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Chris posted this 17 August 2018

Hi All,

I wish to apologise, my presence on the Forum has been sparse lately!

I have taken on a job that is taking up a lot more time than I expected. Being that I do not give up on a task i take on, I see great importance in completing this task. It is for my Family and I hope will also benefit our personal group on this forum also.

I build Automated Systems for a living, IT based. This is a big one, very complex, I hope it will hold great value for the long term and show great promise in the short term.

So, just to let you all know, I am still reading, just not a lot of time to post ATM.

Still here and still reading,


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cd_sharp posted this 18 August 2018

Don't worry, buddy! I can continue experimenting in the meantime.

Have fun!

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Zanzal posted this 17 August 2018

Congratulations Chris!

It is for my Family and I hope will also benefit our personal group on this forum also.

Mysterious. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it in the future. 

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Chris posted this 23 August 2018

Hey Guys,

Bob, I am sorry, I didn't mean to hold things up. Will take a bit more time today to push forward!

Pretty much everything I know has been laid out in the pages here anyway, its just a case of re-iterating those points. I am sure most are sick of me repeating myself by now.

I consider Wisstiti, CD_Sharp and Vidura leaders here and all that wish to learn, should be following their excellent work! They are light years ahead of all the other forums. We here at aboveunity.com are a millennia ahead of them! Its because we focus of hard data, concentrate of specifics and say the path.


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Chris posted this 18 August 2018

Hey Zanzal, good to see you! Your'e a Dev, so probably boring for you. 

Hey CD, still more than happy to help CD, Always happy to help, only a heads up as to why I have not been posting as much as I normally do.

Yours and Vidura's Experiments are excellent, some of your Experiments, I believe have surpassed the Unity Boundary already. Push them a little more and it will be obvious!

My Friends, always happy to help! Because your'e all awesome!


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