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Chris posted this 26 February 2020

My Friends,

The world is going through perhaps one of the worst times ever before in recorded history. We have The Corona Virus killing thousands of people, we have Governments going bankrupt, people are living in poverty like never before! Some of the worst conditions ever.

I recently learned the following fact:

'Vatis' = 'prophetic' or 'diviner' 'Can' = 'serpent/snake'

Ref: Maggie Eriksson, Pastor, Bible Scholar-Teacher, Christian Counselor 50 years


So the Vatican literally means the: "Serpent Prophecy"



It is no wonder we Human beings are living in the worst times ever recorded. I often think about the older Generations, especially those that lived in the 60's, life was perhaps the best in human history, look how quickly our great nations have plummeted into Chaos!

The word "Conspiracy Theory" has been in-grained into society to imply Crazy People. A term coined by the CIA:

So people are being brain washed to NOT think Critically! The truth is, this is the most important time in history to think critically! Especially of those that would put their hand up as a Leader, be it a Nation or a corporate entity.

When you find out the 1994 Agenda 21 meetings were focused on Population Control, this is very worrying:


Perhaps the Corona Virus is just a coincidence? The fluoridation or our drinking water occurred around this time, coincidence?

Did you know the Coronavirus is patented? Do your homework, look it up:

The invention relates to nucleic acids and proteins from the SARS coronavirus. These nucleic acids and proteins can be used in the preparation and manufacture of vaccine formulations, diagnostic reagents, kits, etc.

Ref: US 2006257852 Application filed by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Inc


NOTE: Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Inc is directly linked to the Gates Foundation.


Information has been leaked by several sources ( Documentaries: Alien OverlordsAliens at the Pentagon ), that a fake Alien Invasion will occur some time in the near future. There is evidence that we are being prepared for this now. "The Alien Threat" narrative is being pushed in the media, with articles like: UFO secret could cause ‘grave damage’ and many others like it.

In Steven Greer's National Press Club, Carol Rossen spelled out what Wernher von Braun had told her:


The story of ATIP, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program headed by Tom DeLonge:



Yes, Tom DeLonge is an Illuminati member. Now I am sorry, but anything Tom has to say, I just don't trust! I will make my own mind up!


Steven Hawking was a wise guy, some quotes I recently read:

“Humankind is greedy, stupid and the greatest threat to Earth,”

Ref: Stephen Hawking


I would like to share something I feel is important, something I saw only yesterday:

Native American Code of Ethics

1. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often.

The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak.

2. Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path.

Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy and greed stem from a lost soul.

Pray that they will find guidance.

3. Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow others

to make your path for you. It is your road, and yours alone.

Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

4. Treat the guests in your home with much consideration.

Serve them the best food, give them the best bed

and treat them with respect and honor.

5. Do not take what is not yours whether from a person,

a community, the wilderness or from a culture.

It was not earned nor given. It is not yours.

6. Respect all things that are placed upon this earth -

whether it be people or plant.

7. Honor other people's thoughts, wishes and words.

Never interrupt another or mock or rudely mimic them.

Allow each person the right to personal expression.

8. Never speak of others in a bad way. The negative energy

that you put out into the universe will multiply when it returns to you.

9. All persons make mistakes. And all mistakes can be forgiven.

10. Bad thoughts cause illness of the mind, body

and spirit. Practice optimism.

11. Nature is not FOR us, it is a PART of us.

They are part of your worldly family.

12. Children are the seeds of our future. Plant love in their hearts

and water them with wisdom and life's lessons.

When they are grown, give them space to grow.

13. Avoid hurting the hearts of others.

The poison of your pain will return to you.

14. Be truthful at all times.

Honesty is the test of ones will within this universe.

15. Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental self, Spiritual self,

Emotional self, and Physical self - all need to be strong, pure and healthy.

Work out the body to strengthen the mind.

Grow rich in spirit to cure emotional ails.

16. Make conscious decisions as to who you will be

and how you will react. Be responsible for your own actions.

17. Respect the privacy and personal space of others.

Do not touch the personal property of others -

especially sacred and religious objects. This is forbidden.

18. Be true to yourself first. You cannot nurture

and help others if you cannot nurture and help yourself first.

19. Respect others religious beliefs. Do not force your belief on others.

20. Share your good fortune with others. Participate in charity.


I think if we all lived by these simple guidelines, the world, we humans, would be in a much better position with a great deal less suffering!

I do so hope we can all ban together to fight against the Evil we are faced by!

WHY cant we just live in Peace, why so much War? It pains me so much to know we must fight so much EVIL!


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OriginalSkywatcher posted this 27 February 2020

Hi chris, thanks for sharing. Just off the top of my head, I don't think fighting is going to solve anything, just a guess, that will keep us stuck here with these lost ones.

Looking at those 20 spiritual guidance posts, did not see one that suggested fighting in any way shape or form was an answer to anything.

I think the middle way is the answer, or neutrality.

Taking sides based on all these illusions created around us, will only suck us into the drama and conflict.

And if by chance there is no middle way, which from experience, I think that path truly exists, then we face what may come with courage.

Oh, and I'm still making experiments on my partnered coil setup, been a little busy with other things, though results are looking positive.

peace brother.

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Chris posted this 27 February 2020

Hey OriginalSkywatcher,

Your'e right, the term "Fighting" is not the best term! I guess pushing forward with a positive and constructive outlook but at the same time being aware of whats going on is important. I guess I meant "Fight" in a very broad way, to keep a good strong light on, "Light Up The Darkness" is one I always like!

We can change, so many of us want change, the evil will fail, its just really sad its come to this, that they have gotten this far, all through lies, deception and miss-guidance on their part. All the ways of Evil! Transparency will dissolve them, thinking critically and being aware of what they are trying to do!

I am glad to hear you're still working on Partnered Output Coils! Getting the Voltage up is important, the POC when they Slap Together, this is the Time Rate of Change, a Voltage is Generated, is important. Because Current I = Voltage V / Resistance R, then increasing the Voltage increases the Current. See Delayed Conduction Techniques.

Partnered Output Coils Pumps the Current, its a Magnetic Charge Pump.

I am so proud! We have such a good bunch of people here! We are much more than an Active Research Group, we represent the Future of Humanity and are an example of what we can achieve when we have the right conditions!

Thank You OriginalSkywatcher!

Best Wishes,


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Chris posted this 28 February 2020

My Friends,

A friend of mine put me onto this video today:


I urge you to make your own mind up doing your own research!


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Chris posted this 29 February 2020

My Friends,

I am no expert when it comes to the Coronavirus, however, when one looks at the facts, then we have enough proof to say that the Whuan Coronavirus outbreak is very likely a deliberately released outbreak.

At the very least, it is definately a Bio Weapon, one engineered by Humans to Kill Humans:


When a Professor at this level has this sort of thing to say, we had better listen!

As is pointed out here and in the video, the virus is patented. Now think of the significance of that for a minute! Some Humans are actively attempting to kill, population control, the rest of us so others can live plush comfortable lives.

