Ruslan/Akula Generator Copy from Azerbaijan?

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DoofusNugget posted this 3 weeks ago

I found this interesting video about a week ago. At some points in this video you will see a "blue-tray device", which apparently is powering an LED bulb with no other input other than a single ground connection. There are obvious similarities to the devices of Akula and Ruslan. According to some people in the comments of this video, there was direct connections historically to Ruslan. I will leave other members to discuss this video and its worthiness, as I don't have an interest investigating this video in depth at the moment.


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey DN,

It seems more and more people are reaching the goal. This is great to see!

This Grenade configuration of Energy Machine started with Tariel Kapanadze, I believe, circa 1998, and a long list of successes from there, well before Ruslan and Akula!

Not in any specific order, and not complete:


and no doubt many others before Akula had his Replication Successes, and then Ruslan and others.

The General Public is showing How Corrupt the Science Institution really is! How many people need to come forward before Science is FORCED to catch up? Isn't this totally ridiculous! Its so blatantly obvious that the System is Rigged and Corrupted by a small group of Bottom Dwelling Scum Bags! These Parasites have been running the show for a very long time, we should have had this very simple and very cheap technology well over 100 Years ago!

GITMO and Military Tribunals are currently underway, most of these Parasites are going to PAY a very heavy price for their Roles, and they should be absolutely terrified, as some will loose their lives over their part. Treason is punishable by Death in many countries! Flee they will, but they can not escape! The Worlds Population has had enough, we all want Justice for what they have done, and Justice is happening NOW!

DN, if you are able to do the smallest experiments, we will help you, you can see some extremely interesting, Eye Opening, Pages here on this Forum and our Back Up Forum.

Its simple, and very Cheap!

Best Wishes,


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