The Lorentz Force

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Chris posted this 23 April 2018

The Lorentz Force was derived in 1895 by Hendrik Lorentz.

The definition is:

In physics (particularly in electromagnetism) the Lorentz force is the combination of electric and magnetic force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields. A particle of charge q moving with velocity v in the presence of an electric field E and a magnetic field B experiences a force

The Lorentz Force is an orthogonal, at right angles, relationship between:

  • Magnetic Field ( B )
  • Charged Particle ( q )
  • Velocity of the Charge or Magnetic Field ( v )
  • Force ( F ), an applied Velocity due to this relationship.



The fundamental force on an electric charge q moving with velocity v in a magnetic field B is called the magnetic Lorentz force.

F N = I (l x B) = N q v x B

Where Nq is the total electrical charge in the current-carrying conductor, drifting with velocity v.

The total force (often called Lorentz force ) on a charge q moving with velocity v in an electric field E and magnetic field B is

F = q ( E + v x B )  

The Angle is important to the Force:

Some Video Resources: 


One of the better videos with lots of detail, keep in mind the Cyclotron or Magnetron:


If you take Flux Cutting Law, the Right angle Cutting of the Flux past the Insulated Copper Conductor pushes the Charged Particles down the Pipe, the Insulated Copper Conductor, where the Charges in motion can not escape the Conductor because of the insulation.


The Lorentz Force is awesome, its handy to know about!



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Chris posted this 24 April 2018

Hey Bob,

No I am not a Physicist

I am just a guy that enjoys learning and making sense of things. I am not satisfied until it does make sense to me.

So the Lorentz Force is what moves electricity through a wire moving past a magnet? And when there's no restricting insulation on the conductor, such as is the case with the Faraday Disk, then the electrons move radially?

Basically, yes, there is Force applied on the Charged Particle, when the Magnetic Field moves at right angles to the Conductor. I think there is a bit more to it, but yes basically you're right.


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Marathonman posted this 30 April 2018


Even when there is a bare wire electricity will still move down the wire. this would give someone the impression that the key to moving electricity down a wire is the insulation in which it is not.

I though it was from the vector potential being canceled in one direction causing a radial distribution of electron flow.

it seems i need to further my understanding of things and will return when i am enlightened.


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Chris posted this 01 May 2018

Hey MM - You are quite right.

To explain for all readers:

Coiling a length of Insulated wire, of course, prevents a Short Circuit, where the Insulation is a barrier that Charge can not pass, similar to the Dielectric in a Capacitor.

An Electrical Current, like Magnetism, will always take the shortest possible path, the Insulation, on the Copper Conductor, 'guides' the Electrical Current along the desired path.

Many years ago, I did a set of experiments, the Lorentz Force is a fundamental concept that truly boggles the mind when studied in detail:


At the time my terminology was poor, but the idea is there.

We must think in two ways:

  • An Induced Current as in the Magnet and Copper Tube Experiment.
  • Existing Current supplied from a Source, battery or similar.


Why do I say this? Because we are dealing with the same Effect, but from two different situations!

  • A Voltage, Induced by the change in Magnetic Field, giving rise to the potential for a Current to Flow in Direction F.
  • A Current, supplied from a Source, that acts on the Magnetic Field, in the opposite Direction to F.


An astounding concept, the same Effect, but different in the way it is observed due to standpoint! Grasping these Experimental Facts will boggle the mind! Only when one studies the Magnetic Field surrounding a Conductor will one see where this Force is exerted. The same fundamental process that keeps the Magnet Suspended indefinitely:


A truly perpetual act of Force, as long as the Magnet has a Magnetic Field! Magnetic Balancing, the Field of Force, brings balance to the arrangement of Mass.

My Friends, youre all Awesome!


Marathonman posted this 01 May 2018

And this can be related to our motions of planets .? you darn right!

the force exerted by our sun we have planetary alignment on a massive scale which as stated brings massive planetary alignment  of all celestial objects in our solar system each one of reverse polarity of the other.

the Lorenz force at work in a planetary scale.



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Chris posted this 15 February 2020

My Friends,

Here is another example of how I have a smile now and again!

Posted to one of the other forums, by a Physicist mind you, was this question:


I have a serious question for you.
Consider the Lorentz force (red in the Figure) on a wire segment, where the magnetic field B is produced by a permanent magnet (blue, cylindrical and sitting in the "wrist position."). Assuming the B field is approximately uniform across the short wire , then the Lorentz force equation is as shown (F = Il X B, vectors, so direction is given by the right hand rule as shown in the Figure below).

Now my question is this: Is there an Third-law Reaction Force on the Magnet, equal-but-opposite to the force on the wire? How do you know?
Please do not just give a naive application of Newton's Third Law...

Figure credit (then I modified the Figure):


Ref: Is there a Third-Law Reaction Force on the Magnet? Posted 2020-02-13


A question by a physicist, he asks a question so simple. We have the answer!


Published Jul 13, 2012

Well, many years ago, I did a very simple Experiment:


Now, is this a coincidence? Seriously, by a physicist! Simple Experiments are very important! These concepts are exactly the reason we see a Standing Wave in our Experiments, e.g: The Mr Preva Experiment and the reason we see this:



I hope you can all see why the most simple experiments are so Important!


Perhaps this can be viewed as another example of why I say:

We are Light Years Ahead of the other forums!


Best wishes,


Jagau posted this 15 February 2020

As you demonstrate so well with the example of magnets, Newton's third law is more visible

action = reaction    well done


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  • cd_sharp awesome starts here! - Thank You L0stf0x
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