Some data on Professor Francis Boyle: Q. AND A. WITH FRANCIS A. BOYLE ON BIOWARFARE By Sherwood Ross

Francis A. Boyle is a leading American professor, practitioner and advocate of international law. He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 (BWATA), the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. His BWATA was passed unanimously by both Houses of the United States Congress and signed into law by President George Bush Sr. The story is told in his book Biowarfare and Terrorism (Clarity Press: 2005). He served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA (1988-1992), and represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the World Court. Professor Boyle teaches international law at the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign. He holds a Doctor of Law Magna Cum Laude as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science, both from Harvard University.
Q: To get some idea of the magnitude of U.S. biological warfare research involving deadly diseases now going forward, the Federal government is said to be funding 400 laboratories globally. These labs purportedly are concocting new strains of lethal microbes for which there is no cure. Right off the bat, I’d like to ask you, “Is this a criminal enterprise whose vast dimensions are being concealed from the American public?”
A: Of course it is! Since September 11, 2001, we have spent somewhere in the area of about approaching $100 billion on biological warfare. Effectively we now have an Offensive Biological Warfare Industry in this country that violates the Biological Weapons Convention and my Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989. We have reconstructed the Offensive Biological Warfare Industry that we had deployed in this county before its prohibition by the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972 that was described by Sy Hersh in his groundbreaking exposé of it in his book Chemical & Biological Warfare: America’s Hidden Arsenal (Bobbs-Merrill: 1968). Our putative adversaries around the world such as Russia and China have undoubtedly reached the same conclusions I have derived from the same open and public sources, and have responded in kind. So what the world now witnesses is an all-out offensive biological warfare arms race among the major military powers of the world: United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, inter alia. The Biological Weapons Convention has become the proverbial “mere scrap of paper.” But my BWATA still remains the law of the land in the United States with a penalty of life-in-prison for violators. That is why the self-styled “synthetic biologists” proposed to repeal my BWATA so that they can use Synthetic Biology to manufacture new classes of biological weapons more efficiently.
Q: Exactly what is biowarfare?
A: Biological warfare involves the use of living organisms for military purposes. Such weapons can be viral, bacterial, and fungal, among other forms, and can be spread over a large geographic terrain by wind, water, insect, animal, or human transmission. Toxins—living organisms such as fungi—are also used.
Q: Which are the most dangerous?
A: Today several USG labs are at work on Anthrax, Tularemia, Plague, Ebola, botulism, and the genocidal Spanish Flu virus.
Q: What do they do with these pathogens?
A: Using DNA genetic engineering, U.S. death scientists are concocting new strains of lethal microbes for which there are no cures. Bacteria, for example, can be made resistant to vaccines, made more virulent, easier to spread, and harder to eradicate. Right now U.S. death scientists are scouring the biosphere around the world to locate any bioagent in nature that they can exploit and pervert into offensive biowarfare purposes.
Q: “USA Today” has done some fine reporting on this subject. Among other things, their reporters have exposed massive incidents of lax security conditions at USG labs and university labs funded by USG. What might the consequences be of this disregard for safety?
A: This is a biocatastrophe waiting to happen here in the United States. In fact it has already happened in West Africa with the Ebola pandemic there. It is only a matter of time before we have a similar pandemic at home here caused by U.S. biowarfare programs. In this regard you should watch the excellent award-winning documentary by Coen & Nadler entitled Anthrax-War (Transformer Films: 2009) in which I appear and served as a consultant on.
Q: Recently, 13 cases of plague were reported in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah, resulting in three deaths. Could these deadly plague pathogens (infectious agents) have come from the U.S. government’s (USG) germ warfare labs?
A: I suspect they might have. But proving it is another matter. Any time you see some mysterious and widespread outbreak of an exotic disease around the country, you have to factor into the analytical explanatory equation that it could be the result of some illegal U.S. biowarfare program.
Q: Is it a fact, as alleged, that the Anthrax pathogens mailed to two U.S. Senators and others after 9/11 trace back to the U.S.G. biowarfare lab at Ft. Detrick, Md.? You have written that Senators Daschle and Leahy, both Democrats, had opposed the Patriot Act, which gives U.S.G. unprecedented powers and abolishes Americans’ traditional personal liberties. If the Anthrax was sent by the Pentagon, was it to intimidate the senators?
A: Yes! I have written about this in my book Biowarfare and Terrorism (Clarity Press: 2005). More recently my friend and colleague Professor Graeme MacQueen from McMaster University in Canada has also written about this in his book The 2001 Anthrax Deception (Clarity Press: 2014). You are free to read these two books, draw your own conclusions, and see if you agree with us. Over the years there are numerous interviews I have given on this matter that you can obtain by Googling my name and adding the word “anthrax” to their search engine. The twin purposes of these October 2001 anthrax attacks were (1) to scaremonger the American People and Congress into adopting the totalitarian and Orwellian USA Patriot Act and (2) to wage an offensive war of aggression against Iraq. As President George Bush Jr. proudly boasted: “Mission accomplished!” — on both counts.
Q: Recently, there have been outbreaks of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia. You have raised the possibility that USG may be illegally experimenting with these diseases on citizens of those African nations. Could you please elaborate?
A: These Ebola vaccines were experimental U.S. biowarfare vaccines that were being tested out in West Africa. It was a result of testing out of the U.S. biowarfare vaccines at our lab in Kenema, Sierra Leone, that created the West African Ebola pandemic in the first place. I have given numerous interviews to support my conclusion here in more detail. These can be located by Googling my name and adding the word “Ebola” to their search engine.
Q: Is such germ warfare development work illegal under the BWC Treaty of 1974? (Dr. Boyle was the American attorney who wrote the implementing legislation for the U.S. that passed Congress without a single negative vote.)
A: Yes. The U.S. is a party to the 1972 Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention which bans “development, production, stockpiling and use of microbes or their poisonous products except in amounts necessary for protective and peaceful research…” Colonel David Huxsoll, commander of the Army’s Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases, has admitted that offensive research is indistinguishable from defensive research.
Q: Although Russia said it scrapped its germ warfare program after the Communists lost power in 1991, the U.S. budget for this purpose has increased. Are there any countries or terrorist groups that might realistically attack the U.S. with such weapons? One critic has said USG’s biowarfare push resembles “a dog chasing its own tail.”
A: The truth of the matter is that the United States government has been pursuing the development of an offensive biowarfare program and industry since the Reagan administration and his Neoconservatives came to power in 1981. I set forth this earlier biowarfare documentation on Reagan and his Neo-Cons in my previous book The Future of International Law and American Foreign Policy (Transnational Publishers Inc.: 1989), chapter 8, The Legal Distortions Behind the Reagan Administration’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Buildup. Interestingly enough, the Department of Defense itself reprinted my study as Current News: Special Edition: CHEMICAL WEAPONS, NO. 1586 (28 May 1987) and distributed it to thousands of high-level DOD civilian and military officials all over the world.
Q: It sounds fantastic, I know, but scientists once paid by the U.S.G. to cure cancer are now being paid to develop deadlier strains of anthrax, dengue, Japanese encephalitis, tularemia, Q fever, and other dread diseases. Comment?
A: On the relationship between cancer research and bioweapons you should have a look at the book by Dr. Len Horowitz, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola – Nature, Accident, or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Inc. 1996).
Q: You have written that Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s group at the University of Wisconsin has found a way to increase the toxicity of flu virus by 200 times. What is the purpose of this horrible-sounding research and why should UW support it?
A: This is the same U.S. death scientist who resurrected the genocidal Spanish Flu virus for the Pentagon for offensive biowarfare purposes. Like all U.S. universities, Bucky Badger U. gets a cut out of all research funds brought in from the outside. Here at Chief Illiniwak University they publicly admitted that they take 51 cents out of every research $1 Buck brought in from the outside and charge it off to “overhead.” At most American Universities today, money talks and principles walk. My Disalma Mater Harvard is no better, no worse, and no different.
Q: During the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran war, the Reagan White House okayed the Pentagon’s sale of weapons-specific biological agents and poison gas to Iraq that Saddam Hussein used against Iran and his own Kurdish minority? At least 5,000 Kurds were gassed. And, according to Time magazine of Jan. 20, 2014, the CIA reckoned Iran suffered 50,000 deaths. Doesn’t this prove the White House has used biological agents offensively?
A: Certainly chemical weapons were used illegally. In addition, the Reagan administration shipped weapons-specific biowarfare agents to Saddam Hussein in Iraq in the hope and expectation that he would weaponize them and use them against Iran. He did weaponize them. So far I have not seen evidence that he used bioweapons against Iran or the Kurds. But these biowarfare weapons that Saddam Hussein produced thanks to Reagan and his Neo-Cons did “blowback” upon U.S. armed forces when they invaded Iraq in 1991. This “blowback” played a causative role in the Gulf War Syndrome that afflicted U.S. soldiers who participated in Gulf War I under President Bush Sr. I discuss this in my book Destroying World Order (Clarity Press: 2004) and in the British TV documentary The Dirty War (1993) produced by and shown on Britain’s Independent Television Network TV4 that I consulted on and appear in.
Q: You have pointed out that the Galveston National Laboratory in Texas, a high-containment research lab, admits to seeking for potential biowarfare agents in the wild in other parts of the world “in order to turn them into biological weapons.”
A: Right! They should shut down Galveston as an ongoing criminal enterprise along the lines of the S.S. and the Gestapo — except that Galveston is far more dangerous to humanity than Hitler’s death squads ever were. They say their work with Ebola is for a vaccine, but the same technology can also be weaponized. Galveston is working to aerosolize Ebola just as Ft. Detrick worked to aerosolize Anthrax. Aerosolization of a biowarfare agent is always the tip-off to the development of a weapon to be delivered by air to human beings who will breathe it in. Ft. Detrick should be shut down as well because it too is an ongoing criminal enterprise.
Q: Besides Ft. Detrick and Galveston, are there any other biowarfare laboratories you believe should be closed?
A: All of them. Since 1981, the Pentagon has been gearing up to fight and “win” biological warfare without prior public knowledge and review. What’s more, American universities have a long history of willingly permitting their research agenda, researchers, institutes, and laboratories to be co-opted, corrupted, and perverted by the the Pentagon and the C.I.A. into death science. These include Wisconsin, North Carolina, Boston U., Harvard, M.I.T., Tulane, University of Chicago, and my own University of Illinois as well as many others.
Q: Biological warfare development requires highly sophisticated technology and safe laboratories. No so-called “terrorist” group is known to possess anything like the requisite facilities. Besides America, what countries have operative biowarfare labs?
A: U.S., U.K., Russia, France, China, Israel, for sure. There are several other countries that the U.S. has established satellite biowarfare labs in.
Q: Is there any published data on USG’s expenditures for biowarfare since 9/11? I assume it has taken off like other Pentagon outlays.
A: Yes, there are published figures on this in the open record. The last time I did a calculation from them the sum was approaching $100 billion. By comparison, in 2012 Dollars we spent $30 Billion on the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bombs that were then used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You can see my book The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence (Clarity Press: 2002), chapter 2, The Lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So that historical precedent and analogy is a pretty good indication that the U.S. Offensive Biowarfare Industry is intended for use on human beings somewhere. The momentum behind the money propels inexorably towards use of the weapons.
Q: Does the recent Pentagon mail-out of live anthrax virus to 86 laboratories here and to 7 nations abroad, bear out your prior criticism of USG’s careless handling of these pathogens?
A: Of course. But I don’t believe there was anything “careless” or “accidental” about any of this. The Pentagon knows exactly what they are doing. They are not “incompetent” at the Pentagon. This was deliberate. Just like the anthrax attacks of October 2001 were deliberate.
Q: You contend that the American pharmaceutical industry and the World Health Organization (WHO) are dumping dangerous vaccines in West Africa where the publics are already suffering from Ebola. Why would WHO get involved in this? Can you elaborate?
A: First, to make money. Second, to reduce the numbers of Black West Africans — genocide. WHO is a front organization for BIG PHARMA.
Q: It’s been estimated that 36,000 Americans are dying every year from flu. By contrast, only five Americans died from an Anthrax and that was back in 2001. Yet, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2006, a typical fiscal year, received only $120 million from Congress to fight flu but $1.76-billion for “biodefense”?
A: Right! These distorted budgetary allocations demonstrate that the priority here is not the promotion of the Public Health of American citizens but rather to further develop the U.S. Offensive Biowarfare Industry that will someday “blowback” upon the American People with a catastrophic pandemic.
Q: Scientists who oppose the Pentagon’s activity insist that germ-warfare defense is clearly impractical; that every person would have to be vaccinated against every harmful biological agent. Since that likely is clearly impossible isn’t the only application of a defensive development in conjunction with offensive use?
A: We are currently stockpiling vaccines to immunize our Civilian and Military Leadership Elites for if and when they decide to wage offensive biowarfare. Pace the Constitution, “We the People of the United States” will have to fend for ourselves as best we can with our grossly underfunded and inadequate public health services that have been deliberately starved of money in order to feed the U.S. Offensive Biowarfare Industry Beast.
Q: Recently, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told a St. Louis audience of government employees, “You’re some of the nation’s most innovative and inventive physicists, chemists, and geneticists…molecular biologists,” etc. Yes, indeed. How many employees does the Pentagon now have in germ warfare work and how much is it costing the American people?
A: Overall I have read a figure that there about 13,000 death scientists in America today doing dirty biowarfare work who perversely call themselves “life scientists.” Doctor Mengele would be proud of them all! As Doctor Strangelove said: “Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!” Seventy years after World War II ended the Nazis have won.
Q: Given all of the above, does it appear conceivable to you the Pentagon is developing a massive germ warfare weapon as a means of intimidating the world? After all, it has positioned itself in about 900 bases around the globe from which it can, and does, strike using conventional weapons, and it has used illegal radioactive ammunition in its war against Iraq.
A: Of course. But not just intimidation. The Pentagon and the C.I.A. are ready, willing, and able to launch biowarfare when it suits their interests. They already attacked the American People and Congress and disabled our Republic with super-weapons-grade anthrax in October 2001. A fortiori they will do so again to foreign states and peoples when deemed convenient. Us too! They have a stockpile of that super-weapons-grade anthrax that they already used against us in October 2001.
Q: Thank you, Professor Francis Boyle.
A: Thanks so much for doing this interview.



