted this 06 April 2020

Hey Dale,

Your'e not disruptive! 

The DUT's we are working on, all seem to stem from the same basic principles. Many ways exist to get to the same result, of course, Energy is Energy, a Coin has only two faces, Voltage and Current are the Goal.

We have: 

For every Action there is an equal and opposite Reaction and for every Reaction there is an equal and opposite Counter-Reaction.


In Science, we currently miss and do not take advantage of the: Counter-Reaction.

We need to! This part is important.

Best wishes,


dale morgan posted this 06 April 2020

It's OK Chris,

I'm still in. In my mind I'm having trouble finding my niche to fit into the group. Theory and applied physics are what I feel most comfortable with. Pure, raw, experimentation is my excitement! As you say, in different words, there's more than one way to skin dinner. I'm giving cats a break this time.laughing

You're right, all of the devices stem from the same principals. They have to! Elsewise the base principles have not been found. I'm sure that they have been.  At the very least we've gone more than deep enough to satisfy our needs to fulfil our quest.

I read the latest posts most every morning and have read all of them I think. Been working on the sidebar items which appear to much the same as the threads. A few new experimental items have come to mind, triggered by a few of the threads. A phrase here, a comment or question there. I wish my old computer had not taken a giant dump!

If allowed, I will modify the title of this thread while still retaining the primary name as a place holder.

Have a good day my friend!




Zanzal posted this 07 April 2020

At this time, first off I would like to show the separation of curled and uncurled magnetic vector potential A. That's is my plan. To peek behind the curtain so to speak.

I'd like to hear more about this.

dale morgan posted this 07 April 2020

Hello Zanzal,

OK then. This is pretty straight forward but not totally obvious.

non diverged Heavyside flow

This graphic shows the two Magnetic Vector Potentials. Heavyside stated that as much as 1013 times as much energy misses the coil as is diverged into the coil. Poynting has stated that it is curious that the energy enters the wire from the side, not from the ends. As is shown above. It's in one of Bearden's papers, I can't say which one right now as I'm shooting from the hip here.

There was a Scientific 'war' going on at the time and everyone was very cautious about what they said. Dirac was in the process of being destroyed out of the group of elites in the scientific community at the time. Nobody wanted to stand out then so Heavyside didn't push it lest he be cast out like Dirac was. The Classical group won of course.

Onward... The Magnetic Vector Potentials, curled(Poynting) and uncurled(Heavyside) are mixed together as a normal situation. Normally the uncurled is hidden by the curled and prevents the uncurled from being collected into the coil. To free the uncurled, the Acu (curled) must be contained to give access to the Aun (uncurled). Bearden has a few different graphics showing this. I really wish my stuff was set up so I could give the actual references. The MEG does this very well by placing the poles of the magnet tightly against the core. However there is still some leakage because there is still a small air gap in the assembly. Whether this makes a big difference or not is unknown but probably not much.

With all of this in mind I made a different type of transformer where magnets were buried in the center leg of a layered core. There is no B field outside of the core at all, no leakage. A needle hanging by a thread will not deflect when held near the core, a hairs width from it or even touching, the needle is not held to the core anywhere. So now the  Aun is free from obstruction and is easily collected into a coil. I'm not going to discuss all of the details of the unit at this time without a picture or video to show. Operation is with a small tickler coil and an output coil as is normal. The output showed two sine waves, nice ones, about 8 or 9 degrees offset. [At the time I only had an automotive 'O' scope with 20 volts max so a 2 volt input was the maximum to see the entire wave. It would only show the wave with basically no other information available. I can tell you that I used a train transformer to for power, 12v max. Don't know what the amps were either. To get pulses into the input coil I passed the supply through a slot car motor, DC, then to the unit. The commutator broke the flow into pulses. The higher the voltage, the higher the frequency.  I was working with stone knives and bear skins then. That is going to be different when my setup is complete this time.]

