Deepstate Bots hard at work!

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Chris posted this 10 September 2021

My Friends,

I just have to share this, its classsically funny and something that many people may not realise is even possible...

Deepstate Bots, they are everywhere, the old fashioned Bought and Paid for Trolls have been elinimated by our Game Changing Troll Fighting Tactics! Here is a problem that oozed obvious Dumb:


Two different YouTube users posting EXACTLY the same message at less than 30 seconds appart!

How completely DUMB can they BE! I mean the person that programmed this Bot, really should be just a little smarter and have some failsafges to avoid this sort of Idiocy! Needles to say, a search for user: "Wawalas" returns no results now?

I expected each account to have No Videos, however, one account does have videos and appears to be a genuine account, which is disturbing, is it the case that your YouTube Account is leaving messages randomly and spontaneously to other YouTube Members without you knowing about it?

YouTube has lost the plot along with all the other Deepstate DropKick Sites!

Fastest way to wake people up?

Keep making the Worlds Dumbest Mistakes on a continuous basis!

Beware My Friends, be very careful, things are not what they appear!

Best Wishes,


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deleted posted this 10 September 2021

You have shown youtube censors comment, many people found out the same and check after posting, and if the comment didn't appear, they repost it with another account. That's how I did it

When I look at the comments under the video, it says 2 comments but none are shown, that's why he retried.

The commenter asked if it is known what are the voltage, current and frequency that causes the flame, a bot couldn't ask that specific question at the specific part of the video, it's not viable.

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Chris posted this 11 September 2021

Hi Alannn,

You should check out OpenAI's GPT3.

It is very much more than capable of Full, Sensible, Human Dialog, Very much more than capable of such a thing!


Also a DeepFake, we have seen already also, Here

If I may suggest re-reading my post, I think you may have missed the point of the Bots, they are everywhere, its a common thing! Investigation the Accounts used, you will see what I am talking about.


It is not wise to underestimate the abilities we have as a species in Computer Science.

Best Wishes,


deleted posted this 11 September 2021

I agree with you, the bots are obvious even on your channel, but that 2x same comment about a specific part is too specific to be from a simple spam bot which hasn't deep learning, I think  he tried to lure you to his channel and bitchute channel. 


Webbased spambots like in the video don't have the computation capabilities included for deep learning and advanced AI for video analysis and specific questioning.

Too bad not fully agreeing with your opinion took away my posting rights.

dale morgan posted this 12 September 2021

Hello All,

The 'bots' have infected everything. I am not very knowledgeable about this at all. However having mentioned to Fighter, in a post, a company's name that makes custom magnets triggered a result. Almost instantly my home page on Microsoft's Edge started showing me ads for magnets. I hadn't been getting those for a while so it was very noticeable to me. Seems that nothing is private anymore. At least I'm not being attacked directly. There are benefits to being a nobody I guess

Have a good day,


thaelin posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Dale:

    A bit late in but that is Windoz for you. They keylog everything you type and share it with all their friends(***) good and bad. I stoped using M$ long ago. Was a beta tester for 10 and hated it. They acually wanted me to do 11 as well. I use harsh add blockers and such. I rarely see adds at all. I use Brave/Dissenter/Vivaldi for my browsers, the latter is so-so. Middle one kills you with adds on YT.

   Have you ever thought of using Linux? I would recomend  Mint


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