Do you feel safe?

Best wishes


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Chris posted this 09 March 2020

My Friends,

Most of us know the Illuminati Symbols:


The Denver Airport is filled with Symbolism and images of Population Control:


Now, take a look at the Georgia Guide Stones:



The message reads:


Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

Unite humanity with a living new language.

Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature


A wise message if you didn't have the Math Problem:

Current Population: 7,800,000,000

Guide Stone Target: under 500,000,000

That's a difference of: 7,300,000,000

or: 7.3 Billion People!


So, according to these stones and other people you listen to, 7.3 Billion People must fall off the Globe! Now, how do we expect this number of people to just fall off the Globe? Well, the above video pointed this out, and again here for your convenience:


Bill Gates comes from a Family of known Eugenics activists: William Henry Gates Sr. was the head of Planned Parenthood. Bill's wife, Melinda Gates:


Why would there be such a push for Birth Control? I mean, isn't it every Man and Woman's right to have Children? When they themselves decide? I mean, some jumped up ditsy woman gets on the stage and says no you cant have more kids, for what reason exactly? Why do you think she thinks, she has the right to dictate such demands on other people?

If you look, if you research, this is everywhere!

Where is China's biggest Bio Warfare Laboratory? I will give you a Clue:


Where did the Coronavirus breakout? Yes Wuhan! We have already covered, the Coronavirus has a patent on it already! 2016, 4 years ago! Now what are the odds? Really!

We have the answers we need, and most importantly we do not need to kull 93% of the Human population to do it! In fact the opposite! We need to have everyone's brain, will power and strength working together for Humanity's Success!

EDIT: Don't forget the stored Coffins:


These people are evil! The sooner Old age takes care of these people the better!

Best wishes,


cd_sharp posted this 12 March 2020

Hey, guys

We're having special measures in place in Romania related to COVID. There are 47 cases in the country and I think the number tripled in the last 48 hours.

I know from a trusted medical source that COVID causes an autoimmune violent reaction in the lungs of the adult as it's completely unknown to the immune system. They are using medication based on antibiotics used in dealing with arthritis as doctors noticed it reduces the symptoms in the lungs.

That tells me COVID is completely new and took everyone by surprise.