There should not have been 2 sine waves from a single output coil with a single input. Both waves were on the same single wire. Heavyside said 1013 as much more energy available and I believe it. Why? Because I melted down my third volt meter with it. At around 9 volts the guts of the meter were vaporized and deposited on the inside of the case. As though it had been plated... Knowing the meter was trashed I went ahead and cranked it up to 12v. A very dramatic display. There is no way an output like that could be gotten from a lowly 9v on a core by itself. The unit is smaller than a coffee cup.

The point of all this is the B field was contained within the laminations of the core. Alternating the direction of E and I sealed off any seams which may have existed if the normal assembly method had been used. The magnets were totally incased with zero gaps. The coils were pre-assembled on a sized form and the cores inserted into the coil. I glued that one together but the second one was not so it can be taken apart to show it.

To me this seems to be a poor explanation as there are no pictures and the rest of the story has not been told, yet. I'll go through this again properly with an actual demonstration to go with it. I think this is an important step on the path. The B field loves iron and will stay within it if possible. Tesla once said that putting iron in an electric motor is counter productive to it's efficiency. I believe Tesla. However in this case it's very helpful.

I hope this is of use to you Zanzal. As I said, not difficult but not obvious either. Another thought which may be helpful is that we don't 'generate', (which implies creation), electricity. We collect it, all of it, from the virtual particle flux that we are immersed in.

Have a smooth day,






Zanzal posted this 07 April 2020

Thanks Dale. I think Bearden had some very interesting ideas.

From Bearden (Engineering the Active Vacuum):

Today, particularly since the advent of quantum electrodynamics, it is the potentials that are real and primary and the fields are only changes in the potentials. Hence it is more proper to consider equation [1] as a definition of the B-field, where

B ≡ ∇ ×A [2]

In short, B is just a curled A-potential. Indeed, it may be a curled component of an overall
A-potential, where the overall A-potential has multiple field components (multiple kinds of changes ongoing simultaneously). As an example, it is well-known that an E-field will be produced by a non-zero time rate of change dA/dt of the vector potential A, whether A is curled or curl-free. The A-potential and its energy can provide a magnetic field B as in equation [2] by curling (swirling) its spatial energy density, and it can provide an electric field E with its time rate of change even when not curling (swirling). Since the gradient ∇Φ of an electrostatic scalar potential Φ is also an E-field, then

E = -∇Φ - dA/dt [3]

As shown by equation [3], the gradient ∇Φ of the electrostatic scalar potential Φ provides an E-field with its own continuous E-field energy flow,1 as does the time rate of change dA/dt of the magnetic vector potential A. The total E-field (and E-field energy) in a given situation thus can depend on (i) a change to the electrostatic scalar potential Φ, or (ii) a perturbation of the magnetic vector potential A, or (iii) both simultaneously.

1 Any EM field or potential – including the “static” ones – mathematically decomposes into sets of ongoing longitudinal EM wave energy flows, as shown by E. T. Whittaker in 1903 and 1904.

I am currently hyper focused on using this method:

(i) a change to the electrostatic scalar potential Φ,

By changing the voltage of a conductor I was able to determine that doing this seems to excite the field around the wire. That field seems to give rise to cause under certain instances electrons to gain momentum, which I guess is to be expected as we're told that electrons in an electric field experience a force. Since giving electrons motion is imparting energy it seems that the above process must require input energy, but from what I can tell that is just because the electronics used to produce the right conditions need some energy to function, and it is difficult to create the necessary conditions without expending more energy than gained in the process. Or in cases when using a higher source potential, the components would break down under the high voltages used. I've had some success at the core concept, but at the scale of my experiments the returns are small leaving little net gain (mW) and a lot of uncertainty as a result. The trick may be to find entirely passive methods of operations to achieve the right conditions.

Anyway it sounds to me like you have figured out the other side of the equation:

(ii) a perturbation of the magnetic vector potential A

In fact most of the work on the site by others seems to be along these lines. I've struggled a little bit, but there were a lot of advances here in the last year that I have yet to go back and look at. I was in a similar situation with all my things boxed up, but I'm starting to get back to experimenting. You'll get there and it sounds like you have very interesting work to share.

