100w coils challenge

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editor posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello everybody!


I decided to try to make a replication of Chris device with the 3 coils.

This is more or less the  thread to remind me to go with the flow and experiment.

The metglas on the photo will be used for the device, it was lying around,

dimensions 100x30x50mm, 1.5kg

Next step is to make coil nubbins from paper and the to wind some copper.



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editor posted this 4 weeks ago

The coil bobbins will be finished tomorrow.

Dimensions of the bobbin is 80x30x30mm, i will use the wire that i already have 1mm. 

What do you guys think of winding L1 2 layers ( 1 layer 80T) all together 160 turns.

On L1 coil then L3 winding with 40 turn, to use 1:4 ratio.





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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago


I see no plan here, no goal! What are you trying to Replicate? Which Machine, What Circuit? What Results are you looking for? What Waveforms are you aiming for?

What understanding have you achieved by reading the Threads here on this Forum? Do you know what we have achieved? And How we have Achieved it?

The Name of the Thread: "100w coils challenge" tells me you're here to make some sort of Community Challenge, but reading your content, shows me you have not yet read any of the Content in My Pages, so effectively you're wasting your time.

I will help you, if you lay out a path that clearly shows where you want to head, what machine you're trying to replicate and what your Goal is!

I would respect a thread name, something like: "Editor's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment Replication", then I would be able to see direction, and intention.

My Patience grows short, 2022 is going to be many peoples Worst Year Ever, and no one is preparing! It is already too late for most people, massive issues come very quickly and no one can see it, or if they do, they don't care!

Without Energy Machines, most of Humanity will be gone in a Year! Food Shortages are already occurring, and this is just the start! Food Prices are at all time High for some items! Some Items are simply not available!

I want to see Intent, Direction and clear set of Goals, please make an effort so I can see that, and help those wanting to help themselves wink Other wise I can not help thinking we have another Troll and I do not want to believe 9 of 10 new members are Trolls!

@All Humans, please take this Seriously!


A Professional, Determined Approach is the difference between Success and Failure!

Best Wishes,


editor posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Chris.   yes maybe you are right, maybe it is a challenge, for sure it is for me. What is the goal? The goal is to achieve above unity like the name of the site, I was thinking we are all here because of that, well maybe I'm not thinking in the right direction. If you don't like the name of the thread then changing it, you are the boss, and if you think that I'm a troll then delete my account immediately For sure I have some problems regarding the language, yes english is not my  primary language, but that is my issue. So to be a bit shorter, I will try to replicate a non inductive coil experiment and just maybe I can finally heat up the house with electricity, and not use any kind of  meter. It should be obvious that the machine is working. I was asking you before about what can be expected from the experiment, and your answer was, hmmm, no answer . Well that's how I got it. I hope i clear up some basic stuff.    have a nice day or night

Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello Editor,

Your question:

What is the goal?


Learning how these machines work, so one can Build these Machines, with very little Effort and Minimal Cost, is the Goal!

Power P = Voltage V x Current I x Cos( Theta θ ) and Energy J = Power P x Time t. In the Pages on this Forum, I show how to achieve this very Simple Task! Those not willing to put in the Effort to Research and Learn, are doomed to Failure!

I can not help those not willing to help themselves!

Researchers that have taken the time to learn, should be able to build working Machines after a few tries, some here have achieved this task! Captainloz is one example!

Some people have searched for decades, right in front of them, all answers are here on this Forum, but no one wants to accept the Truth, evidence is not enough! Instead Bathing in Arrogance and Falsehoods is more desirable for them!

The Goal is, Learning what's Required to Build these Machines Easily and Cheaply!

Best Wishes,


P.S: I just Upgraded My Power System, and you guys are going to be so amazed when you see the Actual Realization! Simple and Cheap, and you're being Ripped off soo much by the Power Companies! It amazes me how most people can not see such simple things!

editor posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Chris and a happy and healthy 2020.

Learning how these machines work, so one can Build these Machines, with very little Effort and Minimal Cost, is the Goal!