Chris posted this 12 March 2020

My Friends,

I wish all the best to everyone on the globe!

Yesterday I found out Tom Hanks made a special trip to the Gold Coast, where I live, he was infected and no doubt has spread the Virus to more people.

It is now out of control, a travel ban should have been implemented weeks ago!

Our governments are doing nothing sensible! I would almost say they are instructed to allow the virus to spread! I mean we have had a ton of fore warning! Ebola in the Movie Outbreak, its so similar its not funny!

Stay safe and stay well my friends!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 12 March 2020

My Friends,

I would like to share something I was shown this morning:


Another source of very real and very accurate prophecies is "Billy", Eduard Albert MeierAnd Did They Listen

Michael Horn has a good website with lots of good info.

We human Beings are currently in the third millennium:

In contemporary history, the third millennium of the anno Domini or Common Era in the Gregorian calendar is the current millennium spanning the years 2001 to 3000 (21st to 30th centuries).

Ref: Wikipedia - 3rd millennium


Horrendous, atrocious Crimes against Humanity have been committed, we MUST MAKE CHANGE! Far too much suffering has occurred! We must force Change, our Governments must listen if our Voice is united!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 14 March 2020

My Friends,

More evidence appears of the Corona Virus being manufactured to kull the Global Human Population:

Ref: The Eyes of Darkness - Dean Koontz


We have a lot of Evil People out there, with very Evil Agendas! We have a lot of Good People Fighting these Evil People! It's called The Silent War.

Humanity must cure Mental Illness, the cause of all this Evil! Then we must take steps to lift the burden of being Poor! The Globe can not allow for Poor anymore! We must take Responsibility!

When we become a responsible Race, then we will be ready to live among the stars as a Civilised Species that will then be respected by Other Species.


Fighter posted this 14 March 2020

I know from a trusted medical source that COVID causes an autoimmune violent reaction in the lungs of the adult as it's completely unknown to the immune system. They are using medication based on antibiotics used in dealing with arthritis as doctors noticed it reduces the symptoms in the lungs.

That tells me COVID is completely new and took everyone by surprise.

This thing looks like is man-made, more specific a bio-weapon. The way it spreads (no symptoms for 14 days so it can be spread by apparently healthy individuals), change itself, not affecting children too much but killing older people... and so on.

Here in Romania we're getting close to 100 confirmed cases. Fortunately no death cases. Yet.

They say when we reach 100th confirmed case we enter in Phase 3 with more special measures. I suppose the army will surround affected areas and isolate them. We have our medical personnel working 24/7 in shifts but they start getting exhausted.

Fortunately we have a few very professional individuals (not politicians) telling to government what needs to be done and coordinating the fight. They managed to keep the situation under control so far. I trust them, they know what they're doing.

Everyone, avoid getting outside but if you need to wash your hands, face and clothes well when you return home. Avoid interacting and touching other individuals outside, keep your distance from others. Keep a stock of canned food, water and basic medical supplies just in case there will be supply shortages in stores. About protective masks, some say they don't help but I think they help and I wear them when getting outside.

And don't panic, keep a cool head. We will prevail.

raivope posted this 14 March 2020


CV is a mild virus. You can eradicate it with Zapper, MMS, etc. Things do not add up. It is not a (real) problem.

Game goes over our heads. Maritime law was needed to be established to override civil law... looks like the alliance is at work.

Get some popcorn, I think all will be soon over and peaceful.


Chris posted this 14 March 2020

My Friends,

I agree with Fighter! It is always wise to be wary rather than Dead!

Everyone, avoid getting outside but if you need to wash your hands, face and clothes well when you return home. Avoid interacting and touching other individuals outside, keep your distance from others. Keep a stock of canned food, water and basic medical supplies just in case there will be supply shortages in stores. About protective masks, some say they don't help but I think they help and I wear them when getting outside.

And don't panic, keep a cool head. We will prevail.


We will prevail, so do not worry, but do not take any un-wise risks! Here in Australia, we have been told to have at least 3 days of food and water at all times. We just have to be wise, not silly.

@Raivope - I too have heard the same claims. But you know, I would not stake my life on it! I urge everyone to be wise and not take any unnecessary risks.

I am very confident the COVID 2019 is:

  1. A Man made Bio Weapon.
  2. Either accidentally released or deliberately released on the Human population.


Evidence is indisputable!

Best wishes,


teebee posted this 15 March 2020

Hello all,

My advice to all is to get some M.M.S and Jim Humbles book on how to use it. It kills 95% of all pathogens that affect humans.I keep it at all times and use it when I feel a sore throat or runny nose and never get a cold or flu.I tend to agree with raviope, it's going to end up like all the others(swine flu, bird flu etc.) and just disappear as suddenly as it appeared.

Best wishes to all,


P.S. I am the member formally known as hopeful1.

raivope posted this 16 March 2020


M.M.S. kills all pathogens on its way and using the protocols 97% problems can be reversed. Our friends here have reversed cancers, been under media attack, etc.

I wanted to share you something (paida lajin method) that is likely to be the best method you can do yourself and you may ever no need for standard medicine. This is both diagnostic and self healing. It is patting and stretching. You slap your inner elbow (heart, lungs, etc meridians) and stretch legs (the rest of the meridians). A teacher has very good energy.

There are more workshop videos like this (unless taken down some) where people get immediate help with backpains, circulation, etc. This is also everything you need to combat viruses.




stand by posted this 22 March 2020

Prietenii mei,

Lumea trece de-a lungul unei celebre mai mari perioade din istoria confirmată. Avem Virusul Corona ucigând mii de oameni, avem guvernare în faliment, oamenii trăiesc în sărăcie ca niciodată! Unele dintre cele mai importante condiții de desfășurare a până acum.




Cred că sunt trăite cu acțiuni după orientări simple, lume, noi, suntem în acord cu o poziție mult mai bună, cu mai multă suferință!

Sper să sperăm că putem interzice pentru a trece în timpul Răului cu îngrijire și confruntăm!

DE CE nu putem trăi doar în ritm , de ce atâta război? Mă fac să fie mult mai știut pentru că trebuie să trecem la sfârșit de mult EVIL!


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  • Augenblick
stand by posted this 22 March 2020

A good day to all

Usually this might seem like an indiscreet question, but these completely unfavorable conditions that the human race goes through ... can create the premise of a general concern. Things change dramatically from day to day from hour to hour. depending on the perception of space and time. This disaster generates states of the most diverse, among which; waiting, stress demoralization and (or) bewilderment and in the most unfortunate cases ..... the end as a human entity. Our governments are concerned to shut us down as much as possible in our homes, without any other concern about what is going on with us locked up in their own homes (see what I said above).

All of this generates an acute lack of interest for everything else.


Everybody is fine?

Forgive me if it's an indiscreet question

cristi albax

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Chris posted this 24 March 2020

My Friends,

A Confirmation, as I indicated in previous posts, American Government has confirmed the COVID19 is Human Made, and released, as the struggle over control, becomes more and more public.

There is an Evil sweeping the globe! Its been gaining momentum, more and more evil has been spreading, for open minds, its easily seen, only need to look at the years movies released, the way Hollywood's actors are behaving, their display of grotesque evil practices! Movies openly promoting the drinking of Blood:


Movie covers openly promoting the Goat Skull ( baphomet ) :

Ref: Netflix sued over goat-headed deity in Sabrina series


A new sigil, a symbol considered to have magical powers, of Baphomet was created for the Satanic Bible, originally published in 1969 by Anton LaVey.

Ref: Baphomet


Your Children are being exposed to these Symbols every day:

Ref: Hollywood Movie Zootopia


One only needs to search: "Disney hidden abuse" and view the Images returned! Here is just one of many examples:


Many, many hidden secrets, but when you know what your'e looking for, there is evil like no one could imagine!



