Electromagnetic Induction - Asymmetrically

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Chris posted this 07 August 2019

My Friends,

I have seen much confusion over Electromagnetic induction lately. You need to know:

  • Timing.
  • Delayed Conduction.
  • Mutual Inductance and Coupling Coefficient basics.


I want to try to get a clear message across.


Remember: 1, 2, 3 is not a Symmetrical process!

Please, I ask, get on the bench, learn the basic function of Electromagnetic Induction.



P.S: I am absolutely sure I am being monitored. My Computer Systems and phone. I will leave it at this for a while.

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Jagau posted this 08 August 2019

great video Chris

i appreciate


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Chris posted this 08 August 2019

Hey SL,

A video response if you don't mind:


I hope this is useful, sorry I did ramble some what.


solarlab posted this 08 August 2019

Chris - EXCELLENT [tie-together] video - great information!

Everything is in there, evident even from a "first, quick pass" viewing.

Thanks x 100  (might well become an AU classic in the near term)...

Scrolling around the site a bit was quite interesting and educational as well.





Chris posted this 09 August 2019

My Friends,

I want to post about the Input Coil.

Normally the Input Coil will have very few turns. This is an important fact. We need the input Coil to have a fast response time to the entire System. Few turns means many things, low Reactance, lower resistance, and a fast response time.


Like a Water Pipe, we have a Terminal that allows Current to Flow Through the Coil at a rate that is very fast, the Impedance is low. We have few turns, so a short Duty Cycle at a reasonable Frequency is required.

The Depth, or Length of the Coil makes a difference also. An example:

// Turns: N
double N = 20.0D;

// Length in Meters: l
double l = 0.01D;

// Turns Density per Meter: n / m
double n = (N / l);

// Amperes: A
double A = 1.0;

// Display Result:
MessageBox.Show("Answer: " + Math.Round((4 * Math.PI * Math.Pow(10, -7) * n * A), 7) + " Tesla");


The Answer is: 0.0025133 Tesla

Now, change the Length ( l ) to 0.001

Answer: 0.0251327 Tesla

WOW! A difference of: ‭0.0226194‬ Tesla! We have the same Turns ( N ) and the same Current ( I ), only the Length ( l ) has changed!

We have seen this before, see Don Smith, 4 Turns of perhaps 5mm Wire.


glennmr2018 posted this 10 August 2019

that's the kuehlest pic ov a coil that I've eva seen yet~ great artwork Chris! 🍎🌝🤓💪

Visualize the Shape of Things Not Yet Seen with Eyes !! ... .. .

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Chris posted this 12 August 2019

My Friends,

Any progress to report?

I have had reports of strange Computer issues. I have to say I have had the same! Very odd issues on my PC, my network and my files.

I honestly believe we are being monitored! I believe 100% we are under surveillance electronically. Keyboard is definitely being logged. Lots of very odd activity. So lets keep our heads down for a little while. We know the Elite are absolutely terrified of us, we have by passed several levels of their Technology protection in only a few days of easy work!

I personally think the elite are dumb and I don't know how they got where they are - All a little luck I think!

Anyway, we are making head way, so keep your progress rolling, the recent videos I have released will help!


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Chris posted this 14 August 2019

My Friends,


I hope this helps some more!


Chris posted this 14 August 2019

Hey SL,

Thanks for your post!


After reviewing this rather long video in detail - IMHO there does NOT appear to be any SECRET REVEALED, sorry! And, where's the "Charge Pump" part?

You are right, however, one must think a little more broadly. The Natural interactions inside the Coil are also present between two separate Coils, our conversation prior mentioning the Coil as a Single Turn for example.


I hesitate to comment, especially when it might be conscrued as negative; but to label a video "SECRET REVEALED" when it's not even close to revealing anything of directly applicable AU value is somewhat mislabelling a best.

No, I don't take it as negative, more on the second part in the next reply.


All be it - it is somewhat related; unlike Westey for example, where his nonesense is purely meant to directly mislead and confuse - however, there are no secrets revealed in this video, nor by any of Westeys ramblings. Do Not fall into this trap no matter how tempting it may first appear!