Completely agree, and the other quote that i have and teach my children is " help your self any you will be better". Currently it looks we are it the same room. Looking forward to see your upgrade in the power system.

The coil bobbins are made and painted. Today i I will wind some copper.




cd_sharp posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey, @editor

If I may be of a little help, don't start with the bobbins. The bobbins are serving a specific purpose and define how your coils will look and work. Please have a serious read of Chris' threads and draw some conclusions about what the coils are supposed to do!

I hope you don't mind my intervening.

Stay strong!

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Stephen Mark)

editor posted this 3 weeks ago



I don't mind, that's why it is a public thread.

All are welcome to post their opinions.

The info is everywhere on the forum, a bit confusing for me.

Sometimes it looks complicated, but the comments are " don't complicate, over doit"

Have fun!





cd_sharp posted this 3 weeks ago

You're right, it is confusing for a newcomer. This is the best I can say and I'm repeating:

Please have a serious read of Chris' threads and draw some conclusions about what the coils are supposed to do!

Stay strong!

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Stephen Mark)

Melendor posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Chris and a happy and healthy 2020.


Hello @editor and welcome to the forum.
May I please ask if you are a Time Traveler ?
2020 is like 2 years in the past ........LoL

Now , getting serious.

What Chris and Cd told you above are true Facts.
This forum is not like any other forum.
This forum has direction , and a correct path straight to success.

All you have to do , is do the work and learn.There is no easy way around it and there is no spoon feeding on this forum.
This forum is like a " book " where everything is in its place , so people can search easy and have success with the builds.

-  Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment
-  Kritischer's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment
-  Ourbobby's Bucking Coil Experiments
- OriginalSkywatcher's Version of Partnered Output Coil Generator
- drago Bucking Coils Experiments
- Munny's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment
- John's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment

and many many others , including CD_ , Captain-Loz etc

As you can see above in those titles , there is a pattern you must follow.
Your title is " 100 w coils challenge "

This is the reason @Chris told you all the things above.
When Chris tells you "It is easy and cheap "  , please do not get his words wrong.
It is Easy for the people that invested hours and hours and months , into learning.

I am here since 6 months , learning and reading like a madman , and I still did not get it 100% .
I sleep with a piece a paper and a pencil ,and in the night I dream things , ( resonance , phase shift , what is opposing what etc ) ,
I open my eyes and I write those things as fast as I can on the paper , because the Matrix deletes my dreams / memories in about 2-4 minutes after I open my eyes.

About your coils:

Every winding talks to each-other.You do not want to have a long coil , because the 1 winding , can not talk very good with winding number 40 for example.

1 mm wire is very good for the POC , but if 160 turns is all that you have for 1 POC , than I would suggest 4-5 layers.

Because you are doing it in 4-5 layers , you will get good result with the windings talking to each-other.

Please do not forget that 1 mm wire is not very easy to wind , and in your situation where you got paper as a bobbin ,I do not imagine how will that work when you try to tighten the windings.

We have on the forum MR PREVA experiment .

You have 2 windings on a small toroid core , and and some point in time , at some frequency those 2 coils will oppose each-other , and you will get x2 current in the circuit. (when you have magnetic resonance )

I would highly suggest that you start with that experiment ,because 100 W as you wish , that is a whole other level of experimenting and power.
You must start slow , and pulse 4-5 Volts into the circuit.

Stay safe and protect your life and your equipment.

