Digital Outage possibly globally maybe coming.

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Chris posted this 14 December 2020

My Friends,

I want to warn you, an Outage on a scale not seen before I think is soon to occur.


You will need

  • Food: 10 Days at least!
  • Water: 10 days at least.
  • Electricity: 10 days at least.


I don't know much about it! But word on the underground is:

Ref: Lyn Wood

Ref: CodeMonkeyZ


What we may loose:

  • Power
  • All Electronic Systems are going to vulnerable.
  • May be for only 10 Days: 10 Days of Darkness?


This Event, is also covered in this Video:

Credit: X22 Report - Pushes Their Agenda To Bring Down The World Economy


Also, this video, the next episode:

Credit: X22 Report - X22 - Dueling Electors, [DS] Was Warned, They [Knowingly] Walked Through The Front Door


If nothing happens, great! If something does happen, make sure you have some preparations in place!

Best Wishes,


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Zanzal posted this 15 December 2020

Am I the only one who wonders if a vaccine from Trump might actually contain a package to reverse damage cause by prior vaccines? I trust Trump. I've always felt that the Q post where Q said that the truth would send 95% of the people to the hospital was about more than just mental breakdowns. I will stop there since I have no evidence...

Zanzal posted this 15 December 2020

@Chris, some are prophesizing a different sort of 'great reset' where the Internet returns purged of the propaganda.. For that I'd gladly go without Internet an entire year.

Chris posted this 15 December 2020

Hey Zanzal,

I was trying to warn about the Possible Global Electricity and Communications Outage. The Ten Days of Darkness that we were told about.


I don't know what's actually going to happen, but word is, something will happen. Vaccines, I don't know, and its sort of off topic. You know I have a story on this topic and it is a bit sensitive. Most of us have a similar story of some kind and it pains me everyday!

@Chris, some are prophesizing a different sort of 'great reset' where the Internet returns purged of the propaganda.. For that I'd gladly go without Internet an entire year.


I agree, I really want to see all Propaganda and Censorship gone for good! Big tech is the worst!


Massive, Tech Compromise, Globally is acknowledged:


We both know, in the process of "Cleaning House", in this sort of event, sometimes this can bring a lot of "Down Time".


Best Wishes,


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Zanzal posted this 16 December 2020

The original 10 days of darkness never happened. They didn't secure a Court Marshall against HRC. Hence why she brags that she "beat Trump." They were expecting that they would convict her and her associates in secret and the result would be a coup attempt. They did get Noname - he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. This is at least my understanding of what went on behind the scenes. As with anything that happens in secret I wouldn't place too much confidence in it.

What Lin Wood is referring too though is pretty much the same idea. At some point if they don't get what they want they will attempt a hard coup. This would likely be Jan time frame. I don't think it will happen. Starting a coup in the middle of winter is a really bad idea.  Rest of the world should be ok though. I don't expect anything in the US will trickle over to Australia, at least not immediately, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

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Chris posted this 16 December 2020

Hey Zanzal,

Ah, that's how that went down, I wondered for a long time on that one! I must have missed some of this part.

I guess, as we always have to, we wait and see what occurs. Its very volatile, anything can happen at any time.

I am just passing on what I am hearing, I hope all are prepared, we all should be, for this reason, anything could happen at any time.

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 10 January 2021

My Friends,

Blackouts are hitting all over the Globe, all of different types.

Twitter has banned many thousands of Members.

In the news: Massive Blackout in Vatican Following Release of Affidavit Revealing Italian Interference in US Election



Social media site: Parler is being shutdown today.

Some sites that may have some on going information:


There have been Mobile Phone Blackouts across different countries, different areas, Internet outages and also other very strange things occurring.

Food, Water, 2 weeks minimum, please be safe, protect yourself and family! Power may also go out at some stage?

Best Wishes,


Solhi posted this 11 January 2021

One problem, the view of the narrator in the first video about the economy and the power of Trump influencing anything of it is a farytale and makes the rest hard to believe. That said, warnings about the vulnerability of the grid and it going down, has been there for years and has it's merit. Not saying not to prepare, for all means do. I do it if it's only to negate a collapsing distributing system.