Personally I've learned a lot from Falstad's circuit simulator. There are interesting effects that do appear in those simulations as they are a natural consequence of the equations. I've personally verified at least one useful effect, conservation of electron momentum due to inductance, and there is another even more strange that I wish I had more time to investigate (I don't know if its real or just a simulation glitch). As Vidura points out, some really important effects do not show. IMO there is no right or wrong on using simulations to research. Its another tool that has pluses and minuses. Though if anyone does manage to get the effect shown by Chris' non-inductive coil experiment to appear in a simulation due to mutual inductance I'd be very happy to see it. I was able to get one of his to show (double pulse), but it became clear to me there were significant limitations.

Chris posted this 07 April 2020

Dale, Zanzal - 100% spot on! Nice!

Best wishes,


dale morgan posted this 08 April 2020

Hello Guys,

Thank you Zanzal and Chris!

Just now it occurred to me to look at the special character pull down and the symbols for curled and uncurled 'A' are in there. Still learning my way around....

There is still more explanation of the above graphic to go but I gave what I thought you were after Zanzal. Very glad to be able to help you with it.

Yes, I do have some 'strange' units to share. A long time ago I burned my Box in the back yard and never looked back. Here at home the only person I can talk to about this stuff is my brother. The school system in this country has been dumbed down by about 50% in the sciences and math. That happened right after I graduated High School. So I taught my brother what they weren't teaching any more. It's a sad state of affairs and it's coming back around to bite them in the nads. Currently it takes the first two years of college to learn what I was taught in High School... Very sad indeed.

I'm more than happy to share and help where I can Chris. Right now I'm a bit like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Not being able to show my physical units yet makes it a little harder to build a picture in someone's mind. Humans are very visual by nature. It's the very first thing we do after being born.

Have a glorious day,






dale morgan posted this 09 April 2020

Hello all,

I ran across this years ago.

I never got the chance to make one back then but will be playing with it before long. As it is presented, it will separate voltage and current. That could be very handy...

A good day to all,


dale morgan posted this 10 April 2020

Hello everyone,

I changed the title of the thread a bit to more reflect what is being attempted with it.  I'm off to a slow start obviously, but that will change hopefully. To be honest, I'm surprised at the number of people that have taken a look at or read it. Just being myself, seeking a purposeful life and having fun doing it.


thaelin posted this 10 April 2020

Hi Dale:

   It was actually very refreshing to re-read that paper. I found it had a bit more meaning now than it did back when. One should never underestimate the value of a capacitor. The outcome may well fuddle you.

   Tesla himself said that capacitors were a very unique thing.

Keep searching for the truth and knowledge, if it does not feel right, question it. Do not be afraid to ask the forbidden questions. I did, and got quite a few raised eye brows but so what.



dale morgan posted this 11 April 2020

Hello Thaelin,

Yes, I too got more out of it when read again after the passage of time. We read sooo much that at times it blurs together. It does for me at least. The C-Stack has generated two different experiments for me to try.

In the reference section of one of Bearden's papers had a book he highly recommended so I bought it. Just reading the Contents blew my mind. Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena by Harry E. Burke in 1986. Got the last one that Amazon had. The reading of it is only just begun. Looks like it's going to be fantastic. Re-reading things can be helpful...

Have a good day,



baerndorfer posted this 12 April 2020

hello Dale!

just played around with this falstad-thing and found interesting applets there. thank you for the link!

Loop Pair

Loop Pair Opposed

Loop Pair Stacked

Loop Pair Stacked Opposed

have a nice day!

dale morgan posted this 12 April 2020


Hello Baerndorfer,

It can be a lot of fun to play with the applets. Have you tried looking at it in particles instead of the field lines? That will let you see the motion that is going on. Pretty neat to watch it. It takes a bit of time for it to stabilize into the new pattern after the configuration is changed.  Even without giving figures on outputs I find it to be a good thinking tool for the architecture, structure, of what it going on. I'm glad you can get some enjoyment out of it.

