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Chris posted this 6 days ago

My Friends,

Recently I have removed Members from the Elite Builders Club for not participating and sharing experiments!

It turns out I am not the only one for using Fair and Just Rules for determining who gets to move forward in our Elite Builders Club:

Ref: Thank You Jagau for pointing this out!


I have had many complaints from some Members, accusing me of being a Dictator, to be honest, I don't care what they say, because, I have given more than any Dictator has ever given any under their rule! This Fact alone shows I am no Dictator, I am Fair and Just!

Rules are in place to protect those doing the hard work and sharing!


If you're NOT Building, then you have no place in The Elite Builders Club!


No one should expect to do a few experiments and get voted in to The Elite Builders Club, and then sit back and watch everyone else do all the hard work! That's not how this works!

However, it does give me a very good idea on who I can trust and who I can not! has recently had some issues with some members, I believe I have evidence to show, some members have been trying to Commercialise some of the information on my Forum! In the Agreement everyone has to accept, and clearly stated on My Forum, in many places, is a Legal Notice stating all Information on My Forum is Public Domain!

Public Domain means: No one can own information contained on My Forum, it is Owned by the Public! This Information CAN NOT be Commercialized!

The Wrath of 7.9 Billion People will ensue if anyone tries!

So, I am making some tough Decisions, and some may feel they are unfair, but these people are not doing any work to retain their Membership Status and have effectively broken their Agreement to gain the status in the first place! I am protecting the Members doing all the hard work from the ones that do not!

Tough Love!

Best Wishes,


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Melendor posted this 6 days ago

Hello Chris , Hello everybody.

Sorry to hear that you have had to remove some members Chris.
Trusting people is very hard these days , please do no forget the member called "Atti ".
He learned from you , he took every advice you gave him , and what then ?  , He removed all the pictures and posts with his Success.
This kind of situation is very sad.

Some people want to sell what you are trying to teach here ?
Sad , sad , that will not end well for them.

If one does not learn from history , on what happened to people that wanted to sell , well .....

Best regards
~~~Melendor the wizard

Chris posted this 6 days ago

Hi Melendor,

I still consider Atti as my friend! We all do things we later regret. This does not make us bad people, it means we learn from our mistakes, and hopefully can earn the trust of those we let down in doing so.

I have no issues with anyone here!

All I wanted was Builders to Build Important Machines, Learn from them, and then Share them as I have!

If Members do not wish to take on this task, they are free to make their own decisions! However, we can not have a group of Waiters, waiting for everyone else to do it all for them!

Humanity has SUCH Potential! If only we could be pushed to Reach it!

I watched a video some time back, and this has come true, Binary Code was sent to the Mind of Sargent CJ:



The PDF of the website I copied it from is attached below.

You know what, we are now living this Imminent Threat! The Royal EMERTHER are no doubt very upset with our Governments for not taking a stronger position against this Threat!

Sometimes it is required we show some Tough Love!

I am trying to follow this advice, trying to Expose and disband Hidden Technologies to all citizens! Atleast the ones I have managed to Reverse Engineer! It seems some Citizens are just not willing to take this onboard and Evolve!

Oh, by the way, a lot of this has been wiped from the Internet already! Sucks!

When they have to:

  • Poison Us,
  • Hide and Remove Information,
  • Threaten us,
  • Take all our Wealth away from Us,
  • Remove many of our Basic Freedoms,
  • Censor Us and Much Much more,


They have to resort to Dirty Tactics to achieve their goal, it shows they are not what we should be allowing in our Governments! They should all be in Jail, not Government! 

Best Wishes


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thaelin posted this 3 days ago

I for one am standing my ground. I have given notice that I will not comply. So, Jan 4, I may well be put on "leave" against my will. Have sought out a job local pumping gas as they have less than 100. If I must I will move to a state that doesn't allow it. 

I keep asking the question, "How are these people still running lose and running things?". If I did that, I would be arrested on the spot.

Vidura posted this 2 days ago

Hi Friends, to return to topic a brief reflection. Of course Chris can and will do as he feels right for administrative moderations, my opinion is that not likely members would use open sourced information for personal financial benefits, at least the inner circle we have had. An exception might be aetherholic, who filed a patent for his AU part G, and then never posted again about the subject. In contrast I am sure that the Chinese technology hackers do it, and they would certainly have no trouble to access tier 2 and 3 as well. We have to live with that for the moment. Anyway I am confident that it will be through the forums, that new science and technology will spread out over the world. Of course there will be mass production, like it happened in other applications. It is not likely that everyone will build his own BTG, for example, as all people have different skills and knowledge. When the time is right, this machines will be mass produced, and all the structure of actual fuel and power companies will be superfluous, and be replaced by new technology facilities. Some huge changes are to come very soon. Peace. Vidura

Fighter posted this yesterday

There is no country capable of doing what we do, no country will allow mass-production of this kind of technology.

Do you consider China, Rusia etc. as rebels fighting against Big-Oil & Energy Cartel ? 

Any government is as scared as much as the Cartel that these technologies once available to the masses will make them lose their control over the humankind.

The only way is research, sharing and the underground dissemination of these technologies.

Maybe John Doe doesn't have a clue about electronics or electromagnetism but if he would have a blue-print of a self-running device he saw working at one of his close friend's house be sure he will ask for help from another of his close friends which is skilled in electronics to build a replica.

That's the only way. Once there will be a few hundreds of devices working all over the world it will be too late for governments or for the Cartel, they will not be able to stop the wave.



Chris posted this yesterday

Hey Guys,

I agree with both of you!

Any person wanting access to this technology has a few paths

  • Follow the Rules we laid out, work, share and progress.
  • Hack the Forum, which is a possibility, but will be detected and exposed again as we have just seen!
  • Wait for the masses to have working machines and share them, twisting the Arms of the Elite and forcing the amazing new discovery to be Publicly Exposed, as it should have been 150 years ago!


We can never ever trust the Elite, its only a matter of time, their time has come and is well past, they have made themselves Expendable and Obsolete by their actions! They are Ghosts of a Time Past, we are merely sweeping up the Trash right now!

This Technology has been around for a very long time! Its not new! What's new, is the slow forced Public Disclosure that we here at are doing!

Those skilled in the art must learn some things about Non-Linear Energy Machines and how they work!

If I gave you this set of Data:


Input Measurement:


Output Measurement:


Scope Setup:

  • Yellow is Voltage.
  • Teal is Current.
  • Purple is Math.


Yes there is an error in the Scope shots, which I placed there deliberately. To hide something very important! Only Tier III Members know what this is! The Math is still accurate for what's on the screen @ 60K pts and 500MSa/s!

And asked you to explain what's going on, could you? Could you explain this Non-Linearity we see? The Source Supply is a DC Source, capable of only 15.3 Volts Output DC, yes Direct Current!

People need to work hard for this opportunity! People need to see what's possible when ones mind has not been totally Brain Washed!

People need to see what's staring them right in the face! Then go for it!


I know what's possible, I can make machines work very easy, and so can you with a little bit of experience! Loose the Looser's that HOLD you back and Evolve, like Members have!

Best Wishes,


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