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chocolate blanco posted this 24 January 2020

Hi friends How are you? Chris I love your experiments, I follow them a long time ago and I could not enter the forum ha, technical problems, well I go to the important thing, I tell you that I also have experiments with coils and motors and the rest, I work with the POE vortex coil, which is spectacular for me, it is a bucking coil, like the ones you are using, I can assure you that it works incredibly, one thing I saw in your experiments, the best thing for the experiment to come out with good results is to use batteries to power the circuits, or some generator engine and that feed the circuit, I say this because I see that they use adjustable source, this is a problem, because of the issue of resonance and apart from this we want to have free energy and we are using energy that is not free, Results will not be expected, if we use a battery bank, the effect of back emf will charge the batteries, and if we use a generator motor, the motor will accelerate, it is very different what is achieved when using battery Here, I tell you this because I experience it with my devices, I had a battery bank that never discharged in months and that I use it continuously, I also managed to make 8 plasma balls appear in my garden, a few meters, 3 - 4 meters away from me, balls totally of radiant matter, the true scalar wave of tesla, I can tell you how I did it, I have a lot of information to share if you want, I am not a troll or anything like that and less I will lie in all this big hug

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Fighter posted this 24 January 2020

Hi Chocolate, I'm very interested in your experiments, if you want to share them feel free to create a thread/discussion where you may present details. Can't wait to read the details.

chocolate blanco posted this 24 January 2020

1-use batteries or a generator motor to power the circuits we do, instead of an adjustable source, the battery will be charged with back emf or the motor will accelerate with back emf, that connected to the house plug cannot be done, tesla used motor or batteries, or antenna with air and ground connection 2-flexibility have the valves more than the transistors, the old things of radio diffusion are much more flexible than the new, and the flexibility makes us have more pushing force on the wave 3-we are pumping the aether to get energy, that's why the team is flexible and strong 4-I always worked better when the ratio of the bucking coils is 1: 1, this may be relative but to take into account 5-The bucking coil generates the auto oscillation, this makes it start to raise the voltage in a very fast way (burn a 700 volt tester) so I do not know as soon as it got level

chocolate blanco posted this 24 January 2020

I talked with Daniel Nunez about the plasma balls and he told me that I had also done it with the POE coil but at high altitude, my experiment was first to wet with water for 3 days in a row my garden, of approximately 30 square meters, colores in the half a bowl with 60 liters of water, where there were quartz at the bottom, this bowl had a spout that went out, pointing the sky (cloud buster), had a ground connection, inside I put the POE coil and put it on with a frequency in hz, low power, 4-6 hours per day, at hours the static felt in the environment, you played some metal and towards discharge, on the third day, type 21hs, before the rain, began to appear plasma balls levitating from the garden , from south to north, 3-4 meters away from the ground, they were the size of a house spotlight, but like a sun setting, they floated, traversing the matter and then moved away so much that they disappeared, this I always replicate to great height, but I could do it close again and film it or take pictures

chocolate blanco posted this 25 January 2020

the equilibrium is formed by a triplane, the nucleus, the winding and the frequency, it has to be a symmetry that generates asymmetry, everything has to be melodic, maybe that nucleus needs more frequency or pure harmonics, they can also be and the winding must be more laps, we remember that numbers are tones, everything has to resonate

Wistiti posted this 25 January 2020

Hi choco blanco

May i suggest you to start a new tread. This way you will not interfere with fighter work.

I will like to read your research in it own tread.

Thank you!

Chris posted this 25 January 2020

Wistiti is right - Moved, new Thread created.

