The Dictatorship

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Chris posted this 12 August 2019

My Friends,

I am declaring a dictatorship and I am the boss...


Well I hope you can tell I am kidding! Meahahahahaha... ( Evil Laugh ) wink


A few now have accused me of being a dictator, most, not all, most have broken the rules and seen consequences for it!

Honestly, the only time I need to be a dictator, regarding the trouble makers, or those that can not accept an apology for an honest mistake, is to stamp out trouble.

I will only be a Dictator if I need to be!

This is our forum!

  • Come here and make a mess of it - I will stamp you out!
  • Come here and cause trouble - I will stamp you out!
  • Come here spreading lies and trying to kill morale - I will stamp you out!


Come here with anything but good will and high hopes to succeed, then you are wasting your time, I will find you and stamp you out! Trouble makers are absolutely not welcome!

  • We have proven technology!
  • We have an excellent team!
  • We have an excellent platform!


Best of all, we have Moderation, the very definition of Dictator could very well be interpreted as Moderation. I WILL moderate as I see fit to protect our excellent team and their progress!


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Wistiti posted this 12 August 2019

Well every community need some basic rules to work. And you do a great job for it my freind!

Thank you for that!

Jagau posted this 12 August 2019

Thank you Chris for making this site so healthy.
You have a patience that I do not have and is able to say the right words at the right time. You have experience of other forums and you have seen all the colors. So thank you for making this site so well ordered in which we can share our little knowledge and learn interesting things.


Chris posted this 12 August 2019

Thank You Wistiti and Jagau!

I very much appreaciate your posts!

The combined knowledge we each bring makes our community a very powerful force! I am not about to let people come and destroy it!

I am far from perfect, I make mistakes and sometimes perhaps I am a bit impatience, but I try. We can only ever do just that!

You know, an old friend of mine said:


My Friends, lets do this!


Vidura posted this 12 August 2019

Hey Chris, It is obvious that sometimes diplomatic skills are required for administering and moderate the forum, as many members with different ideas and some with "strong character" are present, therefore it's quite normal to have some friction every now and then. Anyway if members are moderated for erroneous behaviour , making trouble or disturbing others it is the correct thing I think. A poor sign would be to moderate for having different opinions, or for having different degrees of knowledge or technical skills than others. But this is not occuring on this forum IMO, but can be regularly seen on other sites. I personally have learned a lot here and I continue to do so. Really appreciate it. Regards Vidura.

Chris posted this 13 August 2019

Thank You Vidura!

You, like Wistiti and Jagau, have great wisdom! - Thank you for your guidance!

Those that come, have very little participation here, cry wolf, I cant help but think they are making trouble because they are being paid to. A tactic of the establishment.

An easy tactic to control, I thought they had enough of a clue to realise that already? 


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Atti posted this 13 August 2019

In my opinion, if there is no difference in thought, there is no progress. Just a sting in one place.

 - So the debate is needed. -

The tolerance of the debate is person-dependent. It may lead to excessive one-sidedness. If one-sided, you can easily be misled. Everyone. It is not a wise decision to downgrade your opinion. It is also not a good decision to make inaccuracies.
But the fact is, Cris has a right to everything.
He owns this forum and has full access rights.
So he has to be selected in some way.
I had a problem with it too. We talked and no problem!
Sharing opinions (or objectivity) is already our responsibility. So for the forum users! We must respond responsibly to everything! Everyone thinks differently. This should be accepted. So it's not a problem that we don't know something. But we don't see the error.

That is why I find it much more problematic for posts that boast that
 "high efficiency" of their machinery.COP 2-3. Or whatever.
-Why can't something be properly measured before it's published to everyone?
-Why can't it be discussed normally?
 -Why should you treat a "high efficiency device" (COP 2-3 or more) as a fact?
 -Why can't I show a proper construction drawing of the measurements or structure shown, for example, in a video presentation? (I'm not curious about the person's face, but the structure he or she is showing)
And countless problems.

Of course I know, that's just my problem.

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Chris posted this 13 August 2019

My Friends,

Atti is right!

Think your own thoughts, be yourself! Do your own homework! Do your own Research! Be part of this team! I value you all! I don't want to have to be the Moderator unless I have to! 

If you graffiti the walls, we are going to have a problem! If you don't, then we will not have a problem!

This is a very board field, many machines fall into the same category! From Tariel Kapanadze's machines, Andrey Melnichenko, Don Smith Floyd Sweet and many hundreds more!

Seeing Measurements is not going to give you any insight! As an example, try this experiment:

Think about what I have shared with everyone, think about the Coils, what the Coils are doing.



Now, re-read a few threads: 


There are many supporting threads also, but the above threads are perhaps some of the most important.

Now, think about all that, think about the Coils I have shown for so long.

Now, watch these three videos:


Now, don't forget this snippet:


If you re-read the documentation with the videos, from here. I give you the first quote:

It would seem that a bucking coil arrangement dose indeed add energy to a system. My test over the years have shown this to be true,but all my devices that use this arrangement are mechanical--E.G-,motors,generators.

Ref: tinman - Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


In any way, are you any further enlightened? Did the videos give you more detail? Are you closer to replicating a machine?

An inner enlightening is required to make this work, its an enlightened Technology. Only for Enlightened beings. We are becoming enlightened by our very own will!

I hope this helps!


I ask you to ponder something: I still have to counter Troll activity! How do I know if someone has come to Troll us? Because of their behaviour! I have to monitor behaviour to determine if we have a Troll hiding among us! We know they visit and read our pages, so we must be vigilant, they will go to extreme lengths to discredit us, this we already know!

Vasile, have you come here to Troll US?


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patrick1 posted this 14 August 2019



ive been waiting months too get that into a conversation.


peace and love.

VRIL Society.   (please god delete my sense of humor)

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Chris posted this 14 August 2019

Hey Patrick,

WW2 history and present is an interesting subject to study. Did we really win?

Hitler was funded by the Rothschild family, a Jewish Family, to kill the Jews - Go figure...

Lots of anomalies and lots of interesting stuff to study!

However, terribly sad! So many innocent people lost their lives, so not a subject many want to hear about or see spoken about! Terribly sad!

Personally, its a subject we perhaps stay away from.


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