Amin Finding The Sawtooth Waveform

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Amin posted this 14 June 2020

Hey All,

I used modified AVR signal generator. and I used puls amplifier, this is circuit:
My puls amplifire

my POCs circuit is:
My BuckingCoils

I see this result:
my sawtooth waveform
Please let me know , is it the sawtooth waveform?
I tried to find some frequency and duty cycle you can see in attached video.


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Chris posted this 14 June 2020

Hi Amin,

You have taken a different path. May I ask, what your goal is?

In your first Circuit:

Of course, in any Transformer, two Coils are needed!

In any "Generator" a Stator Coil and moving Source magnetic Field, either another Coil or Permanent Magnet are needed.

What you show, a saw tooth waveform, is not how we do it, we do it in the aim to "Generate" excess Energy.

We have many threads on our forum explaining how this can be done, so I am at a loss to see where your approach is directed.

Your second circuit is much better, but the waveform is not quite right yet, it is a saw tooth, but not yet right.

I watched your video, Great Work! Thanks for Sharing! You are much closer on your second circuit!

Pay special attention to the Polarity's:


Top marks for sharing! Thank You! Sorry if this post comes across as grouchy, I don't mean it that way, been a long day. With a bit more work on your second circuit, you will get it, just a bit more work!

@CD would you like to extend this further?

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


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Amin posted this 14 June 2020

Hi Chris and friends,

That is quick reply to my post. Sorry I made you some confuse to understand me.
exactly my goal to  aim to "Generate" excess Energy.

actually I'm not good in electronic, I'm trying to do something.

my scope probe is from output coils that I show in the picture. ( is it correct ? or shall I take from primary coil ? )

so Please anyone let me know , what I can do exactly to archive this goal.

Best regards,


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cd_sharp posted this 14 June 2020

Hey, Amin, If I may, I'm not good at electronics either. I found this thread a very good resource: This one also: Both circuits are available from Chris and Vidura. They will save you lots of trouble. Best wishes

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Amin posted this 14 June 2020

Hey CD,

Thanks for your help. exactly I want to buy or make those circuits, but it is not possible to me to have them.

so that is reason I made pulse amplifier( first my circuit picture ), it is working fine with adjustable current, it is nice square wave in output of this circuit.

Best regards,


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