Choco please edit as you wish.


chocolate blanco posted this 04 February 2020

Everything is easier than they say or show, did anyone notice? A nice title for what I have to say, I've been studying amateur radio and it's simple, Tesla discovered the radio, why? because he realized that everything is frequency that excites the atoms and that excitation produces waves, and those waves according to the decoding of our equipment produce audio, video, to be able to speak on the phone, internet, fax, etc. etc. etc. knew that the loading and unloading from the magnetic to the dielectric they produce or actually tune the scalar wave, which is useful for everything, health, plant growth, turn on lights, charge batteries, make it rain, run motors, listen to music, communicate with the cosmos, etc. etc. The good thing about tesla was that it made the bifillar pancake coil, which is a condenser and coil at the same time, then it loads and unloads in itself, this greatly facilitates the work and the components that are used, if you have to have an antenna of air that captures static and a ground antenna that captures magnetic, that we tune it with variable capacitors, to be able to give it a reference value and from there to stop that frequency in a coiled ferrite core, from there sac We love the spark gap, which is a spark jump, a negative resistance, a radiant bone, then what comes next is to use radio valves or electron pick-ups, they also call it, or negative resistors, the valve amplifies, the frequency rises, rectifies , etc. It has many qualities, that signal we get from the antennas is pre-amplified and amplified, when we use coils instead of speakers, if we want to put music in a small room, we need a small music system, if we want to put music in a large room, we need a large music team, the scalar wave is not something magical, it's just a signal, maybe the base signal where others overlap, or maybe not, and it's a signal like any other, It's very simple, let's use our mind to see things as they looked at that time, everything is signal, everything is radio, there is nothing more than that, it is simple, it is natural

chocolate blanco posted this 15 February 2020

9 centimeter long x 2 centimeter wide core, powder iron filling, plastic cover, and up one side winding 180 CW turns, and on the other side 180 CW turns, in the center a third coil of 90 turns, I put the resistance and the diode, I put a signal with a frequency generator and an audio amplifier, and no more than 18 volts, apart from being little, the central coil that receives the input load gets very hot, which will be happening? thanks

Chris posted this 15 February 2020

Hi Chocolate Blanco,

Perhaps you could post a video? Perhaps you could draw a Circuit and post it?

What sort of Input Power are you using? Whats your Output Power?

Hot Coils normally mean a short or something similar. Sometimes the Coils get hot when loaded, but more often the get cold. With more information, we can help you further.

Best wishes,


chocolate blanco posted this 18 February 2020

Hello, how are you? I could not upload photos from the phone, well I tell you that I want to learn this well, and then I can dump it into the toroidal coils that I use, my idea is to assemble something similar to Thomas Henry Moray, obviously saving the distance hehe, but the idea is to assemble a valvular equipment, and with that to be able to move the coil, using negative pulse, hug

bobina POE vortex

the winding here is the same as the tesla pancake, it is bucking coil, watching the coil from above rotates against the clock (CCW), and watching the coil from below rotates in favor of the clock (CW)

chocolate blanco posted this 18 February 2020

Now this is the experiment of the bucking coil, just as the coil is assembled, it is a core 9cm long, and 2cm in diameter, this powder iron filling, not so fine, the coil is plastic, and above it assembles two first windings that are those marks in red, frame with a 1 and a 2 and the red spots to indicate the coils, those have 180 turns each, of an enameled copper wire of approx 1mm, mark it with a blank arrow as the spin is made, and the main coil I put it up in green, it has 90 turns with the same thread size and the entrance is marked with two green arrows

These are the connections, resistance and diode, the diode for the side that I use is the same, pulls the same voltage, the bucking coils, the red ones each is connected in the same way, closing the cycle, end of the coil + resistance + diode + coil principle

At the end of the resistor I put the tester to measure the voltage and I scored 20 volts and when I put a load, which is a led spot of 220 volts, I got what I set the tester to 24 volts, 25 volts, bone with charge gave me more voltage

I move the coil with this signal generator and this amplifier

chocolate blanco posted this 20 February 2020

here again, I think it pulls very little voltage and heats the core because the primary winding is badly located in the middle of the two, and over the two, now I try another configuration and upload the data

Vidura posted this 20 February 2020

Hey chocolate blanco, The main reason is that you have virtually no current en the output, this is because you put 10k resistors on the output coils. These resistors are only for current monitoring. You should use 0.1ohm , or for smaller current 1ohm resistors. So you will get current flow and you can use short pulses on the input. Vidura

chocolate blanco posted this 20 February 2020

haaa I understand, yes perfect, great, now I change the resistance, thank you very much vidura

