Hi to everyone

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Trompe Hammer posted this 02 December 2021

Hi to everyone

I just found out about the forum and paired output coils and have been watching all the videos to get up to speed. 

I'm not tech literate but I'm inspired to buy some equipment and start understanding the concepts. 

It seems that this is the ground floor for a whole new paradigm for electrical engineering and I'm excited to be a part of it. 


I've always been interested in anything energy as I know cheap access to energy should be accessible to those that are capable. 

I think the jury is still out on if it should be readily accessible to everyone because I know some people are just chomping at the bit to destroy themselves and those around them selfishly with these powers. 

I'm a Christian and believe that through retraining the beast inside all of us we can access a wellspring of willpower that can protect us from these self destructive forces. And so I think it is critical we approach disclosure of solid state energy to the public with caution and that we do so creatively to encapsulate this idea of being able to constructively use this power without hurting ourselves or to use the selfish forces of capitalism to destroy itself as without scarcity the value of money as capital is diminished. 

I think there is lots to be said on this but not for now. 

Just hello for now 

And happy to be here

I want to buy a scope and was thinking of one of the new Hantek DSO2000 Series devices but was not sure if these are adequate. Any help there is much appreciated. 

I'm not sure the technical aspect of things would be my strong suit and I may be of more use in other ways. Either way I'm here and I want to put my time and energy into tearing down the energy cartel for good. 

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Chris posted this 02 December 2021

Hello and Welcome Trompe Hammer,

We have a lot of Study on our forum, so welcome and good to have you aboard!

For help see Help with using the Forum.

For Research and a Guide, see: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines

We have Technology no other forum does and never will have, the rate they are going!

Welcome aboard!


Trompe Hammer posted this 02 December 2021

Hi Chris!


Maybe i could quickly take this opportunity to ask about something ive wondered. 

Ive searched the forum for rodin and vortex coils as that was what i was looking at before solid state partnered outputs. 

I know you like to concentrate on the principle of understanding things step by step and not getting led off by things. 

To me some form of the rodin, vortex, unification coil geometry seems to be a similar relative to the partnered outputs minus the core and with the addition to a large field as well as what seems to be a magnetic south focal point with apparently no north. 

I sure this crossover has been covered by someone quietly in some back shed experiments but I would have thought someone would have documented something publicly. Am i right in thinking that the transmitting effect of the rodin, vortex coil is a similar but distinct path from the partnered output coil which instead magnetically constrains this effect in the core for the harvesting of copper energy?


Chris posted this 02 December 2021

Hi Trompe Hammer,

Re: "rodin and vortex coils" I have not done anything with these coils, no. I do not have any requirement to go off down a path that has little fulfillment in My Path forward.

Best Wishes,


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Trompe Hammer posted this 09 December 2021

I feel like we are supposed to shine a light on the exit, the way out of this mess, to show people how to build the door and weld it open for others to follow. 

But I know only a very few have to patience, focus and right level of madness to go through the theory in understanding how electro-magnetic fields can work to produce an abundance of electricity for themselves and their community. 

I want to be able to build these devices to lift myself and other good meaning people out of this perpetual debt slave servitude for this fake economy built on artificial scarcity. 

I feel cheated

Others feel cheated

People want something to get behind that matter and that works. 

They want to follow the steps and come closer to an understanding of things. 


To me it looks like if we aren't capable now of creating this reality we will be crushed before we are capable. 

Someone with the materials and equipment to build a home bucking coil transformer should be able to lift themselves out of this. 

The doubters can be left behind.

I hope to be a part of building this reality, but im not sure i can understand all the concepts of dielectric engineering and heavyiside theoretical physics in time. 

Chris posted this 09 December 2021

Hello Trompe Hammer,

A great Post and also an accurate statement as far as I am concerned!

The Technology We are sharing is based on the Electric Generator in every single way!


