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Chris posted this 02 February 2020

My Friends,

Many here have had great success in recent weeks. This thread is a bit of a suggestion thread to get your ideas on how we can make things better? How we can progress with Experiments? How others can come, learn and get up to speed as fast as they can.

Most of you know why I have done what I have done, slow gradual release over the years. Those of you that have stuck with me now see why I have done what I have done and know the technology pretty much inside out!

For safety, for maximum spread, for others to catch up, for those that do wish to move forward and learn something of importance!

I believe most of you have an internal insight, your gut told you this was the right thing, the best way to move forward. Perhaps a sort of psychic instinct maybe?

So I wonder if you can give some suggestions on ways for others, new comers, to get them up to speed as quick as possible?

Maybe even rate how I shared info with you to help you guys learn what I have learned?

I saw CD recommend The Mr Preva Experiment the other day, I think that was an excellent suggestion!

I still believe a certain understanding must be gained, and without that understanding, others are shooting in the dark, blindly trying to reinvent the wheel... Would you all agree?

Perhaps extending on the Steps, on the side Navigation:

More, or better steps to get up to speed, like 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on?

The truth is, almost every thread here on this forum has excellent, valuable information in it, but there is so much of it, that it is a bit overwhelming for most!

What is for sure, even though we have gained a lot of knowledge, we all know we have a lot to still learn, I certainly do!

Our numbers are as high now as ever before! We are getting a large number of visitors! Even if 25% of the visits are real genuine visitors looking for answers, then a better way to present our work would always be welcomed!

You guys and gals, are all awesome! Thank You All!

Best wishes,


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Vidura posted this 02 February 2020

Hey Chris, this is a good point. I remember that Mr Blobby has suggested to make a step by step guide, similar to a cooking recipe , si that everyone can follow easyly and make experiments for direct experience. I remember when I was a kid I used to "play " with technology toys. These provided the basic Ingredients to make experiments and learn. I think itt was very helpful. Maybe we could work out something similar for the new energy technology. Don Smith had don something for resonance experience, also Konstantin Meyl provided a learning tool for the wireless transmission technology. What do you think ? Vidura

Wistiti posted this 02 February 2020

In my opinion Vidura have an excellent idea. It can be more easy for people to understand how it works. It have to be simple with few components ideally with parts that can be salvaged from junk. This way, almost everyone will be able to give it a try.

Once the idea is understood, improvements and complexity can be used.

cd_sharp posted this 02 February 2020

Hey, guys

I like Vidura's suggestion. A step-by-step guide containing basic experiments is a very good idea. Every experiment must show something valuable, a proof of going in the right direction.

But, in my opinion, the main reason people are not actively participating is because first they need to see something really useful, reasonable power and practical at the end of the journey.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 02 February 2020

My Friends,

Any suggestions on what experiments and where on the list? I agree a step by step guide is the way forward, but I am not sure on what parts we should focus on and where.

Everyone is at different stages in their development, I guess its going to be hard to cover this properly.

I guess, what have you guys found the most useful in order from 1 to x?


Altair posted this 03 February 2020

As a new member, and after having spent the last week reading a LOT of threads on the site, I still came out without a definite idea of what I was going to try experimenting with. I have been a member of the three other forums in the past, maybe 12 years ago, but had abandonned the subject because of lack of time.

Coming here (by accident, on a search for something else) my interest has been rekindled by the nice presentation of the site, and the multiple interesting subjects. Frankly I was somewhat (naively) expecting that new discoveries would have been made in the meantime, and that small systems would have been worked out. It's certainly not your fault if we still don't have a working system for all, because the spirit of this group is very high and inciting.

But to address the topic of this thread, my suggestion would be to concentrate all efforts on developping a small project like a perpetual flashlight (that works), and that uses standard easily available parts from DigiKey or Mouser, and go from there. If all the new experimenters work from the same working design, use the same parts, especially the core!, everyone will be on the same level, and will be able to help each other.   I do know that such a flashlight design is not yet publicly available, but I think that if the administrators of the group managed to contact the guys in russia that have the necessary expertise, something could be worked out.  Actually, with everybody working from scavenged parts, there very little chance that a successful design can be replicated by someone else, because the core used can rarely be exactly identified/sourced.

