POC: Finding Resonant frequency

  • Last Post 15 June 2020
AlteredUnity posted this 14 June 2020

Made another partnered out put secondary, spaced about .25inches from ferrite rod core. Included interesting pics, while trying to get coils currents to oppose.

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AlteredUnity posted this 14 June 2020

Not too sure what's happening in last scope shot(pic), both traces are set to the "0-volt" line marker, and and and each are of opposite polarity.

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Chris posted this 14 June 2020

Hey AlteredUnity,

The 180 degrees is good, that's what you want, but something seems wrong.

would you mind drawing a circuit and posting? Images must be less than 2 Megabytes. Shrink them in some image app. Instructions Here to post images.

Thanks, best wishes, stay safe and well,


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AlteredUnity posted this 15 June 2020

If you are talking about the output readings you are prob correct, before I connected probe grounds to signal gen and back it shown 72mv.. stoll haven't been able to get sawtooth wave form, though anyone able to tell me what is happening in the pic I included in first post, where I further adjust frequency,  and it looks like each coil has completely separate charge(yellow all positive,  blue all negative ) though both are right after a diode, then they come back to intersect like in the video. 

Chris posted this 15 June 2020

Hello AlteredUnity,

Circuit looks good! Keep up the work! Your'e doing a real good job!

Maybe check a few things, Diode's, make sure they are good, perhaps they, one or both, are faulty? Input; Check the pulse is DC at 8% as was indicated.

If I may suggest, a review of the videos here: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment.


Think each Coil has to help its neighbor:

  1. Secondary Opposes Primary.
  2. Tertiary Opposes Secondary.
  3. Tertiary Assists Primary.


This process is really important, it is an Asymmetrical Transformer, the Force or M.M.F has to work together as a whole. Electromagnetic Induction is the Catalyst.

Keep it up! Good work and Thank You for Sharing! 

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


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