Himaliayan Phonix posted this 23 February 2020

Hello chocolate balanco can you please tell us more about your work in diagrams, I am very interested in your work and I am not getting where to start first , I saw the coils you posted in picture, I want to make one and try to replicate what you are doing , can you tell what guage of wire you used in your coil and what lenghts I should need to make these coils? I have seen these coils ( danial nunez coil) or ( abha coils ) have special effects on different frequencies , and I saw on the internet that these coils magnetic field is much higher in strength compared to other coil types , I need some foot prints to experiment with these coils, your fireball experement is what I have been searching for from long time. Waiting to listen from you

Himaliayan Phonix posted this 24 February 2020

I saw a vedio when this coil is loaded with frequencies with the help of simple switching circuit (12 to 50 volts ) the magnetic field is about 3 meters to 50 meters in diameter around the coil, more extendable , in the vedio a person was measuring the field with emf detctor many meters away , I don't want to distrack your experement progress, I just want to share what I know about this coil,

chocolate blanco posted this 24 February 2020

Hello himaliayan, better than you write here, I will attach the pdf that has the diagrams to make the coil, I took those files and they cut them in 1mm pressed cardboard, the copper wire you want you can use, remember that they did not know math before but all were tones, so the pyramids mediated for example and the rocks were aligned perfectly, pure measurements made with tones, better if you use harmonic numbers for everything, then, for example in the coil, the central disc of 18cm, the 12 discs more 6cm boys, the copper wire enameled 0.9mm and together 9 threads, approx 15 meters long each thread, would be 9x15 = 135 meters of thread in total, look at that 1 + 3 + 5 = 9, all the time trying to resonate, that makes the universe receive in a better way the intention of the experiment and it will surely work better, you put somewhere a hook or something where you are going to tie the beginning of the threads, from there you take the 9 threads of 15 meters each and stretch them until you All straps are still well stretched, one of the ways to wind them is litz, it would be trending all the threads together, a good way is to put all the tips in a drill and when you turn the drill, all the thread is rolled up and it is well tightened , always have to be the strands threads so it rolls up without problems, do not overtighten the threads, that you see it and improving, bedini uses this method for its coils, some prefer it and others do not, you can stretch all the threads and do not trend them and use them as well, or in the coil put a thread superimposed with another thread, changing the twist, a thread for one side and the other thread to the other side, and so, you have several ways (you can first use a cotton rope and do the whole winding, to know how many meters of thread you need), then the winding, you can start it to the right or left, or just use one way, make several windings, etc., that to your Taste, what if you can do it in a bucking way, is like the tesla bifilliar pancake but in 3 dimensions, you start to the right, up the stairs, bone CCW, and you always jump up a step, so the cable is turning and going up the winding, you are forming the 8 of the infinity at all times, a spiral in the coil you are doing, when you hit that turn and you arrive at the beginning (remember to leave about 12cm of thread at the beginning so you make the connections without problems) well once you arrive at the beginning in the first round, you have to continue climbing, towards the other place unoccupied in the smaller circles, you will realize because it is the next place that the cable occupies in the coil, you are occupying all the places, well of soon you will arrive at the beginning of the winding, and this time there are all the places occupied with the cable, there what you do is go the same way but down, bone instead of going up stairs, you go down stairs, then if you fixed now the winding becomes CW, there is a bifilliar pancake, one side is CCW and the other is CW, it would be a bucking, apart from the fact that you have very nice rhombuses in the whole coil, there it is canceling auto, (xy -x -y) the 4 wave quadrants (+ - × ÷), if the wave cancels itself is a scalar wave, it is actually that time in space is canceled, you are using all the forms of the wave in the same time and space, that makes it instantaneous, it is so fast that the way of expressing it is being static, tesla was referring to the energy of inertia of the Maya and the Maya spoke of assuming a state of natural consciousness, this is to tune the dimension of nature, well in the coil you will be left at the end of all 9 threads at the beginning and 9 threads at the end, bone 18 in total, now you peel the tips to make easy contact, you take the enamel to the tip of the wires, a little like that you connect them, the best connection here is surely in series, you grab the voltmeter and you try a beginning and an end, you have to join all different, that is not the same cable, but a beginning with a different ending, there after the connections you are going to stay Ar two threads, two channels, one input and one output, the input also not the same thread, the beginning of one and the end of another, you point to that channel so you do not get confused, and the output Anyway, that would be the winding, first, I will be uploading photos so it is easier to see