Once we have a few working replications, subsequent efforts will be to improve that same design to make it more powerful, and identify what exactly makes it work.  The goal of all this is to keep the new experimenters stimulated and encouraged to learn more by starting them on a common project that has 100% chances of success.  I also agree with Vidura that we also need a "list" of what is necessary to know and do, to ensure that our circuits are optimally constructed following modern "High-Performance" "High-Frequency" practices. How to make a highly-resonnant coil (antenna), how to correctly drive a Mosfet gate (use gate drivers!), how to reduce noise, where parasitic inductance comes from, etc... Things like that. But not down to basic electronics, because this is not the place to learn this.

Maybe my opinion isn't worth much because I just arrived here, but I'm looking forward to be a part of your future.


Chris posted this 03 February 2020

Hi Altair,

Excellent post, and yes I very much value your opinion!

We do have small systems worked out: Partnered Output Coils do work, and many here do have working machines, some with much better results than others. With work, the results are 100% achievable for everyone willing to put in the work.

You are right, very wise words, and these problems you point out are the problems we have had for a long time now. Circuits are tricky, timing is everything and without perfect timing, then these circuits don't work. For this reason, I recommend all starting off to work on and make a point of understanding how the Coils work.

I should say, I appreciate every single members opinion, everyone is equal here! Everyone is important!

I agree, all here are willing to help others out! The point of this thread is exactly that. As you point out, there is so much to learn!

I will start off with a new Video soon and post.

Altair, I am very pleased you have come and joined us! Thank You!


Vidura posted this 03 February 2020

Hey Friends I agree that Altair's post has valuable suggestions. And also agreed that the guidelines should not cover basics of electronics. But in my Opinion the goal should be to gain knowledge , and very important to correct some faulty models used in textbook physics, and to add the missing information, all this acompained by simple experiments. If the understanding is complete, we will be able to build this machines from scratch, and in various ways. For the purpose of learning it is a good idea to try to use a unique hardware , and if it's cheap and easy to get the materials much better. If we make the effort as team, it will be successful for sure. Vidura

Chris posted this 03 February 2020

Hey Vidura,

Again another very good, valuable post! You have a lot of experience in this field, where and with what would you start?

Best Wishes,


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cd_sharp posted this 03 February 2020

Hey, Altair

Frankly I was somewhat (naively) expecting that new discoveries would have been made in the meantime, and that small systems would have been worked out

As a matter of fact this is a process of self perfectionism and your device depends only on your expertise. The device will get better at the same time with the builder.

Chris, my friend,

This is the list I have in mind:

  1. Understanding the final goal is to build a high power, usable AU device (, but achievable only by intensive work and studying beyond this intro.
  2. Replication of the Mr Preva experiment because it gives incentive and makes people realize how current can be "amplified".
  3. The 2 states of a coil and the relationship with antenna theory (
  4. The storage and decay phase of an inductor.
  5. Replication of R.I.E. ( and understanding how charge can be accelerated.
  6. Replication of the circuit "Some coils buck and some coils don't" ( and understanding how to make charge flow when the input is off.
  7. Feedback studying with Akula lantern no 4 (
  8. The inductance cancellation experiment (
  9. The first true above unity device: replication of Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment, COP around 2 (
  10. Sky is the limit, depending on the amount of effort.


"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 03 February 2020

WOW Awesome CD!

Now this is a huge step forward!

CD is exactly right! As knowledge is gained, so the DUT gains in its total operational capabilities!

Best Wishes


Forelle posted this 03 February 2020

Hi everyone I had a longer break on the Forum because i did Work on my hardware (lathe and mill), the last weekend i built a POC transformer with a AMCC 640 core(i have big hands) that i had from the MEG. Pictures follow. I only want to say that making the sawtooth waveform (asymmetric regauging) is easy to reach. Improving the COP is an other goal, but if someone has the effect then the first part is done. I am not a good experimenter and even i only needed about 1hour to make it work so far. Thank you Chris for your effort to bring us so far. OLIVER

cd_sharp posted this 03 February 2020

Hey, Oliver That sounds like a very nice piece of work. Would you mind opening a thread and presenting your replication? This way we can also help you enhance it.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 03 February 2020

My Friends,

Based on CD's list, I have started a thread: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines

If you guys can come up with a better name?

Also, please let us know if you have suggestions to improve this, I think we can do better, to help others out.

This is an awesome start!


Chris posted this 04 February 2020

My Friends,

Today I spent a little time putting together the Threads I have posted to try to help.

Please vote on making this public, and I will take it out of Tier II.

