Tesla Wireless Power Transmission (Longitudinal Transmission)

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TamasEduard.com posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi i'm new here, i hope i didn't do anything wrong. I want to show you something:

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Fighter posted this 3 weeks ago

Welcome ! / Bine ai venit !

Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello and Welcome Tamas!

A very nice professional Expermiment!

Thanks for sharing!


YoElMiCrO posted this 3 weeks ago

Welcome Tamas.

Thanks for sharing your experiment.
There is a scientist who studied the subject deeply,
If you want look for Konstantin Meyl on the web, it has videos and books
published in english.

Thanks in advance.

TamasEduard.com posted this 3 weeks ago

I thank you for your warm welcome. Unfortunately I am poor like most of us and I have no possibility to make donation cry 

But in return I can help you with tips and free profesional housting on my web server.

Now I am working on a movie about resonance, witch I hope you will like wink

With all my heart I think the secret is to share what you have with others so that you can receive back multiplied.

http://www.TamasEduard.com - Thinks critically and questions everything

Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey Tamas,

Those that contribute, experiments, work wise, are not expected to donate financially, they have done their bit, as you have! You have the option to put a PayPal Donate Button at the top of your page for donations. Every little bit helps!

Those that do not contribute with experiments, and work, we ask for a little donation from time to time to help keep the wheels spinning, to help keep us up and running.

So please don't feel obligated!

For those readers that make a tone of money, please donate to your favorite Inventor that shares freely their work!

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Best wishes,


TamasEduard.com posted this 3 weeks ago

I want to show you a picture witch I hope will make you think. If you have a 4-channel osciloscope you can consider yourself happy (i have only 2-chanel cry) because you will be amazed. Good luck wink

Please share my video on your channels because youtube and google are censoring me the most since I made my site public. cry

Thank you very much.

http://www.TamasEduard.com - Thinks critically and questions everything !


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patrick1 posted this 3 weeks ago

pretty looking for tamas .  btw your linear motor, - i am very keen too compare it too my own.

efficiency well over 100% is easily achievable. ,  however like my newman machine, it does not break lenz's law, so generator efficiency is not amazing  ...   when do you think we can get a few pictures of yours ?


my best efficiency recorded was 670grams of force @ above 1meter per second - meaning above, 670% efficiency

that was with a 50mm diameter steel rod, ( you want as thick as possible ).  and 100mm long,  ( you want as short as practical ).  with an enourmous magnet on each end.

Vidura posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Eduard, May I ask you two questions about the posted experiments: The first regarding the Tesla coils in the power transmission device. You have a second winding on the top of the pipe, what relationship between the two windings? The second question in the transformer device, in the schematic a light bulb is placed between the LEDs, but in the image it appears to be a neon?. Thanks for sharing your work. Vidura.

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Zanzal posted this 2 weeks ago

Regarding the second experiment, and Tamas, please correct me if I am misrepresenting what you are trying to show, it demonstrates a conundrum. Its a good example of this idea that energy in a secondary can light the bulbs where the primary it couldn't. We know the power is the same, but clearly the work produced by that power is not the same. In the primary nothing is lit but in the secondary it is lit. Stepping up the voltage and adding a little resonance allowed work to be performed that otherwise was not performed.

While we understand at some level this is expected according to voltage drops it is a reminder of one of the problems that we face with any device. There are actually a lot of different ways this problem can be expressed. For example, given two systems if we say one is 100% efficient, than is a system that can accomplish the same work in a shorter amount of time more efficient? You would think the answer must be yes, but it is surprisingly difficult to prove that. In fact when you find such a system you may end up just moving the goal post to say the second one is clearly more efficient therefore the first can't actually be 100% efficient.