Himaliayan Phonix posted this 26 February 2020

Yes , thank you for the information you provided for the construction of the coil , very helpful and very detailed. I think I have the idea of scalar wave , ( equal and opposite waves cancelling each other) ( wave and anti wave) I have done an experiment with 2 piece of heavey audio amplifier and 2 heavey speakers , when running same frequeny on both speakers and tuning the phase knob control on certain frequencies and harmonics one speaker effects the sound on the other speaker positioned opposite physically, when you mentioned on that moment when both waves cancelling other in same time and space , that is where I am stucked, if you shed some light on this moment and the applications of this moment it will be very helpful for me and thanks in advance you are helping us by sharing your photos and PDF files. I think Jhon hutchsun also using this technique by using two Tesla coils placed closely to each other, both coils are oppositely wound ( one Tesla coil mirror of the other tesla coil ) when he exites both coils and tunes into scalar moment , he shows antigravity and transmutation effects. Have you experienced something like this from your setup ? I may be wrong in my understandings or maybe I will learn from your experience, in your coil setup the fluxes are concentrated in the center ( max flux point ) it may have more powerful effects with little power applied. Just my random thoughts and my little mind full of questions like a kid , thank you for your kind efforts to enlighten us.

chocolate blanco posted this 26 February 2020

chocolate blanco posted this 26 February 2020

There are the photos, in the last photos in green mark the first winding and with red the second, it is for you to see how to get off, it is like making a jump down before arriving, I will send the pictures so that make the skeleton of the coil, there attach a pdf with some of the poe coil, and also attach two pdf with the frames of the coil, there is one that comes to put 11 smaller circles, and the other with 12 circles, I use of 12, but that to everyone's taste

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chocolate blanco posted this 26 February 2020

When I say space and time, I talk about space that would be the magnetic pole and time that would be the radiant pole, together with the reference point that would be the device that we tune into make up a dimension or actually make use of that dimension, the magnetic would be the pentagram and how radiant the musical note would be and the reference would be us playing that melody, that was what the Mayans did, they had their magnetic part, their radiant part and they gave the reference point for the use of that energy that would be the scalar wave, the reflection I see that we are really a wave of light reflected in a set of magnetic atoms, if the center of the coil has a strong magnetic pole, but repels the magnets, the compass in the center goes crazy, the magnet has no south and north, it has a magnetic pole and a radiant pole, it happens that everything is magnetism, or at least as far as I see it, the radiant is a property of the magnetic and vice versa, in the center of the coil the magnetic field ico and outside is the radiant field, levitation in the center I have seen it but in videos, if I have had results in using the coil with direct frequencies to the chakras and the results are noticed instantly, if the coil at the top turns to one side and if the time from below the other winding turns to the other side and is connected in series, the beginning with the other end different, just like the configuration of the tesla pancake

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chocolate blanco posted this 26 February 2020

The coil has a good low frequency pulse and the coil gives you a high frequency pulse, high frequency AC strip, so work the radio and radio frequency transmitters, work in high frequency pulsed DC, High frequency AC, talk with Daniel Nunez about the plasma balls and he tells me that if they reproduce it without problems but at high altitude, I with my cloudbuster easily replicate it at high altitude, but with this coil what you are doing is charge the static energy environment (scalar wave, its way of showing itself is in static form) and there after accommodating the environment, you can replicate the plasma balls at low altitude, the tesla spooky radio is actually used to be able to communicate with the cosmos, the stars communicate in morse code, they are electro magnetic pulse, with this POE coil and a good valve transmitter with good power I assure you that we can communicate with the cosmos more radially, even l that the ancients did with the pyramids, communicating with the environment, the only thing that exists in the universe is communication, after seeing those plasma balls going through my head, I realized that almost everything is true, we live in a closed circuit with laws, it has to function as a closed circuit to be able to give you a reference, nature is an open circuit that has no laws

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chocolate blanco posted this 26 February 2020