We have made real progress my friends! I am so proud of how quickly we have got to where we are.


cd_sharp posted this 04 February 2020

Hey, Chris

That page can easily be the index of the most useful book I have ever read. I vote for making it public with all my heart.


"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Forelle posted this 04 February 2020

Hi cd_sharp Maybe it is the best to open a new Thread.Thank you for offering help,i should have time at Weekend. I thought about how to speed up the replications.The only way at the moment considering how People are is to have a device which puts out at least twice what you put in.I think that is the only way how people get interessted.Next of course would be closing the loop. Have a good day. Oliver

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Vidura posted this 04 February 2020

Hey Chris, Of course this should be accessible to all members, it will be a great help, and as cd Sayed very valuable as index as well. Vidura

Altair posted this 04 February 2020

Hi Chris, CD Sharp, and all,

That new Builders Guide thread will absolutely be a hit!  It has exactly what is needed to decide more people to experiment. The decision to make it like a book, with every learning step detailed in a corresponding thread, will motivate the "student" to advance at his own rate, but much quicker than if he was left to himself. I can't wait to get started but first I have to finish other projects (not in electronics) that demand immediate attention, because I know that I'll be spending a lot of time on AU projects once I get started.

Thank you very much guys, for your dedication and informative contributions! Altair

Chris posted this 04 February 2020

Hey Altair,

Excellent, Thank You! Any suggestions, please let us know!


Jagau posted this 05 February 2020

A suggestion

If each of us invites to share someone he knows well and especially after explaining to him how the forum works.
This will make this forum even more interesting.

I have someone in mind.

Chris posted this 05 February 2020

Hey Jagau,

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome! The more the merrier! We need replications, its the only way we can move forward! Is to get as many on-board as possible!

Best Wishes,


Jagau posted this 05 February 2020

We need replications, its the only way we can move forward! 

I believe these are the words of wisdom

P.S. excellent this guide  for builders


mohamed posted this 05 February 2020


Hello everyone smile

i think we gain a huge amount of information and experience, this is our force , but we still need replication ,correction and enhancement, an easy device is the most appreciate so it will be easy for replication everywhere... some material are still

unavailable like Metglas, complicated electronic is also a problem, but as i see we do good ! 




Chris posted this 05 February 2020

Hi Mohamed,

Yes, the series I show: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment, gives a good look at whats required to start. Today I will update with a parts list, thanks to your request.

Start simple, replicate the very simple cheap experiments I have shown, then focus on the Effects!

Edit: The link to list is Here.


Forelle posted this 06 February 2020

Hi Mohamed What you mean by Metglas is unavailable?I dont know where you live but in Europe you get it without a Problem,for example here. Have a good day Oliver

Vidura posted this 06 February 2020

Hey Forelle, Yes Metglass ist indeed unavailable in most parts of Africa and South America, and some other countries banned by international monetary policies. Also the procedure for importing can be very complicated, and expensive, also the economic situation of people in these places can be a hindrance, as many simply can not afford the price, if available. So it would be most valuable to get results with cheap of the shelf materials, to light up the darkness also for the poor habitants. Regards Vidura.

Forelle posted this 06 February 2020

Hi Vidura I did not know that is not available everywhere,i only use it because i have it,i do not think that it is nessesary.For my part i want it as cheap and widley available for everyone. For speeding up the best would be a parts list that everyone has the same decice and for newcomers they can count on that the device is capable to produce the right effects.A Real attraction would be ofcourse if it puts out more than you put in.Have a good day. Oliver

mohamed posted this 06 February 2020

Hi Mohamed What you mean by Metglas is unavailable?I dont know where you live but in Europe you get it without a Problem,for example here. Have a good day Oliver
for example Metglas is very rare here in Algeria ( Africa ) , other component like high voltage diode ( fast recovery no available )  though microwaves oven HV diode can be found , the more experience we have the easy device will be smile .regards 

Chris posted this 06 February 2020

Hey Guys,

If you cant get Metglas, try other cores, there are lots of other types of cores you can try.

Years ago I made my own Ferite Cores with Epoxy Resin and Crushed Ferite cores, pouring the mixture into a mould.

Other Rare Earth materials like Magnetite and so on.

Also try close coupling Air Cores, I have not had a lot of luck with Air Core but others have, like Don Smith! Try to make do with what you can get, it might be better!

   Chris awesome starts here! - Thank You L0stf0x
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