The Energy Drinks you drink:


We saw, the Stock Market dropped by 666 points:


Jeffery Epstein and many other famous people active involvement in explicit Child material, the most evil and worst possible thing that one Human Being can expose the you too! Harvey Weinstein recently jailed over years of Abuse! Andrew is directly linked to Epstein! These people are sick and evil!

We have to fight against this Evil! It can not become our future!

I would like to share a new post from Q Anon:


The American President, and Q, Q+ are working to fight this Evil! I urge you to follow whats going on! This is the Great Awakening! 

Here are just two links:


We MUST stop this Evil! We MUST! We must become awake to this Trojan Horse! Do not submit to them! Ever!

We will WIN, Good always Wins! But that's not to say its going to be an easy fight!


My Friends, with all my Heart, I wish for Peace, a Glorious Future, but alas, tough times, we have very bad times upon us. Its called a Silent war, well, its not so Silent anymore! COVID19 is historic, World Shutdown like we are now seeing has NEVER Happened before!


I wish for Peace! I wish for Unity! I wish EVIL would leave us for ever!

Best wishes,

   Chris Sykes

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Chris posted this 24 March 2020

My Friends,

Today I want to share a positive vibe.

I want to give you an example of what can be achieved when a combination of Money, Ingenuity, and Creativity comes together!


These cars are the coolest cars I have ever seen! 20+ Years ago I was a Panel Beater, so I guess I can appreciate these cars a bit more than others.

Best wishes,


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Chris posted this 28 March 2020

My Friends,

Please view this video, it is important beyond words:


This video can make you stronger, it is so true!

NOTE: I do urge open mind, think for yourself, make your own mind up based on educated intelligent Logical Decisions! Please do not believe everything you read, or watch! Much of what you may read may be Propaganda, check and cross check, Facts, remember our motto: Stick to Facts only!

Best wishes,


Captainloz posted this 28 March 2020

Hi Chris,

Please don't put any stock into this.  Its mostly rubbish designed to divide us. They sprinkle little bits of truth in, then completely bullshit you. Trump is exactly the corrupt people they are talking about, this is laughable.  OMG it's total Trump propaganda (this has to be Russian made) I can't believe anyone actually believes this stuff.  Take this from someone who has seen behind the curtain at the highest levels of the US government. Trust me, when you see how things actually get done or rather not done, you don't buy into this us verse them stuff as much.  Its much more complicated than that, and it's not all bad. There is way more good in this world than bad, it's just the good stuff never makes the news, only the bad stuff.   

What we are going through now was totally forceable but our leadership failed, and didn't prepare us even though they knew this could happen. Just like they are letting us down on climate change. Trump is the worst on climate change!! And it's the single biggest threat we face, its the reason I'm on this forum! If you think Trump is one of the good guys, you have been duped.  Don't forget he tried to cut the budget to the CDC but congress didn't let him.  However he did cut CDC staff in China before the outbreak started.  

That's my 2 cents. 




Chris posted this 29 March 2020

Hey Loz,

I agree, there is much more good in the world, and thanks for your input! I think sticking to the facts is a good idea! View everything with a little skepticism and then a little fact checking will reveal what the truth really is. 

Whats going on across the Globe? We for sure have some Bad, very Evil People here amongst us! Weeding them out should definitely be the globes highest agenda!


We were after all warned by two consecutive American Presidents!

Be Open minded! Freedom comes from Education, not shutting your doors to the truth.

Fact Check, Fact Check, Fact Check, lets make sure we have the right information so we can move forward - Our Future will be Glorious!

Best wishes,



Captainloz posted this 29 March 2020

Hey Chris,

Agreed! Fact check, fact check, fact check.  That's why I had to comment on that Trump propaganda video. Eisenhower and Kennedy we're right.  The Trump presidency is exactly what they were warning us about.

Agreed, there are evil people among us, but way more good people so let's not lose prospective.  Love will always Trump hate. 

Cheers mate, stay healthy!



Chris posted this 04 April 2020

My Friends,

CD_Sharp has just made a big step forward. His work, the effort he has put in, huge work, but its paid off - Congratulations CD_Sharp!

We live in tough times My Friends! COVID19 is the worst Virus the Human race have seen for a long time, the death toll in some countries has been massively under reported!

A not so nice fact:


I want to send my heart felt thoughts to every single human being on the planet! I wish you all well, I know some are dying and suffering. This is awful!

I love Humanity, the Earth and all Life on it! That's the reason I do what I do! The Human Race needs Cheap Clean Energy accessible anywhere on the Planet more than anything else now! We are in a desperate situation! Crammed into shoe box houses on top of each other, most of us poor and struggling to pay the bills! The world is in a mess!

There is hope, read here.

We Human beings must make, must force change!

  • Remove all Evil from the world! Permanently!
  • Protect our Children! At all costs!
  • Increase Education for every Citizen!
  • Force equality of Lifestyles!
  • Encourage Arts and Crafts and Innovation in General!
  • Remove Patenting and Intellectual Property on technologies critical to Human Evolution!
  • We MUST Colonize Mars or another planet before the decade is out!
  • Humanity as a whole needs to ALL Work for our collective futures! All of our Futures!
  • We need a centralized Information Gathering System, a platform like Wikipedia, but bigger and more universally available as a learning or information resource for all Humans!
  • Copyright must go! Remove all restrictions for Intellectual advancement!


We have one Solution! Energy! We are doing our bit! Leading by example!

Please tell all your friends, get them involved! This is so important! If we don't start making steps forward as a human race we will end up perishing, becoming extinct!

This is so important!

Please join us, Be Part of Something Better!

Best wishes,

   Chris Sykes

Fighter posted this 04 April 2020


This is a paradigm-shifting event which should change humankind.

And we here at started years ago this incoming change.

Be safe and keep researching.

Chris posted this 05 April 2020

My Friends,

@Fighter - That poem is shocking!

I ask everyone to watch this video, its a bit slow to get going, but makes a point in only a little way in:


In the market for a Car? Go for Tesla, its the only sensible decision!

Best wishes,



Fighter posted this 07 April 2020

It's amazing to see our planet temporary recovering. The Sentinel network of European satellites watching our planet shows never seen before pollution levels going down over Europe, US and China. European Space Agency say they never seen before cleaner skies like this on our planet.

Despite the deaths and incoming economic crisis we have the rare opportunity to see with our own eyes the potential impact of our zero-point technologies in the deep-cleaning process of our planet.

A friend of mine from Morocco says he can see for the first time in his life fish shining under Moon's light in the Atlantic ocean. That's because the Russian ships fishing massively on Morocco's coast left. He says his grandparents told him tales about this but he never believed them, he thought they were exaggerating.

This is how our planet should be...

Chris posted this 07 April 2020

Hey Fighter,

I could not agree more!

We should have a clean pollution free planet, but the powers that be, do not allow it! Shelving technologies that could change the world forever!

Have you heard of The Venus Project?


The Venus Project is a non-profit organization that presents a new socio-economic model utilizing science and technology toward social betterment to achieve a sustainable civilization of abundance for all, without exception.


The Utopian Future is possible! Its being worked on by many, including us!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 07 April 2020

My Friends,

In reference to this post: here.

This is awful and terrible, Acknowledgment at the top levels of what I said a few weeks back!!!


No Conspiracy Theory Here Folks - This one is True!


Trump Admin Wants To 'Work Directly' With Wuhan Institute Of Virology

Surprisingly, even CNN has much-belatedly and very unexpectedly started posing critical questions centered on the Wuhan Institute of Virology while doing a review of various theories as to COVID-19's origins. CNN on Monday cited that "one expert, a chemical biology professor and bioweapons expert at Rutgers University, has suggested to several media outlets that the lab-accident theory has credence."