Chris posted this 12 January 2021

My Friends,

In the news, more Blackouts: Entire Nation Of Pakistan Loses Power In Massive Blackout

Top government officials in Pakistan are urging calm after the entire country was plunged into darkness on Saturday night due to a breakdown in the national power grid.

"A countrywide blackout has been caused by a sudden plunge in the frequency in the power transmission system," Pakistan's Power Minister Omar Ayub Khan announced, according to Reuters.


There is a bigger picture here, its starting to show there is something going on and we don't have the full picture.

It is possible, the power may go out, and not come back on! This will be the worst nightmare for those unprepared!

Again, my friends, protect your family, 2 weeks food and water!

Best Wishes,


thaelin posted this 12 January 2021

For what its worth, there has been a lot of flack on the censorship by apple and google phones lately. One person just posted that he had the parlor app deleted from his apple phone without his permission. On top of tracking you all over the place, now they own what you have on your phone. Hell no.

Well, Gab has posted they have a cell phone in the works and it will carry the same freedom of speech platform too. Guess it will be a linux based os. Better than AOS or ANDROID for sure. If in the market, check it out.

Looks as if the new Trump site was deleted again. cool Not surprised there. Will be checking it out myself.



Solhi posted this 12 January 2021

You can flash your standard Android with Lineage MicroG and you got rid of Google and surveillance, add so AdWay and Tracker Control in root than nobody can touch you. TC is so effective than some sites block you because they can not track you . We don't know what they do through the hardware.

Solhi posted this 13 January 2021

Chris a little info about Europe.

Kritischer posted this 16 January 2021

I'm trying to de-google in 2021 and I'm migrating towards and efoundation cloud storage. I've been creating an IPFS repository too but that technology is still very new and not friendly enough for most consumer consumption. I'd love to see a mirror of on an IPFS mirror.

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Chris posted this 12 August 2021

My Friends,

I would like to remind you of this topic, please prepare, Food, Water, enough for at least a week, two or three might be better.

See: X22 Report - Ep. 2551b - EAS, Countermeasures In Place, A State Of Temporary Military Control Will Be Actioned

I do believe this is still going to occur, its already being talked about now: Fema tests Emergency Alert System

This is for the US, but I believe this could very well affect and even include other Countries!

Best Wishes,


Chris posted this 31 October 2021

My Friends,

In the news again:

Blackout-causing 'super' solar storms happen more often than we thought



Powerful solar storms pose a great danger to our technologies here on Earth, and space weather scientists just determined that we see these storms far more often than we thought, possibly up to once every 25 years.

In September of 1859, while observering sunspots with his telescope, astronomer Richard Carrington witnessed what is still considered to be the most powerful solar flare ever seen. Just days later, the event was followed by intense auroral displays that were visible all the way to the equator. Long distance telegraph lines became so charged with electricity that operators suffered shocks, and for days after they could even send messages without hooking the system up to a power source. In the aftermath, Carrington linked the events, effectively discovering 'space weather' for the very first time.

Decades later, in July of 2012, satellites observing the Sun spotted an immense cloud of plasma - a coronal mass ejection - erupting into space. Detailed computer modelling revealed that if this rapidly expanding cloud had erupted just two weeks earlier, it would have scored a direct hit on Earth, causing another "Carrington-level" solar storm. Lloyds of London performed a study that showed, based on the impacts of the Carrington Event, if Earth had taken a direct hit from the 2012 solar storm, it would have caused world-wide blackouts and satellite failures, with a pricetag to the global economy totalling in the trillions of dollars.

Even now, nearly eight years after the event, it is possible some parts of the world would have still been trying to recover.

These two events are excellent examples of just how dangerous space weather can be, and a new study performed by scientists with the University of Warwick and the British Antarctic Survey now shows that solar storms severe enough to impact our technologies can occur as often as once every 25 years.

"Our research shows that a super-storm can happen more often than we thought," Richard Horne, a space weather researcher at the British Antarctic Survey who co-authored the paper, said in an American Geophysical Union blog post. "Don't be misled by the stats. It can happen any time. We simply don't know when, and right now we can’t predict when."

Ref: Blackout-causing 'super' solar storms happen more often than we thought


Could this be a precursor for the event? I do not know!

Please remember, this is the event Major Ed Dames predicted as: The Kill Shot


My Friends, prepare now, just incase!

Best Wishes,


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