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Chris posted this 01 December 2017

Special Note:

If you read carefully, study carefully, what I outline here, this is all you need to know how to build an:

Above Unity Energy Machine

Basic Electromagnetic Induction with Unity Coupling can be around 97% efficient. That means we only have 3% to make Unity, and anything above the 3% is Above Unity!

What I have shown in my thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DON’T

These same principles used by many before us! It is important, please pay close attention!

Let’s examine what we have:

  • At On-Time: We pay for the invocation of the Magnetic Field.
    •    By applying a voltage across the Coil, a Current can flow, and a Magnetic Field Builds.

  • At Off-Time: Magnetic Field Collapses..

    •    Switching off the voltage across the Coil, the Current stops flowing, and a Magnetic Field Collapses, this is a Change in Time of the Magnetic Field. Key Requirement for Electromagnetic Induction!

I have outlined, how one can use Two Output Coils, to induce extra Current, and the Voltage is only Turns. The Coil's Impedance will determine the total output. This Impedance is only the DC Resistance of the Coil.

Example: A Coil that is dead shorted will have a high current but low voltage will be measured! Load the Coil with increasing Resistance, the Voltage will increase, but the Current will decrease: Ohms Law

Importantly: The Area is also important, like a larger Bucket can hold more water, the Area inside the Coil can hold more Magnetic Flux.

The faster this process occurs, the more the Electromagnetic Induction. Remember, I showed absolutely no affect on the Input Power, it is not affected at all. This is the basis of:

And many others, these are just the obvious ones. It takes some fiddling, some tuning, some work! But as I said, this does work, its very very simple once one understands.

Electromagnetic Induction is incomplete! Think about taking that next Step... One, Two, Three, you've got it.


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Chris posted this 02 December 2017

About 2001, Andrey Melnichenko released some videos.

This was one of them:


This was another:


Only a short time later, the GLED was released:


several videos were released, in most all documentation, credit was given to Andrey Melnichenko, but others also had their names attached.

Amplify Voltage, we already know how!

Amplify Current, we already know how!

Total Instantaneous Power, Volts x Current has been amplified! We already know how to do it, we have the documentation, I have given detailed experiments explaining the Coils.


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Chris posted this 02 December 2017

Some time later, Roman Karnaukhov, better known as Akula, replicated the works of the GLED:


The Circuit from the above video is almost exactly the same as Andrey Melnichenko's original document: http://hyiq.org/Downloads/Melnichenko/.doc[1].pdf

This device was also replicated by quite a number of others also. Most recent is Ruslan Kulabuhov

Some time later, we see a very good demonstration from Graham Gunderson, his device shows the exact same principles, the same I show, and have shown for many years, in my thread: 

Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT


Some of my early work that led me to where I am today:


One of my early Update's - 11-02-2014 - There is a lot of data there. I have learnt so much more since then, but this was a huge set of Facts


 So, again, the basic Process:

  • Create a Magnetic Field, quickly, cheaply, do not disturb it.
  • Switch off.
  • Bring in Two Coils working together: Partnered Output Coils
  • Do Real Work: MMFS1 + MMFS2 = 0
  • Repeat - Fast as you can but safely.

Replicate what the greats have given us, but pay special attention to not disturbing the creation phase, this is covered in my Thread: 

Parametric Excitations of Electric Oscillations

By now you should know all the rest, How, where and what Electrical Energy is. Now all you need to do it make the steps forward. Electromagnetic Induction's next step.

I learnt a small secret many years back:

Impedance inside the field goes way up to hundreds of thousands of ohmmeter, only thing limiting the current out of the oscillator.

It is true, in studding this, I stumbled onto a phenomenon that gave me new insight, I covered this exact finding in my: Guidelines to Bucking Coils


Chris posted this 02 December 2017

Some important points:

  • Input - It only creates the Magnetic Field

    • Paul Raymond Jensen:
      The primary input will be the magnetizing power and nothing more.
    • Graham Gunderson:
      If we look at the Power Factor of the Input, its well less than 1% So the input energy here is substantially Reactive, its very much like a flywheel, with almost no load, its just spinning free. And, the output is like, Sand the Floor Sand the Table, its all friction, its all DC.
    • I have shown the exact same effect in my Video: watch?v=ZhQgch4L5XY
      Output does not affect Input, Input was only to magnetise the Core.
    • Many other examples exist

  • Output - Power, VxI, Work, Joules per-second

Put very simply, Magnetomotive Force (MMF) equates to Energy, it is the Work Component, it is Consumed.

Normally this consumption is from Input to Output, but since we have a Magnetic Field already in place, we can now change the rules, using one MMF against another MMF to do work on it's self. 

This is Partnered Output Coils:


The Work is done between the two Output Coils, not between the Input and Output Coils. We get Excess Energy from extra Electromagnetic Induction. Energy Begets Energy, but one has to be smart, understand that Symmetry is not how Nature works! Its how we have been programmed to think, it is good for some things, but not all.


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