"The possibility that the virus entered humans through a laboratory accident cannot and should not be dismissed," Dr. Richard Ebright told CNN in an email Sunday. This comes more than two months after the mainstream media went ballistic over our posing the same questions. In late January we had asked whether a prolific Chinese scientist who was experimenting with bat coronavirus at a level-4 biolab in Wuhan China was responsible for the current outbreak of a virus which is 96% genetically identical - and which saw an explosion in cases at a wet market located just down the street.

And now this via Reuters Tuesday: "A senior Trump administration official urged China on Tuesday to allow the United States to work directly with laboratories in Wuhan on research into the novel coronavirus, saying this was critical to saving lives globally."



This is excruciatingly painful, Humans are doing this to other humans! We are at war with Evil Forces! The death toll world wide proves this fact!



I have a feeling Bill Gates might be in a LOT of Trouble very soon!

Out of bad things, some good things come. Atleast the highest levels of Government are acknowledging this.

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 08 April 2020

My Friends,

I watched the new documentary from Dr Steven Greer: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun


The Documentary is great! It is along the lines of what we are doing also, Consciousness Awakening! The Strive to Evolve!

Best wishes,


Fighter posted this 08 April 2020

Have you heard of The Venus Project?

Yes, I have been a supporter of The Venus Project and Jacque Fresco for many years.

Just like Tesla, Jacque Fresco tried his entire life to show us the way.

Very wise man and a great inventor. I'd wish to have the clarity of mind and creativity when I'll be old as this man had even when he was 101 years old !

Unfortunately he passed away and as usually we didn't listened...

Fighter posted this 09 April 2020

Just watched Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind - Contact Has Begun. Great content, it's at the same level as Dr. Greer's previous documentary, Unacknowledged.

It's kind of hard to find as its premiere was just days ago but it's worth watching it, I added it to my personal library near Unacknowledged.

For anyone wanting to know the real situation on this planet and our current status I recommend watching both of them in order, first Unacknowledged then Close Encounters.

Also as they're kind of hard to find in high quality (especially the second one) I'm sharing here links to my personal cloud where you can watch them directly (quality 1080p) or you can also download them (be aware about their sizes, the first has 2.7 GB and the second has 3.3 GB, downloading them outside Europe could take a while).

I'm doing this because the content of these documentaries is strongly and directly linked to our research and to the final goal we all have here.

So these are the links:

Enjoy !

Edit: Chris, if you find inappropriate to post these links you can delete the post, no problem.

Chris posted this 09 April 2020

Hey Fighter,

I don't have a problem with the post - It is important for sure! It is directly related to our work! Many wont understand quite yet how closely related it is!

If I get a complaint, then I may have to do something, but we will wait and see.

Thank You Fighter!


Chris posted this 09 April 2020

My Friends,

I want to thank those of you that have gone over to and told them how far ahead we really are compared to them.

There is still lots of Trolls over there, trolls like you would not believe, not the same trolls, but trolls none the less.

If they choose not to listen to reason, listen to the chimes of progress, then I am ok with that, but they should not distract from, or detract from, others moving forward! I guess that is their job - Influencers I believe the new term is.

We Humans are becoming more and more divided, its so important we do not let division separate us, but we unfortunately have no control on this!

Here, at we have working Machines, others, not here, make wild claims, here we are mostly peer reviewed! All of what we share is solid! It only requires someone to pick up the ball and start running with it!


We are Light Years Ahead!


Our list grows, and more and more see results! When new comers follow the right path, it all gets so much easier!

If we work together, and we work hard enough, we could have solar system travel standard before the decade is out!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 10 April 2020

My Friends,

There seems to be a lot of talk about Hydrogen in the media lately. One example: Hydrogen Market Tech Titans

I cant say strongly enough, this is complete FAKE NEWS!

Yes Hydrogen is a Fuel, yes its abundant, Water is everywhere. However Hydrogen has tones of problems! Many hundreds of problems! Here is a short list:

  1. Hydrogen can not be stored for long periods of Time!
  2. Hydrogen is not as efficient as Electricity!
  3. Hydrogen is expensive to develop!
  4. Hydrogen has very fine structure and can easily change its properties. The H molecule can link to other Molecules.
  5. Hydrogen is very dangerous!
  6. Hydrogen is not as transportable as you may think!
  7. It can be bulky to extract Hydrogen from Water, see below image.
  8. The list goes on and on, yes I talk from experience!


So beware! Hydrogen will never be a suitable Energy form! Ever! Electricity is the ONLY Path forward! It is the most efficient of all, and it is safe! It is easily stored and easily transported! It is easily Generated! It is by far the Cheapest pf all! It is by far the only sensible path forward!

Propaganda! The media is full of Propaganda!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 12 April 2020

My Friends,

You need to watch this:



[F] black sites are being closed [MK_active]
[CLAS 1-99: future]



This is very important! We need to be aware of this!

Oh my, the world is in a terrible state! Please beware of the evil going on right under our noses!


Best wishes,


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Chris posted this 14 April 2020

My Friends,

We live in Tough Times!

I want to send My Best wishes to everyone! Wish them Strength and Wellness to Everyone! We have never seen anything like this before! Its really bad Times! Some countries are being hit very hard by the Virus!

Financial Times are as tough as they have ever been due to the virus also! So many people are struggling like never before!

My Friends, I wish you well! Live Long and Prosper!

Best wishes my dear friends,


getreal156 posted this 15 April 2020

Hi guys,

It has been a while since I posted here , but here a few links that I think everyone should be aware of.



Fighter posted this 18 April 2020

For the first time in centuries 99% of the humankind remembers how's life when they're not slaves.

These are really very dangerous times for the other 1% which owns 90% of Earth's resources.

Vidura posted this 18 April 2020

Hey Fighter, Friends. It is really time that this extreme egoism and injustices are stopped. Two days ago we communicated by video conferencing with Fr. Charles in Nigeria.He is running a mission there, with a school for more than thousand children , with it's own health care center. They are actually pumping water for the mission and around 20 small villages around with a gasoline powered generator. He managed to store some gasoline, but due to restrictions ( Corona) the supply is not assured. They have a solar energy plant installed, but do not have the means to drive the 10hp submersible pump. We decided to help with a group of people, to provide the necessary installation to be able to connect to the solar power, plant, as we still don't have anything thing better for the moment. Nigeria is very dry during six months of the year, and many communities do not have even enough drinking water. Also we was told by Fr.Charles that people in Lagos state are going thru very bad situation, in this country there do not exist any support from the government, but people are told to stay in their homes. They are starving, dying of hunger. Youths are going crazy, they go out steeling and killing, to be finally shot or locked in prison by police or military. They say if I stay at home I will die of hunger, if I leave I also will die, but at least I have a chance to find some food. It is really heartbreaking, so sad. For how much time more we will permit this things to happen, without at least trying to change something ? It is really time that this things are stopped. We can't ignore it anymore. It is likely that in the poorest countries soon there will be more deaths from the world wide adapted lock out prevention of Corona virus than from the actual sickness, and the accompanying FEAR. I really pray that the leaders and governments came to reasons adopting critical thinking. Also encourage anyone to think what could we do actually to help somehow, any small action to reduce suffering on earth will adding and make the world a better place. Vidura.

Chris posted this 18 April 2020

Vidura, That's a terrible situation!

It breaks my heart that so much suffering is occurring! I wish we could do more to alleviate this suffering! 

What we, here, are sharing takes some work, its a bit tricky to get working properly, and when working, small amounts of power are in excess of the Input, several to tens of watts over and above the Input. I am not yet at the Floyd Sweet stage!

One Technology they can use, its well known, is Bio Cell:


For pumping Water, a Hydraulic Ram Pump, over 300 years old:


A pulse Jet:


A Jet:


A Series:


Or a single video:



We Humans can do so much better! We need to get rid of the Governments that keep us Poor and Hold us back!

We see an example of the WEALTH of Sharing!

We have to take control of our futures! We have to do this ourselves and do this together! We must work for a sustainable future! With sustainable Technologies! We have the Tech, it only needs more people sharing and working on it!