Look at this, it's the poe vortex coil


This one is the Rodin coil

when they bring the two together, they first make the Poe vortex coil and then wind up the Rodin coil, form what they call the unified coil and see everything they can do

You know that this type of unified coil, I see the same as Chris says in one of the publications, when he says that the bucking coil we put a third winding, action, reaction and counter reaction, because here is the CW winding after the CCW and then the Rodin winding above the Poe, it would be three windings together, that's why it gives so much power to the exit, and more to that I see it as a triplane, three balance points are better than two, three coils generate more balance that two, sure that the income of the energy is by the Rodin and the Poe take out the energy, that is why it has so much overunity, this unified coil is equal to the don smith device

down in red the POE coil and up in green the rodin coil

Chris posted this 26 February 2020

My Friends,

A machine like this can not be measured with a Digital Multi meter. Its a futile exercise! Above Unity is possible with any machine if it follows some simple rules, so Above Unity is not to be dismissed. All i am saying is be careful with DMM's.

Best wishes,


chocolate blanco posted this 27 February 2020

If in that sense I think like you, it is only to have indications if the power goes up or down nothing more, I see it as the balance, it only serves to see if we gain or lose weight, because weight is not important, as long as it serves you for what you want to do, as long as the equipment works to light our home, with that it is about unity, the measurements are things that do not interest, it is as if a university degree is needed to make some of these equipment, I am with you in that chris

Himaliayan Phonix posted this 27 February 2020

Chocolate balanco thanks the data you provided , I liked your quote

"we live in a closed circuit with laws, it has to function as a closed circuit to be able to give you a reference, nature is an open circuit that has no laws"

I need some time to digest the data you provided ! Thank you and keep us updated with your work

chocolate blanco posted this 20 April 2020

Nature works by programming, programming the image of reality, this way of programming can be described through Benoît Mandelbrot's fractal mathematics, when we managed to make the pineal gland work, we managed to perceive reality in geometric and fractal forms (many people manages to see them, you can reach this state of consciousness, in different ways and for some it is easier than for others), this way of perceiving reality was also had by other civilizations, hence the pyramids, and geometric drawings, just like that the logos that emit vibration, etc, everything left by past civilizations is about that, in the way of learning to program reality, we only see in this dimensional plane how friendly a kernel can be, we have icons of various programs, and some things to configure, by accessing the programming state we can learn to move more freely, to make our own programs and left rnos of this matrix of preloaded algorithms that are constantly updated based on the need of the owner of the operating system, it seems that I am crazy ha but no, or yes, the thing is this, we do reverse engineering and we bring out, clearly, what we have what to do then is to learn to work with geometries and fractals, fibonacci sequence, phi number, etc, and a lot of observation of nature, reality in the natural state is perfect, let's look for beauty in shapes, the coils of our devices must go with this beauty, using natural elements, we are looking for the projection of this geometry, we are designing fractals that are able to sustain themselves, I mean free energy

chocolate blanco posted this 05 May 2020




Hi guys, how are you doing? I upload these videos to see the same thing that Chris, Vidura, Fighter speaks, there are several and to those who have this, I achieved some of this without understanding it, now I am falling with all this, and it is very easy as they say, these videos are For those who still cannot find a way to wind it, I say with this that to achieve a symmetry we need asymmetry, 0 and 1 are the same, 0 is the vacuum in equilibrium and 1 is everything in imbalance, the magnetic field when cancels, its flow is also canceled, and the heat it produces is also canceled, I see that the magnetism and the electric (radiant), is just a tornado to one side and to the other, I can also say that the magnetic is the static that it is described with movement and the electric (radiant) is the movement that is described static, I mean by this that if we cancel the magnetic field as we want, so that it does not interact, we must put a load on the circuit at the output, so we create the flow, it must have a current output e, the geometry of the coil is fundamental, the copper wire only marks the rhythm of the radiant and magnetic tornadoes and the one that gives the shape of the fractal that would be energy, geometry is the form of energy in material form, and The fractal is the shape of the geometry, it gives energy, it comes out there, that's why everything is important, if we have good geometry, we save circuit and power, equilateral angles make the waves stationary, and a material that is reflective and that magnetize and demagnetize quickly, that makes the ceramics, I have many things that I will be putting little by little so as not to bore, but this I suppose will help those of us who are still peeking in this gaze, hug for all

