Raivope's isolated switching circuit

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raivope posted this 28 October 2019

This is galvanically isolated mosfet driver (one drv per mosfet) that uses very fast inductive coupling IL610 chip. Output is connected with 3pin array to mosfet module. 3 instead of 2 to have more mechanical stability.

6pin socket is my standard to use ribbon cable socket that has GND, +12V, +5V, and a signal. Then you can connect everything to CPU or whatever, add modules in between to limit the pulse - so everything is plug and play.

EDIT: I have found that transistor is not good for the circuit, if you replicate, please remove the transistor (and its resistor)! Due to the delay it will create wrong overlap signal and will partly short the signal.

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raivope posted this 28 October 2019

This is double rail power module where you can use it as half-bridge when you connect the diode endings back to bus, or you direct CEMF out to other capacitor, which is our goal. No such products in a market - you have to build yourself. You should use better mosfets than IRFP460 and you can use SiC diodes instead of slow mosfet body diodes.

Old picture vrs, connection example

3D picture is rather old and uses older PCBs, but you'll get the idea.

Vidura posted this 28 October 2019

Hey raivope, Nice work, you might want to post this in the hardware section , about switching techniques, or start a dedicated thread. Please do not misunderstand, i really appreciate all members participate on the thread, but i would like to stay on topic here and limit the posts to topics related on discovering new aspects of physics and EM , and present work and experiments which specifically help to extend our understanding of nature. Regards Vidura.

raivope posted this 26 July 2020


This is my contribution of the electronics I give away for FREE.

Please see attached file.


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Augenblick posted this 27 August 2020


After reviewing your docs/designs I can see why Estonia is considered "‘the most advanced digital society in the world’".

Thank you very much for your contribution. I wish we were neighbors, friend.


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