I wish you all the best.
~~~Melendor the wizard


editor posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello Melendor.


LOL about the 2020, excuse my bad typing.

I was half way on my daily walk when i read your post.

Fantastic, thanks 1000 times. On my walk I was talking with my "other" smart one thinking about the machine, forum... you know the drill...

Looking at the Chris videos on YT, and listing him, " easy cheap...). I looks it's like you wrote, an open book, you have to read everything, even if you start with one thread, you will end up reading the whole forum, it is all important, links everywhere to every thread. Kind of I understand him, spending all those years experimenting, writing, making videos, answering people, and I even don't have a clue what is going on behind the curtain. So i got it now, if you are alone without and family and a job then this  could be done in few months, otherwise years, or forget the kids and get divorced, expect if you are  smart one and you understand completely  how the machine works so you can explain it to a 10 year old child how to do it for a school project in 1 week. About the "cheap" for now it is cheap i bought so many stuff during last years that i could pay for my electric bill for 20-30 years. So I just take the stuff from my previous projects, that is cheap then.  But this is not a point, I took the "red" pill and i want to learn, and pass this to my kinds.  Well this is just my opinion, i hope i did't make somebody angry, it was not my attention to do that.

Melendor, tnx again for the tips, this is what i was looking for on the forum.


Stay safe, e


Chris posted this 3 weeks ago


The guys are right! In Faradays Equation: E.M.F = -N dΦb / dt, it can be calculated that b / dt is partly dependent on Coil Geometry. This is covered here on this Forum, Here. Also in other places. Magnetic Field BMax is dependent on Coil Length l. This is a VERY Important factor in the "Generation" of Voltage! As is Cross Sectional Area CSA!

I hope you can see we are only trying to help, give Direction and a Path forward?

Best Wishes and Happy New Year! Please prepare for 2022 like no other year!


editor posted this 3 weeks ago


i small update, as you can see on the photos how i manage to get the wooden shaft with the Plexiglas holders to secure the paper bubin so they can get lose during the process. Sorry about the mess.

I did't count the turns, but as you can see I have a neodymium magnet on the shaft to trigger the phone and 

count the turns ( Turns counter app). I took the 1mm wire and measure 20m long 2 times for L3 and L2.

L1 will be 1/4 lambda so 5m. Still waiting for some current shunt and then  i will wire all together with the  

gate driver IXD614.




editor posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi all.


Connecting the experiment, and play a bit with the device, before connecting to the scope.


have a nice weekend.



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Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Editor,

Thanks for sharing! Nice to see some experiment going on!

Set your goal: Power P = 100W = 10 Volts x 10 Amps

Setting your Goals:

  • "Generate" 10 Volts.
  • Pump 10 Amps
  • through Resistance: 1 Ohm


Then your Thread name will be realised!

Remember, the Electric Generator is a Machine that was never fully Engineered, they stopped before it was complete!

Let Partnered Output Coil One be your Armature Coil, and let Partnered Output Coil Two be your Rotor Coil, let your Input Simulate Delta t, the Time Rate of Change, very little current is required in this Coil! All Current is in your Partnered Output Coils!

Best Wishes,


Alexelectronic posted this 6 days ago

Hi all.


Connecting the experiment, and play a bit with the device, before connecting to the scope.


have a nice weekend.


Hello greetings can you give the data with which you tested the coils please
And how did the tests go, you can comment on them

Alexelectronic posted this 6 days ago

Hello, I read your good comment


P.S: I just Upgraded My Power System, and you guys are going to be so amazed when you see the Actual Realization! Simple and Cheap, and you're being Ripped off soo much by the Power Companies! It amazes me how most people can not see such simple things!

You already published it, I would like to know it, I am going to start doing your projects, where to start
Thank you

editor posted this 5 days ago

Hi Alexelectronic and all.


Sorry i did't see your previous comment. 

I did't test the coils with nothing, they are both wind with 1mm wire, 20m long.

For primary i use 5m or 2,5m wire. Then i play with the right tumb rule and changing the diode polarity.

It is far from anything, Currently I'm waiting for pcb's and other parts for sure it will not cost 20$, but i can add another zero to that.

It is simple they say,like riding a bike. On start it is almost impossible, but when you know it is is very simple, like everything in life.

Start at the beginning. Then you will probably have a few years of reading on the forum, then you will probably find out that it is not just 3 coils and a mosfet, the bulb will light but it will not be the name of the forum. Then you will probably have to spend years of reading on the forum.

Then you start researching further and you see that the smallest thing from the noise on the mosfet gate is important, which of course is not cheap. If you don't have a built-in oscilloscope in your head, you need this and a lot of other things, prepare the wallet.  Please don't take this comment of mime to seriously. It is just how i feel.

So good luck.








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