Have a fine day,


dale morgan posted this 25 April 2020


Just in case someone may not have seen it.

Have a good day,


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dale morgan posted this 01 September 2021

modified MEG

I put this in here to see if I could do it. The description of this unit, how it's built, is in the 07 April 2020 post. Here's what it looks like opened up.

Ver. 2

This is not the one in the crappy video. It's a little bigger with only one output coil to make sure that the second sinewave on the first unit wasn't caused caused by the second output coil.


dale morgan posted this 02 September 2021

I forgot to say hello on the previous one, sorry. Hello Everyone,

This is the second shot of the same unit without the coils for clarity.

Ver.2 naked

The magnets are contained within the unit to keep all of the curled magnetic vector inside it. A needle hanging on a thread does not deflect when brought close to the core, when it's assembled of course. Bearden had spoken about flux leakage regarding the MEG so this method was used to eliminate it. This one was built in the same time period as the smaller unit. Sadly I didn't get to play with it then but I'm close to doing so now. Getting output from a coil not wrapped around the core will show separation of curled and uncurled magnetic vectors. 11 plus years is a long time waiting to do an experiment. 

I was working with stone knives and bear skins then. The laminates seen here were out of old transformers, thus the remains of the old glue on the surfaces. Since then I've been able to buy brand new laminations to work with. I know that the majority here don't really like to work with magnets. There are a few reasons why the magnets are a pain. I think shrapnel might be the number one dislike for them. I just don't like having to pay for a magnetic field when using coils. It's obvious that this unit cannot be made using only coils. The next one can.

the egg

I call this one the Egg for obvious reasons. This unit is an SQM / VTA turned inside out. The Egg can be made using only coils, no magnets. I already decided to make that my first build this time around.

The Egg output well over 500v with a little over 3v input. It rocked back and forth when input was switched on and off. A new better camera has been acquired so the next videos should turn out OK as far as the camera goes. No promises on my video making skills though. To convert this unit to all coils will require six separate coils as a unit. It should work out just fine but there's only one way to find out for certain. I'm anxious to build it. Why has it taken me so long? Life happens all the time...sometimes too much.

So have a glorious day everybody,



Fighter posted this 02 September 2021

I know that the majority here don't really like to work with magnets

Hi Dale,

I'm actually interested in the devices using magnets.

You're talking about the Aharonov-Bohm effect used in MEG as Bearden described it:

I think you'll be interested in the experiment I've done some time ago:

In my experiment I used a Hitachi F3CC0125 nano-crystalline core, as Bearden was talking in the video above about a nano-crystalline core.

My conclusion is the process is real, there is "something" around the core.

In the latest post of the thread there is also this video with my experiment:




Fighter posted this 02 September 2021

the egg

...It rocked back and forth when input was switched on and off...

Do you mean it has also some kind of anti-gravitational effects when switched on/off ?..

That's very interesting, when you have some time to make a small video presentation I think I'm not the only one who would want to see it. Thanks !



dale morgan posted this 03 September 2021

Hey Fighter,

You've got yourself a very interesting video there. I think you proved the AB Effect with your experiment. A coil external to the core picking up energy. Very nice indeed! Good job!

I also think you showed us the amount of leakage that Bearden spoke of. It appeared to be sporadic by location, seems to reflect the uneven contact of the magnet with respect to the core. To be honest the leakage is more than I thought it would be and I'm sure you got the magnets as tight as is possible. I bet almost everybody here has taken a flyback transformer apart and noticed the plastic shims between the core halves. The gap concentrates the magnetic field in that location. That was done on purpose and it's not what we want, not for our purposes. These thoughts are what prompted me to cut the core so as to completely contain the magnets within.