WE The people have the Power! We only need realise it!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 19 April 2020

My Friends,

This is HUGE, MUST Watch:


The WHO, World Health Organisation, is Crooked and is going down, as is Bill Gates and his Gates Foundation! Evil is going to see JUSTICE!

Evil is going to GITMO for good, no more Freedom for these Crooks!

Best wishes,


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getreal156 posted this 22 April 2020

Another ' must see/hear '  interview.

Fighter posted this 28 April 2020

It's official now, Pentagon just released officially 3 videos showing UFOs. It's nothing new for us but now it's official: we have unknown ships not built by us (they defies the laws of physics as we know it) flying on the sky of our planet. They needed about 80 years to officially admit what was so obvious.

Zanzal posted this 28 April 2020

I'm pretty sure the UFO stuff is a "laser pointer." People who won't accept the programming are like cats, and they can't be controlled, but you can distract them and lead them around in circles with a laser pointer.

Fighter posted this 28 April 2020

I disagree. These ships are not ours and they've been here for a long time, probably since we appeared on this planet.

And there is another thing, they fly in our skies at "impossible" speeds, making "impossible" maneuvers showing us the potential of the technologies which are ahead of us. What we're experimenting with here is just the energy part of the technologies they already have and they're showing to us.

Chris posted this 01 May 2020

My Friends,

The real power of the GOOD People is soon to become in the view, in the News of the Public!

I urge you again to view this video:


Give it a thumbs up and also share it with your friends!

Again, listen carefully, listen to the jokes, they are not jokes:


Its all the truth! Bad jokes are all true! That's what is so sad!

Please Visit the website: Q Research, and see what is going on! See what is being done! Be part of the Glorious Future! Free of Evil People!

I said it before, Wuhan Bio Lab was where the virus was from, well, we see in the news: President Trump Confirms "High Degree Of Confidence" That COVID-19 Originated In Wuhan Lab: Live Updates

What happened in the FBI:


Very soon, many many people are going to JAIL! A lot of guilty people are very soon going to see JUSTICE as they should! Not just Ex-FBI but many people that have done the WRONG THINGS for a long time!

The Future is going to be Glorious! Prepare yourselves, some of whats coming may shock you!

Best wishes,


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Ourbobby posted this 02 May 2020

The dilemma facing humanity is basically supply and demand! Society has evolved to protect one set of people at the expence of the less fortunate. As a result, as the corona-virus has illustrated, a collapse in our current social structure, is completely possible due basically to the current notion of society stability based upon the notion of supply and demand.

It is the very nature of humans to be independent. Socialisation within our species is only enabled as a means of survival from ourselves and our counterparts. The more we interweave constraint and control, we weaken our ability to survive. This would be as a direct result of the programming - indoctrination - of society to the notion of conformity to behaviour. It's a simple process that gives all the appropriate signals needed to satisfy our likely concerns regarding security and wellbeing.

This is the model our societies work to. It has at its foundation the premise that members of the society jointly have their common interests and safety as a unifying mantra. Unfortunately, the system is flawed insomuch as it enable division due to unbalanced reward systems that permit individuals to benefit at the expense of other community/society members.

What is the answer? You tell me!

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  • Chris
Chris posted this 02 May 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

What is certain is Societal Models we have tried are all flawed! The same basic animal instincts are there and those with very lowly evolved Souls:

  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Envy
  • Pride



  • Acedia
  • Vainglory


are all subjected to the worst of Actions! But we have to ask, are these virtues sins?

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices, or cardinal sins, is a grouping and classification of vices within Christian teachings, although it does not appear explicitly in the Bible. Behaviours or habits are classified under this category if they directly give birth to other immoralities. According to the standard list, they are pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth, which are also contrary to the seven heavenly virtues. These sins are often thought to be abuses or excessive versions of one's natural faculties or passions (for example, gluttony abuses one's desire to eat, to consume).

This classification originated with the desert fathers, especially Evagrius Ponticus, who identified seven or eight evil thoughts or spirits that one needed to overcome. Evagrius' pupil John Cassian, with his book The Institutes, brought the classification to Europe, where it became fundamental to Catholic confessional practices as evident in penitential manuals, sermons like "The Parson's Tale" from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and artworks like Dante's Purgatory (where the penitents of Mount Purgatory are depicted as being grouped and penanced according to the worst capital sin they committed). The Catholic Church used the concept of the deadly sins in order to help people curb their inclination towards evil before dire consequences and misdeeds could occur; the leader-teachers especially focused on pride (which is thought to be the sin that severs the soul from grace, and the one that is representative and the very essence of all evil) and greed, both of which are seen as inherently sinful and as underlying all other sins to be prevented. To inspire people to focus on the seven deadly sins, the vices are discussed in treatises and depicted in paintings and sculpture decorations on Catholic churches as well as older textbooks.


Is it a sin to take pride in manufacturing a Tool for others? Is it a Sin to lust for your Wife or Husband? Is it a sin to want for a better lifestyle? Is it a sin to go out and have a nice meal now and again?

I don't think the Seven Deadly Sins are very well explained! 

To gain at the expense of Others is a Sin! To take advantage of others is a Sin! To be honest I think we all know, deep down, what is a Sin! Evil is a Sin, Evil does everything for gain, everything others would not do! Evil is a Sin!

Do I have the answers? No I don't! Together we do! Together we must stop all that is Evil! One Race, One future, Together!

The Documentary: Out of the Shadows


We need a Star Trek Future!

Let Explorers Explore, Let Scientists be Scientists, Let people be who they want to be, within the guidelines of Good and advancement of Human and Other Races and Species.

Look at what we can do when we put our minds and will to it:


We have the Technology! We only need the Will to Evolve!

Best wishes,


Ourbobby posted this 02 May 2020

The onrush of technology has provided many comforts and aids to out short life spans. It would appear, that Murphy's law rules about doubling of technology. But while technology comes as an aid, it also casts a sinister shadow with its powerful control. As we proceed forwards with our modern evolution, do we not forget some of the basic elements that enabled humanity to climb out of the mire? We now have become indulgent societies, and have grown to expect an entitled way of life. Basic lifestyle attitudes have, but, almost disappeared. Losing these will have a profound effect on future generations that will become totally dependent upon technology. Expectations of the supply of technology and subsequent service demands seem to becoming the norm. Each new generation has increased expectations. Their struggles will be what we cannot foresee. Morality, such as the seven Deadly sins, will be classified not so much upon personal behaviour, but, behaviour to the standards of the day. We at the moment are witness to this, with the breakdown of idealised personal attributes handed down to us, for example, by the Victorian authoritarian era.

It is indeed a brave soul that is able to stand up and predict the future. Living on a lonely planet where we do not know how close our nearest neighbouring planet with inhabitants is, should be a wake up call. But it is not. We actually do not know when a next global catastrophe from a Spacial impact is likely to occur and the devastation it might cause. Even an impact upon another planet within our solar system will likely cause much grief. While the human race is generally an optimist bunch, planning for the future is generally short objective motivated. Because, we can only plan so far ahead. We are unable to calculate the future. We can plan for a future, but, how do we cater for all the obstacles and eventualities? Most of which are unknown for us today. What if Coronavirus Mk2 or Mk3 comes along. Or some fruitcake, working in a private lab unleashes a totally uncontrollable pandemic?

The human race is Nomadic and curious by nature. Undoubtedly, space travel will eventuate. So too will the stuff of Sci Fi movies. That is, our dream. To conquer and master the universe. The only obstacle in our way is ourselves! We are clever enough to translate our dreams into fact. Are we clever enough to bring everyone along with us?

I wish you well.

Chris posted this 02 May 2020

Hey Ourbobby,

Wise words My Friend! I agree with what you say!

I have seen lately, a new founded friendly togetherness between strangers, not observed prior to the current pandemic.

From bad things, good things come!

