Replication of Skinner's Gravity Power machine

  • Last Post 04 May 2020
L0stf0x posted this 04 May 2020

Hello to my fellows Chris and Wistiti and to all Guys here! This is my latest build..
I wanted to test the gravity power machine of Skinner and see if it really works.
As far as I know nobody has build it yet and unfortunately I didn't find any technical information about it,
so I had to imagine how it was constructed. I end up with 6 versions of it.
The newer ones was better that the older ones,
as I was starting to understand what changes I need to do for the next one.
Now I am at the final stage.
My latest build is 3 meters tall turning 180 kilos with a small dc motor,
spending just 18 watts. Now at the bottom of this machine the torque indeed looks to be much larger.
But I have not placed yet a proper generator at the bottom and a more economic motor at the top to prove it.
I have build already a (special) generator and now I am building a (special) motor, to complete it.
I will try to be systematic and update this thread as often as possible. So stay tuned. 

Version 1 was not video recorded..
Version 2 

6 and final is comming soon

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mich posted this 04 May 2020

incredible work! my best compliments!

several years ago i also try to replicate skinner, but more simple and less weight. I make only one leg approx 2 meter tall and one weight of 5 kilos at the bottom. In my try I only built a simple level(only motor primary mover in connection directly with the leg at the top) and at the time I have observed that if one put some friction in the weight-leg this cause a little delay of the overall displacement, and in the end the system stops. But I repeat that mine was only a test.

look forward to your next video.


L0stf0x posted this 04 May 2020

Thank you Mich, I have watched hundreds of times the old video, trying to understand. I have found a secret point at Skinner's build, that is not visible at his old video. I realized it at my 6th version. I will explain more about it later..

This is the generator/dynamo that I designed for the machine.. It had to give enough energy at low rpm..
The drag force with full load is much less than the usual (market dynamos).
The stator has 72 Bifilar coils (winded by my self) with 0.6mm wire 
The rotor has also 72 arc neodymium magnets N52

I haven't installed it yet on the machine.. It will be installed when the motor is ready..

I keep the best for the end.. The motor that I am building right now is BIG (60cm diameter) and unique of its kind. It suppose to run with close to zero current,  I hope I will complete it by the end of the month. More to come later

Chris posted this 04 May 2020

Hey L0stf0x,

Great to see you back with us Mr Friend!

Thanks for sharing! Awesome work!

Best wishes,


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Vidura posted this 04 May 2020

Amazing build Lostfox, I'm thrilled to see your latest machine running. Vidura

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