Platform Backup Options and Copyright Issues

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Chris posted this 11 June 2020

My Friends,

I ask, for the safety of this forum, please report any New Members asking for copyrighted Information!

We do not condone any Illegal sharing of Copyrighted material!

We have had our fair share of New Members coming asking for information, but today I was asked for the copy's of DVD's from Tom Bearden's Website. We must not get lured into the Illegal sharing of Copyrighted information. If you want to do it outside this website, then that's fine, but this is a Legal nightmare I don't want to be involved in, please I ask for the sake of this website, please do not let the future of this site be put at risk.

We all do try to help others out, and this is awesome! But we do have Legal issues if the information is Copyrighted. We need to think of these sorts of things.

On this topic, I am thinking of doing a safety measure.

Full site Downloads, including the SQL Database to trusted members only. So if I disappear and the site goes down, then others can get the site back up and running without me. Anyone interested?

There will be no personal Information shared! Its a barebones DB.

Please let me know if your'e interested in my backup plan?

Best wishes, stay safe and well,



P.S: I can not be held responsible for illegal activity that I am not aware of. This is my disclaimer.

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cd_sharp posted this 12 June 2020

Hey, buddy, it's an excellent idea.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Fighter posted this 13 June 2020

I'm also interested in joining the backup plan. The information we have here is extremely important, we really need backups in multiple locations. The disappearing thing is not a option so you better be very careful there my friend. But just in case the site gets attacked and destroyed, we can activate mirror sites with the most recent content. I have a small personal web server with IIS 10, MS SQL 2016 and Windows Server 2016, would it be compatible ? It's not a powerful server but it can certainly handle  ~20 users simultaneously which I think would be acceptable for a emergency scenario.

Also I can download and store a full backup of the site and provide it to you in case of emergency.

So sign me in.

Chris posted this 13 June 2020

Hey Guys,

@CD Thank You!

@Fighter, that's the config I have, yes, that will be fine.

Currently figuring out a way to remove passwords from accounts on SQL Backups, not in the live system, so that no passwords are avaliable for others, as a safety measure.

That way, Members can just go to: Forgot Password, and retrieve their own passwords from their own account.

Also, E-Mail addresses are a problem, this is personal and I cant share that. I would never put others personal information at risk!

Hmm, a conundrum, need more time to ponder this plan...

Best wishes stay safe and well My Friends,


Atti posted this 14 June 2020


Also, E-Mail addresses are a problem, this is personal and I cant share that. I would never put others personal information at risk!


Database to trusted members only.

To all members. Especially for new ones.
My computer was hacked not so long ago. There was a misuse of personal information. They were banned from here. (It's true that I also had a mistake in it because I deleted some posts in my anger. Like anyone else, it's possible for him. The attack came from the email address used here. I only used this address for my yt channel and here.)

I still bear the result of the ban. From this I draw all sorts of conclusions and from here I stand on things.

So everyone thinks about how they defend themselves. If you can.


Chris posted this 14 June 2020

My Friends,

I have been in IT for a long time. Please do not post private information anywhere, treat all your details like Gold Coins, never give it to anyone! Identity theft is bad, others, not on the right side of the law will take advantage of your details if they can! So treat your private information as private, no one needs to know your personal details.

Please dont post here or anywhere your details, of course an email address is needed for registration for the forum, but keep it private.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


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