We have taken the Electric Generator to the next level, making it Asymmetrical! A Solidstate Asymmetrical Generator, no Motion required for the simple reason, that we have a di/dt internal to the Device Under Test.

di, the Change of Current, through the Coils, over Time t, dt, or, Δt, Delta t, which is the Change in Time, and Δi, which is  Change in Magnetic Field. As the magnetic Field B, Changes in Tine t, we have an opposing from One Partnered Output Coil to the other:


NOTE: Circuit is relivant, Voltage is either: "Generated" or "Un-Generated". Polarity Matters and Magnetic Fields Changine in Time t, creating a Standing Wave. Floyd Sweet gave us this answer: 

If the directions of the two signals are such that opposite H-fields cancel and E-fields add, an apparently steady E-field will be created. The energy density of the fields remain as calculated above, but the value of the E-field will double from E/2 to E.


We see here that Current in Green is twice the Amplitude ( Current I = 2 x I ):


Each Partnered Output Coils, Electromagnetic Wave, must be in sync, Phase is important, where we can use the MMF, of each Partnered Output Coil, to Accelerate the Electrons, in the Copper Atoms, to a velocity in excess of the Velocity that defines one Ampere, like Floyd Sweet told us:

The current and potential windings require relatively little power, and are applied in such a manner that rate of flow of moving charges may be accelerated beyond 1 Ampere = 6.24 x 1018 Electrons / Second. Thus the duty factor of the copper changes.

Losses diminish and more charges drawn from the now coherent space field flow at a faster rate as current to the load. This means as more current is required by varying loads more feedback magnetomotive forces free more electrons from binding forces complimented by potential magnetic forces of the orientated, coherent space field. Thus a conductor that formerly had a temperature rise above ambient labelled as a factor of 10 would now operate at a temperature of 1.0. Thus the same gauge wire would carry 10 times more current at the same temperature.


When one generated enough Voltage, one can draw Current, as Partnered Output Coils Accelerate Electrons, acting as An Electromagnetic Charge Pump, exactly as an Electric Generator does, but in a Solid State Form.

No Shaft Torque because we dont have a Rotor, Negative effects on the Input Coil is minimal because we have an offset in our forces in the form of MMF in each Coil:

  • POConeMMF + POCtwoMMF = 0.


  • InputCoilMMF + POConeMMF + POCtwoMMF = 1.


Technically we are building an Asymmetrical Transformer. All of Science has missed Asymmetrical Electrodynamics, it is ALL Symmetrical, Force for Force:

  • PrimaryMMF + SecondaryMMF = 0.


Symmetrical Electrodynamics is half of Electrodynamics, Simply, Electrodynamics is Incomplete and no Real Scientist is trying to Fix Science! This Fact is being Hidden from the Public, plain and Simple!

Best Wishes,


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TrogdorTheBurninator posted this 09 December 2021

Hey Chris. I'm new here as well. I'm going through the builders guide but what I'm curious about is if there is a list of some good tools to get to at least get us started? What kind of oscilloscope? I heard Eric Dollard say modern digital ones won't even read properly the waves we are looking for because they aren't built to do that. Should we start with basic power supplies or maybe just use car batteries? I'm a self taught machinist so I have no doubt I can learn what I need to, but I would need the proper tools to learn. Are there certain kinds of equipment that might actually set me back and limit my growth? I've got soldering irons and volt meters but don't have an AC current clamp meter. My main point...is there a list of good equipment to get us started? Thanks! I've been binge watching the videos. 

raivope posted this 09 December 2021


Here is my humble opinion, what tools you need for a lab. I wrote this into a doc somewhere some time ago...

* Power supply with WATTMETER (better to have it with a wattmeter) – example: PSP-405 (40V 5A) – ca 270€

(car battery is not good for a start, because you will get smoke from time to time. Power supply has a current limitation, so it is a good tool)
* scope - the cheapest and best - Siglent SDS1202X-E 200MHz Dual channel oscilloscope – ideal for power measuring
(multiply voltage and current and display mean value = very exact) – 410€
* optional - for scope isolation: Micsig Differential probe DP10013, 100MHz bandwidth – 180€
* two channel frequency/signal generator 15-60Mhz – ca 100€



TrogdorTheBurninator posted this 13 December 2021

Hey Raivope. Would is be better to get a 4 channel scope since my budget allows?

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raivope posted this 13 December 2021


Yes of course you can have 4 ch scope. Especially when you need to see more in the same time.

There are special cases where I prefer 2 ch scope is where scope has a knob/button per channel that makes it intuitive and high usability. On 4 ch scopes you have to select the channel you want to operate with, so you need more clicks.



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