Hello everyone!

This forum drew my attention some while ago, when I was researching about the "Mr. Preva" experiment, which -- by the way -- was discovered some hundred years earlier by nobody less than Lord Rayleigh! (Link: https://archive.org/details/s05philosophicalmag22londuoft/page/498/mode/1up ; notice this sentence here: "[...] and there can be no doubt that the smaller branch current largely exceeded the main current."). But this is a topic for another thread.

Anyway, back to the main reason I'm posting here today: Very recently, I released a little software called "MagnetiCalc" which allows the user to create arbitrary loops of wire and calculate the resulting magnetic flux density.

As you gentlemen -- like myself -- seem very interested in magnetic fields and coil arrangements, I think you will really like this software.

Here's the link to MagnetiCalc's GitHub repository: https://github.com/shredEngineer/MagnetiCalc

Finally, I attached a screenshot of MagnetiCalc in action, showing the field of two pairs of opposing coils. This and more screenshots are available at my personal website: https://paulwilhelm.de/magneticalc/

Let me hear your thoughts on this. I hope this will be useful to you all and your studies!

Cheers, have a good one!

- Paul