I think what the problem really boils down too is that we find it is generally difficult to sum up all the work performed since devices may emit energy in multiple forms and we never bother to sum it all up often we are only looking at one aspect.. For example, we might look at kinetic energy, or electrical energy, but completely ignore energy emitted as sound, heat, or em waves or anything else undesirable. Whatever is desirable we measure, and undesirable is ignored or we work to eliminate it. No matter what the results are we declare it is all in balance, yet we never really bother to measure it, but don't worry it must be because the math tells us it is so. wink

solarlab posted this 2 weeks ago

Just passing this along from a young "Maker Fellow" -

A very inexpensive Experiment/Test (and fun) - fifteen bucks and 17 minutes:

The "One Transmitter" feeding "Multiple Receivers" theory idea thingy - hey, don't use that "T" word around here! embarassed  Cost about $15US total [$3 for each station - 1 TX & 4 RX] (free shipping!) everything included except power source:



TESLA COIL - Wireless Power Transfer and Plasma Music Demos

Wireless Power Transfer demo video (without ground - uses whip antennas & a small flat tin-foil patch at receiver):

Plasma Music demo video:

Tesla Coil Devices - (built - purchase - Amazon - low cost):

Tesla Coil Devices - other (built - purchase - lower cost - Amazon):

Enjoy the weekend ...

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solarlab posted this 2 weeks ago

Forgot to add this -

One low cost option for the Capacitive Sphere part of a Tesla Coil (top load) is "known as" a "Gazing Ball." These are generally made of Stainless Steel and are usually a lot cheaper than Aluminum spheres. They are available in a variety of sizes.

You have to drill the mounting hole and then use a so called "Blind Threaded Nut" or "Threaded Rivet."

Gazing Balls example: 


Threaded Rivet example:


Select the Sphere size (calculate) to suit the application - kinda finishes your test Tesla Coil as well!

Sorry if this is "off-topic" - just delete these posts if they are, no problem...


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TamasEduard.com posted this 1 weeks ago

re - patrik1

My engine is a small toy, witch highlights the principle of operation. Fits in the palm with all the control part. cool

When it works it consumes only 0.03W laughing

When I do a professional engine I will make a movie.


www.TamasEduard.com  - Thinks critically and questions everything !

TamasEduard.com posted this 1 weeks ago

re - Vidura

In the Tesla Wireles Power Transmission movies, end coils are for the frequency adjustment and act as a capacitor. Just like Tesla's patents cool

In the resonant transformer, there are two small bulbs of 6v at 50mA.


www.TamasEduard.com  - Thinks critically and questions everything !

TamasEduard.com posted this 1 weeks ago

re - Zanzal

In any resonant circuit, is a maximum disturbance of the environment, witch the great Nicolae Teslea (Nikola Tesla) called this environment: ETHER.  It has properties of a liquid, but it is not liquid. We can only iteract with it but we cannot see it laughing  This measure was taken by the Creator, so that we people go to work. 

YES, this amplified disturbance of the environment can be extracted witbouth destroying it (just extracted in another form) !

In my resonat transformer efficiency is between 92% - 99%, if you let it operate freely ! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RESISTIVITY (light bulb and led diode), IT EXCEEDS 100% wink  Test and you will see that I am right cool


www.TamasEduard.com  - Thinks critically and questions everything !


TamasEduard.com posted this 1 weeks ago

Please share my video, by any means, because youtube censors me cry

If you disable the location and emprt the cache, then look for my movie, you will NOT find it cry



Thank you from my heart, and I wish you only wonderful things.


www.TamasEduard.com  - Thinks critically and questions everything !

Zanzal posted this 6 days ago

@Tamas, yeah I really enjoy experimenting with single wire transfer systems. Those efficiency numbers are really good. My max efficiency was only 60% and it took me a while to get it that high. But then I was also not using Tesla's design, but my own. Mine had a space advantage as it did not require large coils, but the efficiency was not great so it was not practical. Amazing stuff, hopefully I can get back to it one day.

TamasEduard.com posted this 5 days ago

re - Zanzal

In the Tesla Wireless Power Transmission you have to consider a few things:

- you must have high voltage

- you must have resonance

- an automatic method of adjusting the resonance

- and the same frame of reference

I hope with all my heart that these will help wink


TamasEduard.com  -  Thinks critically and questions everything !


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