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We have covered many times, the basics of Electromagnetic Induction are:

  • Changing Magnetic Field - Delta B ( )
  • Change in Time - Delta t ( dt )
  • Turns - N
  • Lenz's Law - The Negative Sign ( - )


The basic Equation is:

E.M.F = - N dΦ / dt


Faradays Law of Electromagnetic Induction was discovered in August 29, 1831, by Michael Faraday, and independently in 1832 by Joseph Henry.

As of today, 21.10.2021, some 190 Years Later, Faradays Law of Electromagnetic Induction is still:



Faradays Law of Electromagnetic Induction entirely excludes all Asymmetrical applications! We have shown this many times here on this forum, and we are the only ones to show this publically, ever! Many others have copied our work and claimed as their own!


Delta B - The Change in Magnetic Field.

Delta B is the value of B, in the Rise over Run, or seen in a plot of Magnetic Field vs Time:


So, DeltaB = BPeak - BInitial, or 100 Gauss - 6.3 Gauss = 93.7 Gauss. Of course, we are looking at the Peak Value.

In all of Transformer Theory, it is never made clear, that every Secondary Coil, in every Transformer, has its own Magnetic Field, and this Magnetic Field always Changes in Time as the Voltage Changes in Time.

It is also never made clear, that the Magnetic Fields Oppose Each other, each part of the Cycle has different stages, but as Voltage increases from Zero to VMax, each Pole of the Primary and Secondary Coil Oppose each other, North Pole opposes North Pole.

Here is the best Image I can find to show this:


The crazy thing is, I have had debates with people who don't know these very basic facts easily proven on the bench! 

In a Transformer, the Permanent Magnet moving, is the same as the Primary Coil. The Primary Coil has a Magnetic Field Changing in Time exactly same! This is Delta B!

Most never realise, never think any further here, we also have another Delta B, marked as "Induced" in the image! This "Induced" Delta B is the Magnetic Field of the Secondary Coil!

The Secondary Coil Delta B is:

  • Entirely Ignored!
  • It is left!
  • It is Wasted!


It truly is a Source of Energy as ALL Changing Magnetic Fields are! And it is Ignored?

Well, we use this Source of Energy, and as a result we have Negated Lenz's Law on our Primary Coil! We have Free Energy machines, Machines that Science says are impossible, and we have shown you every single aspect of how to build them here: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines

We have achieved what the Clowns said could not be done! Its Simple and Cheap! Anyone can do it!


Amperes Law

Amperes Law, Magnetic Fields produced by Currents, is a very important law to understand and grasp!

What is the field inside a 2.00-m-long solenoid that has 2000 loops and carries a 1600-A current?


To find the field strength inside a solenoid, we use 

B = μ0 n I.

First, we note the number of loops per unit length is

n = N / l = 2000 / 2.00 m = 1000 m − 1 = 10 cm − 1


Substituting known values gives

B = μ0 n I = 4π × 10 − 7 T ⋅ m/A  1000 m − 1 1600 A = 2.01 T


This is a large field strength that could be established over a large-diameter solenoid, such as in medical uses of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The very large current is an indication that the fields of this strength are not easily achieved, however. Such a large current through 1000 loops squeezed into a meter’s length would produce significant heating. Higher currents can be achieved by using superconducting wires, although this is expensive. There is an upper limit to the current, since the superconducting state is disrupted by very large magnetic fields.


In the thread: Energy Density, we looked at the Energy in the Magnetic Field per unit Volume! 


If our Partnered Output Coils have a Coil Length of 100cm's and a Cross Sectional Area of 20cmsq each, then the Load on the Coils would determine the Coils Current. Thus, the Coil would have a Magnetic Field Changing in Time, back to our Delta B again! 

Using our Member Calculator, we can Calculate our Magnetic Field:


We get: 326.725636 Gauss.

Now, if we shorten up the Coil, to 10cm's:


We now get: 3267.2563597 Gauss, 3267.2563597 / 326.725636 = 10 Times more Magnetic Field by simply shortening up the Coils!

Our Energy Product is greatly increased!

If you wish to learn more about Inductors, please study this video:



My Friends, Delta B is important, from BZero to BMax, and from BMax to BZero, we have the opportunity to extract Energy from the Aether, from Space itself!

Its Easy and Cheap! Clowns show you it cant be done, and they expose themselves as Clowns, and we come along and show you how easy this is! Well, we again show that Humanity has been Hijacked by a bunch of total loosers and they seem to have gotten into places of power, they try to run the show, but are failing miserably now and everyone is waking up to the Greatest Deception in history!

All while others continue to make Negative Progress!

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