Referring to your 20 June 2020 post:

You are right about the hidden gems in the Energy from the Vacuum videos. In the third? video Bedini is sitting in a chair in the middle of his shop floor just talking. About 12 minutes into it he makes a statement saying where the radiant energy comes from. Just one sentence. The radiant comes in when the field around the coil collapses. The most important sentence in the entire video as far as I'm concerned. That lit my brain up like a firecracker! It made my 'Big Picture' of the universe clear. We are immersed in the virtual vacuum like being under water. So an analogy using a sponge in place of a coil should be suitable. The sponge is dry and out of water, no charge on the coil. Water will be the charge in this case. When the sponge is placed in the river it absorbs that water and swells up, a field develops around the coil. The sponge is removed from the water, the charge is turned off. Water leaks from the sponge instantly, the field collapses. If there is no container there to catch the water it goes back where it came from in the river. That's one cycle. Basically it's one coil wound on a transformer core. Does nothing useful. The action of the field is similar to a stormfront. The air is hot which means the molecules of the air are further apart, field expanded. That gives more space for the water vapor to fill up and stay in the air, field has collected charge from the vacuum. Very humid. As a coil we can say the hot air has a charge and has a field around it, holding the water. A cold front comes in and cools the air. The air molecules no longer have the energy to be forced apart and the water is forced out as rain, the field collapses. Pumping a coil is like milking a cow. Squeeze, field collapses. Release, field expands. The hard part is collecting the charge without getting milk on your boots.

I hope that didn't sound like I was talking down to anyone. I'm not!  A picture is worth a thousand words and I tried to make a picture(s) to express my viewpoint. I got all that from one sentence from Bedini.

You're right about Naudin's explanation of the MEG being wrong. The role of the magnet is to polarize the vacuum. Permanent or electric the magnetic field does the same thing. Like Bearden says, stressed! Symmetric fields have no stress but asymmetric fields do. They're out of balance, no stability. Polarizing.

There's one thing about trapping all of the flux inside the core. The magnet does not become inert. It's flux just can't be seen because it's inside the core. It's still doing what it will do until it's destroyed. You're right though, something new happens.

An electromagnetic field and a photon are the same thing. A photon is just a small chunk of the field at large. Electric and magnetic fields are always paired, can't have one without the other. A bifilar coil has the ability to 'cancel' either half depending on how you hook it up. Canceled is the wrong word to use since the two halves of the entity exist together, always. If you hook it up to 'cancel' the magnetic field it's not really canceled. You just can't see it because it's been forced into symmetry. It's still there. (Sweet spoke of the importance of the 'Motional Electric Field' as a critical part of the SQM / VTA. To my knowledge nobody knows just how his unit was hooked up or the actual architecture of the build.) 

OK. The flux is trapped inside the core. That's the magnetic half so where is the electric part? (There are a lot of theories about the Magnetic Vector Potential. Most of them are trying to use math to 'prove' what they are saying. That's all well and good but there are limitations to the math when you try to prove something that is unknown.) In the 07 April 2020 post I used the Heaviside / Pointing drawing. In writings by Bearden he spoke about it a little. The Heaviside component is drawn as being parallel to the conductor when actually Heaviside spoke of it as being nearly perpendicular to the conductor or a very slight angle from perpendicular. That fits nicely with the electromagnetic field. Electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular to each other, orthogonal.

I was surprised to see how far away from your unit the uncurled vector was. That stirred up a lot of thoughts for me. I've always thought the uncurled vector would be right next to the core. There is still more to learn, always.

In my build I chose to pump the magnets with a coil on the center leg instead of powering the output coils to do it. The orientation of the trigger coil, yellow, was to strengthen the magnets so as to pulse the magnetic field. Push it out so it could come back. My theory was to feed the blue coil internally and hope it collected excess energy of the field collapse. I think it worked but never got the chance to fully play with it. Life happens all the time. I got two sinewaves out of one coil which didn't make sense right off. The sines were perfect which was also a surprise since it was pulsed with DC. Another weird thing I did was to hook both leads of the output coil together. One output lead not attached to ground. Yeah, it sounds totally wrong but it worked. Anymore I tend to think of coils as receiving antennas.