chocolate blanco posted this 29 June 2020

Hola amigos, como andan? acá vengo de vuelta, anduve viendo varias cosas, y empiezo a comentar lo aprendido, algo de todo esto tiene que servir, estuve leyendo de geometría y de matemática fractal, benoit mandelbrot, viendo cosas de terence mckenna, los mayas, ja un poco de todo siempre ayuda, y pude ver como utilizaban estos conceptos de forma natural, y después como se aplica a la tecnología de ahora, la idea es la programación de la naturaleza, empiezo hablando de los mayas, como generaban lluvias y ayudan a sus campos de cultivo a crecer muchas veces mas de lo normal, lograban ondas estacionarias y se movían en estos campos de acción, si nosotros usamos figuras geométricas equilateras, quiere decir que todos sus ángulos son iguales, eso genera que la proyección de onda en esa figura sea equilibrada, los ángulos proyectan la onda, la onda choca en el centro de la figura geométrica, generando ondas estacionarias, esto es un campo escalar, en ese campo escalar como sabemos el magnetismo esta como en off, efecto bucking coils, lo hacían los egipcios por ejemplo en sus pirámides, después en el centro usaban una orgonita gigante con un cuarzo adentro, una verdadera antena gigante de proyección de energía ja, si la onda choca justo en el centro de la geometría, el espacio total se llena, es como cargar un capacitor con la frecuencia justa, el capacitor se llena al instante, la geometría se tiene que llenar así se proyecta la energía, el fractal se forma, la energía se mueve de manera fractal, se auto sostiene, la geometría es debido a los átomos magnéticos que doblan la onda, así se forman los 90 grados, los ángulos y el tiempo ocurre, el momento angular dicta el tiempo, por eso nosotros somos el tiempo, somos el vector, todo se trata de ritmo, pier luigi ighina

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chocolate blanco posted this 29 June 2020

Ahora esto, si la geometría es buena, la proyección del fractal es buena, cuando hablo de programar la naturaleza, hablo de emitir fractales, si son de buena calidad, la naturaleza los entiende como propios y los sigue proyectando infinitamente, lo replica, nosotros tenemos que lograr emitir esos fractales y cuando se logre que la naturaleza los replique, entonces tendríamos energía libre, porque estaríamos sintonizando esa energía, acuérdense que todo es antena, todo se emite para recibir, los mayas entendían esto, al contemplar la naturaleza, al ver por ejemplo que las abejas construyen hexágonos, es la forma que ellas perciben la energía, los mayas para atraer lluvia sabían que tenían que plantar arboles, que son los que mandan la señal al estar conectados en tierra y aire

Miren la imagen de abajo, lo blanco seria la tierra, y los puntos verdes, serian arboles, lo pueden tomar como un árbol o varios arboles, si se dan cuenta, los arboles están plantados en la primer imagen de forma irregular, osea como le hacemos comúnmente, la única señal que envía es que necesitan agua esa cierta cantidad de arboles

acá en la otra imagen de abajo, vemos como hacían los mayas, acuérdense que los puntos verdes son un árbol o varios arboles, y las lineas negras son solo imaginarias, nos están marcando la geometría, la forma de como vamos a plantar los arboles

entonces en esta tercer imagen de abajo, podemos ver como  la onda que emiten esos arboles, se proyecta hacia el centro de la figura geométrica, ahora lo lila es la onda viajando y chocando en el centro

y en esta cuarta imagen que es la que sigue abajo, vemos como al chocar la onda en el centro de la geometría, lo que sucede realmente es que se completa, se llena la geometría, se forma un fractal a proporción áurea, quiere decir que su proyección es buena y que la naturaleza replica este fractal y eso hace que la naturaleza vea a toda esa geometría como un gran bosque, por mas que sean pocos arboles, o por mas que los arboles solo dibujen la geometría, así se logra hacer llover de gran manera, ya que la naturaleza enviara agua suficiente para satisfacer toda esa cantidad de arboles que emiten la señal, los arboles en verde seria la señal que se envía, como si todo eso fuera un bosque gigante, según el tamaño que nosotros dibujemos con arboles