I agree, I was in to minds:

  1. I wanted this video to be part of the same series.
  2. I was struggling for a better name.
  3. Many think Electromagnetic Induction is mystical and they think its VooDoo - I am breaking that Myth!


You are wise, this is a trap and I agree it could be damaging to the overall cause! I will rename it at the risk of loosing this video as part of the over all series. Done: "Coil Fundamental processes - Part of The Secret Revealed Series."

Review Ruslan's videos and schematics [there are fundamentally only two schemes]

  • Read for comprehension the many Solarlab posts (scattered throughout the threads);
    * Partition Ruslan's device and carefully analyze each component in detail [what does it do & how does it work];
    * Get access to a professional CAE system through a school, or by other means;
    * Model and simulate each of the individual components, then step-wise integrate these to form a system;
    * Bench test the components and compare the results to the CAE analysis [CAE reveals unseen characteristics];
    * Two proven techniques that will work; (1) elimination of BEMF; (2) employment of HV pulsing (Maxwell's Displacement Current), these can be used individually, or together, with proper phasing and timing;
    * Mitigating BEMF includes, but is not limited to (1) bi-filar, (2) phasing (Ruslan), and (3) spacial seperation (Melnichenko);
    * Study these, and other, methods and techniques in a piece-wise fashion, on the bench and with CAE;
    No secrets, just an understanding of the concepts, common sense design, intuative development, a lot of trial and error, and hard work!


Agreed! This is exactly that: "a lot of trial and error, and hard work" this is exactly what it is!

We are reducing the: "a lot of trial and error" - Giving people direction, giving them an understanding of what to aim for!

With this knowledge, two thirds of the work is done for people before they start!


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Chris posted this 14 August 2019

My Friends,

My last video seems to have gotten a bit of a negative response from some people.


I want to concentrate on one post in particular:

A few people frustrated, and I understand why they are frustrated. People often want something to sink their teeth into, they want facts, data, more information. I get that, I do to...

I want to show the full post I posted:

There is a very good reason for that. I will share this now: If I am gone, if they get rid of me, then there will be no one to do my job! They have desperately tried! I have changed the rules, we no longer play their game, we play our own game! Rules they loos by automatically every time! We have left them jobless, the CIA Goon Squad now are scrambling, resorted to releasing fake energy machines and supporting them, that don't work to keep people going down rabbit holes! They are still in control, because people let them... You all have the choice! It will continue for decades to come if you let it!!!


Its worth going and having a read of the posts, because its interesting to see how the waters are traveling!

You know, it took me many years to learn what I have!

The fastest way for people to learn is to:

  1. Read, study, and understand what I have shared.
  2. Get on the bench and Replicate!
  3. Ask questions...


The work is not going to do it, its self! Hands on experience is the best experience of all!

I have said all along, I am not here to do all the work and thinking for lazy people! I have done more than my part, sharing things with the world none have shared before me!

Watch the video, apply the concepts shared in a boarder sense!

Members of this forum have had experiences with what I have shared. They are doing the hard work and they are seeing results.

Imaging: I share all I have shared in one day - Then I am gone. Not to appear on the scene again. Would this benefit anyone?

Many are awakening every day - They have to start from the start.


Hopeful1 posted this 14 August 2019

didn't know where to post this but thought someone might be interested

Chris posted this 14 August 2019

Hi Hopeful1,

Thanks for sharing!

WOW look at that! I wonder, has anyone seen that before, does it look remotely familiar?


A First of... His invention... His Idea, His thought...


Is it really Bradley?



I think some people have sense in their minds:


Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


Brad is the King of Copy Cats! A Thief of everyone else's work! He never gives credit to those that he copy's his work from! He is a Copy Cat Burglar! Hahaha, sorry my bad sense of humour!

Note: Before January 16, 2015, Brad did not have anything at all that was even remotely close to my work!

TrollMan does give a pretty good description of My Work!

The demonstration will be beneficial to all Members and Readers.

Brad seriously needs to learn how to read Input / Output Power!


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Chris posted this 14 August 2019

My Friends,

I have done another reply post to Murphy Brown. His post is sensible, logical and he deserves a good response!

