Tank Circuit Experiments with opposing coils

  • Last Post 05 May 2020
baerndorfer posted this 08 March 2020

i spent a lot of time reading through the information on this website and decided to do this opposing-coil-thing on my tank circuits.

first i want to show you the circuit that i am working on.

i made a drawing that you can see what is going on there..

the first apparatus looks like this..

it works brillant and i can get a lot of these LED's working with less input from DC source.

then i found this forum and i am still trying to understand deeper what you have on the table. so i tried a new coil based on the information i understand.

this is how the coil looks like...

i made the L1 on the outside and L2/L3 are on the inside.

the circuit that i build is this one..

the results are good - i will get professional measurement equipment in a few weeks to get an idea on how much energy i can get out of this thing.

at the moment i have 1,2kV on L1 at resonance condition.

thank you for your hard work!


some more pictures..

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Vidura posted this 08 March 2020

Hey Baerndorfer, Excelent work, and good documentation. Thanks for sharing.It looks similar to a Don Smith's design. Vidura.

Zanzal posted this 10 March 2020

Hello Baerndorfer,

Thanks for all the great detail. I did have a question regarding your setup. The device you call the H-bridge has only 1 out - but I would have expected an H bridge to have 2 outs. Can you elaborate a little bit more on your H-bridge circuitry?

baerndorfer posted this 10 March 2020

this is the h-bridge circuit that i use at the moment..

Vidura posted this 10 March 2020

Hey Baerndorfer, The schematic show's a half bridge configuration, that is why only one output is there, the H bridge or full bridge consists of four Switches. It seems you are a skilled builder, your setup looking professional. Thanks, Vidura.

Zanzal posted this 11 March 2020

Awesome, thanks. I use mosfet drivers that have the same configuration (half bridge) in a similar manner. It is a very interesting line of research. Thank you for sharing it in such great detail.

baerndorfer posted this 17 March 2020

i like to post some drawings here that help me in better understanding this magnetic thing..

baerndorfer posted this 05 May 2020

just finished a new switching device. hope that the cable ties can handle higher temperatures...

This time i use an IRS2304 gate driver IC. Frequency and Duty Cycle is adjustable with the 4 buttons. All relevant info is on the OLED.

still many things to do..


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