About the Egg. It's made using three ferrite magnets. Two epoxied north to north. The epoxy creates a gap by default. The third is epoxied north facing in to fight the first pair so all three have the north facing into the middle. It wasn't easy to do and I waited two days for each gluing to cure. I also taped the crap out of it in case it wanted to explode. (Shrapnel)


Green is a bifilar with magnetic field 'canceled'. Blue is a normal coil and red is the output coil. Green was first, blue was second and red was last. All three coils are orthogonal to each other. Every time I put a coil on it I taped the crap out of it so this one will not be opened up to see it. The two input coils, blue and green, are wired in series. I think of this unit as an SQM / VTA turned inside out.

The high voltages I got out of these units is freaky. A little scary to be honest. That's OK though since stepping down the voltage will increase the amps to have a usable output. This unit can be made using only coils and I will make one that way since I'm a curious nerd. 

Oh. The ferrites can be cut to size but you have to be very slow doing it. You have to use a wet saw also. In the jewelry business it's called a slabbing saw. Very slow and careful to get a clean surface. I should have mentioned the very slow part when I brought it up before. You can make your magnets fit the core very nicely. Magnet strength is based on the type of material and the mass of it. Cutting neo's is useless because they rust kinda fast.

Well, have a great day to everyone,







dale morgan posted this 03 September 2021

Do you mean it has also some kind of anti-gravitational effects when switched on/off ?..

Hi Fighter,

No, not at all. That would really be something! I knocked together a visual aid.


An end on view with a bit of flux drawn in. The gaps made by the epoxy create a stronger field density between the magnets. I think the rocking motion was probably caused by the surge of charge in either direction, on or off. The green and blue coils are the only ones being powered however the red coil also has a field expanding and collapsing on each pulse too.

What I think is going on is torque being generated on the unit by the conflicting fields. The unit weighs a couple pounds, a kilo. The rocking is the result of the uneven shape of the unit. It always went to the left when power was switched on or off. If it had been smooth and round I don't think it would have rolled back. Still it moved. 

The construction is similar, in a way, to an old style magneto which can be a motor or a generator depending on how it's wired. Mostly they were used as generators because of low torque as a motor. In any case the magnets are steady state while the coils are not. So we have a fixed field that's actually pretty strong being hit with additional fields which are asymmetric since the green coil is bifilar, magnetic cancelling. But the electric field from it should be causing effects also. Sweets motional E-field. It's like turning on a normal motor that's not held in place. If you haven't done that, don't. It plays hell with the wiring. laughing

The entire unit is asymmetric by design. Another thing that happened was a couple of the power wires running to it also moved. Everything was laying in a mess on the bench and one of them was in a curve up off of the bench. That one moved the most but the other did a little bit. I never really thought much of it then. Didn't have any Mag View at the time to see what was going on with the fields. No matter how you look at it, it's unusual.

I'm getting my bench cleared off and straightened around. I'm slow but I'll get there. Sorry to dash any hopes.

Have a good day,





Fighter posted this 04 September 2021

Do you mean it has also some kind of anti-gravitational effects when switched on/off ?..

Hi Fighter,

No, not at all. That would really be something! I knocked together a visual aid.

Hi Dale,

I didn't meant to say the device is floating in air or something like that but the fact that it's moving when powered on/off that means it's affecting or at least is interacting with the gravitational field.

I never heard of a device doing that. That IS something !

Thank you for the details about the device, I'm looking forward to see your experiments here.

Edit: in the image you posted what's the polarity of the magnets ? Just to make an idea, are they attracting or repelling each other ?

Best regards,


Fighter posted this 04 September 2021

I invite you to our secondary/backup forum, please use the same name you use here when requesting membership there and I'll accept your membership:

Just in case, this way you can keep in touch, get updates and communicate with other team members if/when the AboveUnity forum goes offline.



Baron posted this 04 September 2021



I have signed up to the other forum a couple of weeks ago with the same user name.

Would you please accept my membership?


Thank you,


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Fighter posted this 04 September 2021

Hi Baron,

I apologize about that but we try to keep the access to our secondary forum restricted, it's mainly for experimenters/builders.