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chocolate blanco posted this 29 June 2020

si los mayas cuando plantaban los arboles, lo hacían a 30 centímetros, o 60 centímetros o 90 centímetros, ponían cobre, oro, plata, magnesio, zinc, etc, de todo los metales radiantes que ayudaran a la proyección de onda, eso es para el reflejo de la onda, le ponían agua también, para generar mejor conducción y cuarzo, utilizaban algún piezo eléctrico, para que pulse, usaban también arcilla cocinada, que seria la cerámica, eso es para amortiguar la onda y reflejarla, es un material increíble

chocolate blanco posted this 29 June 2020

Ahora utilizando la bobina toroidal, puedo ver que es fundamental la geometría del núcleo, la forma de la geometría, las medidas y el material, que gracias a una buena geometría puedo obtener sobre unidad, que la proyección fractal sea auto sustentable, al tener una buena geometría en mi núcleo la energía se va a mover de manera mas eficiente, evitando que el material se caliente, dejamos de lado las perdidas de energía por calor, generamos alta frecuencia, las ondas estacionarias se generan de mejor manera, el campo escalar es mas estable, al mejorar la proyección, mejora todo, la bobina se va a llenar al instante, como un capacitor, se carga y descarga en ritmo, las ganancias son notorias como cuando en la celda de meyer vemos como mejora la producción de HH0 cuando mejora la geometría, ganancias del 300% al 600%, el hilo de cobre con el cual bobino solo indica el movimiento del reflejo, es solo el pulso, lo importante es la forma

chocolate blanco posted this 29 June 2020

Miren esto sacado de wikipedia, uso las matemáticas fractales para poder diseñar así un software, hoy lo conocen todos, es lo que llaman vectorizar también para trabajar las imágenes, el modelo de matemática fractal en programación de computadoras ha generado las computadoras cuánticas, que aprenden sobre su error, por así decirlo, Loren Carpenter fue el que crea los paisajes de pixar, sigan las imágenes

chocolate blanco posted this 29 June 2020

Cuando logramos entran en otros estados de consciencia, ya sea con la ayuda de psicodelicos, con la ayuda estar estudiando, meditando, o trabajando en algo mucho tiempo, eso genera un campo escalar, nosotros producimos ondas estacionarias, somos echo a proporción, por eso todo lo que generamos, en estos estados de consciencia donde se dejan de utilizar el sentido de la vista y se utiliza la glándula pineal, que es la receptora de las ondas vibratorias, podemos percibir las geometrías a nuestro alrededor, eso es estado de programación pura, la dimensión de la programación de la naturaleza, este campo de energía es atemporal, no tiene tiempo, por ejemplo, porque es el campo de fondo, el ambiente, se produce un campo estático, esa es la percepción, the skin effect, si usamos ingeniera inversa podemos darnos cuenta que la manera de trabajar la energía, es dándole momento angular, es darle la condición de tiempo, eso se marca con ángulos quiere decir geometría, eso es hacer presente esa energía de fondo, por eso se dice que los mayas usaban la energía de la naturaleza en tiempo presente, todo es tiempo

chocolate blanco posted this 29 June 2020

acá en estas fotos les muestro este señor mexicano descendiente de los mayas, José Carmen García Martinez, el cultivo vegetales gigantes, y frutas gigantes, hizo llover en todo mexico, en españa y otros lugares mas, de forma natural, previamente haber tenido charlas con otros seres, en otros estados de consciencia, pueden buscar la propia información de todo esto, es para que veamos lo importante que es la utilización de una buena geometría y materiales totalmente naturales, de lo que podemos llegar a lograr y lo que todavía hay que aprender de todo esto, y si darnos cuenta que la sobre unidad y la energía libre, siempre estuvo adelante nuestro como dicen, lo importante de elevar la frecuencia

Jagau posted this 29 June 2020

Hola chocolate blanco

Aquí en Canadá las coles son muy pequeñas.
Estas son imágenes refrescantes, gracias


chocolate blanco posted this 30 June 2020


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