My Reply:

@Murphy Brown - Go read this post: https://overunity.com/18285/success-and-loss/msg537347/#msg537347 - You will see, the Trolls tried to lynch me over AC and DC Coupling on the Scope.

Before this I made many experiments with Professor Steven Jones, see for yourself: https://overunity.com/10773/physicsprof-steven-e-jones-circuit-shows-8x-overunity/msg289836/#msg289836 - I also know what AC and DC Coupling is and what the difference is.

One troll even admitting that it was not a problem when I confronted them: https://overunity.com/15395/partnered-output-coils-free-energy/msg436518/#msg436518 - its the first thing they pick on: https://overunity.com/15395/partnered-output-coils-free-energy/msg436420/#msg436420 - All they want to do is eliminate a DC Offset, and that's ok, but to call someone's measurements wrong, or call measurement error is definitely a Tactic Trolls use to discredit others work! A tactic that so many fall for because they don't know any better! Giving them anything to use as a weapon is not a good idea when in my position. I am better off to help others get up to speed.


Bradley Richard Atherton is still trying to lynch others over AC - DC Coupling on the scope: Success and loss

A very good thread! Worth a full read!


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Zanzal posted this 16 August 2019

Unfortunately it has become "More trouble than it's worth!"

Doubt if anyone actually reads the stuff I post anyway - so why bother...

I read them. smile

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Vidura posted this 17 August 2019

Hey SL

I Read most of the info that you post, only when it is very saturated with formulas i simply cant digest it, but this is my fault of course as my skills to handle math's are very basic. In my case a simple experiment makes me understand more. Anyway i found good info in your posts, thanks for sharing. Some practical work would be great to see if you would like to share. By the way how is the work with the kids progressing? I was thinking about starting some educational project with youth also.

regards Vidura.

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Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

My Friends,

I want to give you a little more insight!

In a big "Generator", I want to ask you to put yourself between the Rotor and Stator Coils as the Rotor Spins.

In-between the Poles:


As the Rotor Spins, we see some effects that are extremely simple to understand!

As the Stator Coils Voltage is Zero, and the Rotor Approaches, the Stator Coils Voltage Increases, and if the Coil is loaded, the Stator Coil will have a Current Flow, calculated by Ohms Law!

The Magnetic Fields will Oppose each other, and the Shaft will see a Negative Torque that is a function of the Current, MMF, as a Drag on the Shaft, making the Shaft harder to turn. Very basic 101 Electromagnetic Induction!

This is only part of the Cycle, please go and study this further if you need.

This Opposition of Magnetic Fields is the very same process seen here:


and here:


The swinging Magnet slows and stops due to the M.M.F, it is Magnetic Drag or Breaking as mentioned. 

Each Coil, one on the Stator and one on the Rotor, has a part Cycle when the Fields are 180 Degrees Out of Phase, equal and Opposite. This process "Generates" Electrical Energy!

Partnered Output Coils do the very same thing:


The Input Coil Simulates the Rotor Motion, as in a Transformer, we use an Input Coil to give the Transformer a Time Rate of Change of the Magnetic Field, this produces a Voltage on the Output Coil, and a Current can flow according to Ohms Law.

A Transformer is Not Above Unity simply because it is Symmetrical, Input = Output - Losses!

Partnered Output Coils use the exact same Working Principles as a "Generator" or a Transformer, except we employ Asymmetry and our Input Coil sees very little Negative Force or Torque! One of our Partnered Output Coils Assists your Input Coil, giving your Input Coil an assistive Force, which reduces a good portion of its Current, and thus reduces the Input by a very large factor. In other words, its internal Impedance goes way up!

This is so Simple! Any child could make this work!

Best Wishes,


Atti posted this 5 days ago


Some similarities:
Amplitude discriminator (slope detector)
Phase discriminator (Foster-Seely discriminator)



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Chris posted this 5 days ago

Hey Atti,

We know that a Circuit is only a start and Understanding the series of Actions and Reactions and Counter-Reactions are key to making progress! Understanding and Achieving an Asymmetrical System is Critical.

Best Wishes,


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