We have only 26 members there, not 508 like here.

We have others membership requests pending and not accepted there.

Please don't take it personally, we do this for security reasons. It's nothing personal.



Chris posted this 05 September 2021

I agree 100% with Fighter!

If those of you out there, want to join our Team, work with us, share in our HUGE Successes, then you need to show youre a Builder and willing to share your work!

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dale morgan posted this 05 September 2021

Hey Fighter and All,

Ahhh, I should have marked them right off. All in repulsion. All north facing inward.


Well, I really don't think it's interacting with the gravitational field. It's not designed for that. I really think it's torque from the mixture of the fields as a whole. The surge of power, either direction, will spike higher than the operational level. Inrush current. Like the lights flickering when the refrigerator comes on. Still the motion is a curiosity. Over the past months I acquired more equipment and one piece is a tri-field meter. Magnetic, electric and radio frequency. Should be able to tell which field is spiking with it. It seems more likely to me that the fields are interacting with the vacuum as it switches from polarized to not polarized, as far as the coils go. That's a force that we can't see, yet. I have hopes on that. 

The vacuum has varying densities according to local conditions just as water has the same variations with respect to temperature. Submarines can float on top of a cold layer of water, a thermocline. That was learned in WWII. Another thing about the vacuum is that it doesn't need a conductor to deposit charge. A sawdust collection system for woodworking will build up a charge strong enough to knock you on you butt if PVC pipes are being used. The way to protect yourself is to run a bare copper wire inside of the pipes and bring it out to ground. This is also the reason you never use a vacuum cleaner to suck dirt out of your computer and why they can sell cans of compressed air to people.

Charge may travel at, or near, the speed of light but the virtual particles do not. Charge moves through them at those speeds just as it does moving down the surface a wire. Like sound through water it's the pressure wave that's moving while the water remains in place. Can't think of the proper words to explain better... Anyhow, there may be a way to get some gravity effects with the vacuum polarized in a proper manner. I have been thinking about that for some time but it will take significant energy. Thus the need to create the ability to gather as much of it as possible. What we're working on is what we need for that.

That reminds me. Do you always use a high frequency when you power your units? If so, is there a particular reason? I'm just curious about it.

This place makes custom magnets, . I have no idea what the costs are, I just know that they do it and 2" thickness is the maximum.

At this time I'm about two week away from making the next video. There's outside stuff that needs to be done before the leaves fall. Stuff I wish I didn't have to do but need to do. Got snowed in for three weeks last year and that has to change.

Thank you for the invitation Fighter! I copied the address into one of my storage papers just in case, a safe place. Right now I'm still learning how to use this one and I don't want to confuse myself.

Have a glorious day Fighter and Everyone,




Fighter posted this 06 September 2021

That reminds me. Do you always use a high frequency when you power your units? If so, is there a particular reason? I'm just curious about it.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the updated design !

Personally I always use high frequency. The reason is only at high frequency we can find the optimum frequency of a device where the copper from coils and the material of the core enter in resonance, they start "dancing" together.

And my guess is when a device is at resonant frequency it starts interacting with the zero-point/quantum field therefore allowing the field to provide extra-energy to the device. I don't think over-unity can be achieved by a device working at the usual 50/60 Hz frequency but maybe this is not true when permanent magnets are used in a device, maybe that device could achieve over-unity at usual frequencies, I don't know.

Also there are some specific ratios of the wire length for the coils, the length of the wire for one coil should be 1/4 or 1/2 from the length of the wire for the other coil. Many times I found mentions of these ratios in what other researchers like Melnichenko and Akula said.

My ZPM is also using a 1/2 ratio for its coils.



dale morgan posted this 10 September 2021

Hey Fighter,

Thank you for answering my question. The relative lengths of the coils being 1/4 or 1/2 ratio reminds me of tuning an antenna for a CB radio. The standing wave ratio. This is all I have at the moment. Very busy with required outside work.

Have a great day,


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