Its a real shame we must first suffer to realise what we really are and who we are!

Lets be honest, this pandemic is already a suspect for Human error or possibly a deliberate event.

I think Humanity is worked too hard, too long and suffers far to much turmoil! Family, love thy brother, love thy Sister, love everyone, we must be wise and realise what we have before it is too late! Too much has been taken from us, must we loose more before we can be one big happy family?

Its not too late!

We can make change today!

I wish everyone well, safety and please call that person you have not spoken to, say "Gidday Mate, nice to hear your voice, how are things?". I have not spoken to my brother for many years, I don't know where he is, I think of him often as I do the rest of my family.

We humans can do so much better!

Best wishes,


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Chris posted this 02 May 2020

My Friends,

A really good example of my last post:


This video is excellent!

Best wishes,


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Chris posted this 06 May 2020

My Friends,

A question and an Answer is posed here. We have an answer to the Question: 


We are ready for Change, we have to evolve!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 07 May 2020

My Friends,

A great documentary!


Its very true, we are being slowly poisoned! Some say and its been known a long time, that this was done deliberately by the elite! All the GMO Poisson Food! Population control!

Beware, its an enlightening Documentary!

Best wishes,


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Chris posted this 09 May 2020

My Friends,

I risk a copyright strike on this one. I want everyone to think of today, and tomorrow, the Generations to come!


A New Age is coming, we are on the verge of this new Age, The Age of Aquarius, the path to the Golden Age!


I quote the video:

"You all are offered a choice, you either pave the way to a new Humanity, or you wait, let someone else fix is and you all go down in an Apocalypse" - Prevail Together! Or Parrish!


We are trying! So hard! To change the world, to become one, together! Be part of something better! Together we can have a glorious Future!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


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Chris posted this 22 May 2020

My Friends,

Please watch this, download, save this, its more important than we could imagine: Plandemic


My oh my, what a mess, the would needs 1/3rd of the Population to go to Jail. The Criminally Corrupt Elite need to be held accountable! The Plandemic website is now gone!

Guess what:


Yep, YouTube Video Removed, name was: XUI, they still removed it. My goodness, the video was: UnListed!!!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 22 May 2020

My Friends,

I really wanted to stay away from this subject. However, I feel it is important, I feel that this may possible save some lives.

Water Purification Solution, MMS or Chlorine Dioxide Solution or CDS:


Now, I cant say any more, other than quote others, this may be of use:




There is always lots of scams out there. Much of the MMS Stuff is CENSORED to the Extreme! So do your own homework! I am not a Doctor, this information is only intended for your perusal. This is in NO WAY Medical Advice!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Chris posted this 22 May 2020

My Friends,

Three posts today alone, please also read above. If you have already, then this video is extremely important also:


JUSTICE is coming! Q Do it, asap Please! Educate My Friends, its important!


Best wishes, stay safe and well,


cd_sharp posted this 23 May 2020

Hey, Chris

Amazing video, the previous one. It is incomplete. This looks like it's the complete version:

Zanzal posted this 23 May 2020

JUSTICE is coming! Q Do it, asap Please! Educate My Friends, its important!


Chris posted this 23 May 2020

Yes Sir,



For those that may not know: Where We Go 1 We Go All. The WHOLE World is in this! Together! Make America Great Again, or Make Australia Great Again. MAGA wink

This world is in such a mess! If Q turns out to be not on our side, we are screwed! If Q is who we think he is, then Q will be the Greatest American Hero of All Time! Remember the series:


I support Q! And Q+, or Team Q. I am so tired of the Corruption in this world, so tired of the Evil People always getting away with the worst of all crimes, Crimes against Humanity! I know many of us are!

We must get our House in Order, and do it quickly! Times ahead might not be as good as some think! If our House is not in Order, then Humanity will not survive! Coronavirus is just the start! 

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Fighter posted this 24 May 2020

I saw "The Family" series on Netflix and I saw photos of Trump as a member of "the brotherhood".

A group using Jesus' name but having a dirty agenda which can select presidents since 1953.

Unfortunately I'm afraid Trump is one of them, not against them...

Considering that his uncle was involved in confiscating Nikola Tesla's papers after the genius died, it makes a lot of sense.

Personally I don't see Trump as fighting the so called "elite" but as one of their pawns. I don't expect anything good happening from him.

Sorry, just my opinion...

Augenblick posted this 24 May 2020

I reviewed those links, Fighter. Thanks. I was not aware of that Netflix series.

Here's some earnest observations:

  • NBC is one of (Soros) anti-Trump disinformation (fake news) networks.
  • Netflix has contract with the Obama's for (socialist propaganda) history revisionism videos.
  • The "Family" series has essential historical errors.
  • Tesla bragged about creating weapon tech. U.S. showed no interest.
  • Tesla thus sold "death ray" tech to a Soviet Union weapons supplier for $25K.
  • Tesla's nephew had connections to communist party, looking for his uncle's documents.
  • John G. Trump checked whether Tesla's inventions would “constitute a hazard in unfriendly hands”.
  • J. Trump developed non-weapon tech (cancer/water treatment devices; radar).
  • Tesla's papers (copies existed elsewhere already) were given to the museum after inspection.
  • Donald Trump scuttles globalist plans for the U.S., it's allies, and the world. (king vs. pawn?)
  • Trump promotes an armed citizenry against the essential socialist objective: disarm everyone.
  • Trump is a business man, not a politician. Thus America was thriving, pre-plan-demic.
  • Trump believes in the sovereignty of nations, not tyrannical globalism.

Some links:

Being skeptically non-political, I have not voted in many past elections, but I have actively challenged the authoritarian State.

Yes, Chris, "Make Australia Great Again",  and KAG!


Chris posted this 24 May 2020

Hey Augenblick, 

That's true, we do have to be careful of Propaganda! Everything seems to be Propaganda these days, its a real shame we have to battle so much bad information! It is pushed by all three letter organisations and also by all governments! 

As you point out, all major news organisations are owned by Soros or one of his Minions.

We can not trust the Elite's, this is very clearly evident and anyone that does, is not educated, they are brain washed!

Yes, KAG Keep All Countries Great, but the A could mean America or Australia, but I think we need to think on a Global Scale.

No one should be left behind!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Wistiti posted this 24 May 2020

Hi guys !

I dont post so much this last time cause i use my free time with family and house care...

Sorry Chris my friend but I don't agree with you about Trump.

I think everyone "prove" who's he is with the respect they have with the life and mother earth...

As I see it until now he is working only for he's interest and have no much to care abouts others or life generally...

For me life is the most important gift we have and everyone with is differences is important to evolve. It is the human diversity.

It is easy to conclusion... life is simple and easy.

WE complicate it. 😉

Take care !

Fighter posted this 25 May 2020

I don't think that Soros or Jews or whoever forced Trump to take photos with those so called "elite" morons.

And I saw how racist he is, it matches the "vision" of the so called "elite" about the humankind.

Sorry, that guy is not on our side. Will never be.

I'll stop posting on this subject, don't want political fights here. Just wanted to warn you guys to not expect too much from that guy.

Augenblick posted this 25 May 2020

Wistiti. I see your point, and also attempt to keep life simple. Others like to complicate it, and to what purpose ... control and power.

Perhaps one would have to live in the States to see what has happened in the past few years, compared to the drastic decline in the past several globalist regimes. It is noticeable. We left one of the most totalitarian and still-declining states run by gangsters, abject racists, that try to keep some enslaved through poverty and false promise, even open racial ridicule, as demonstrated this week by a clueless presidential candidate.

... an awakening in progress ...

Beware of false press promoted by globalist's "pocket" reporters, worldwide.

There is surely a nefarious agenda, as Chris has demonstrated. The globalists oppose Trump at every turn, and unendingly project their own misdeeds upon him, like the good socialists they are. Many are convinced by their propaganda.

Trust in no man. Seek truth.


Augenblick posted this 25 May 2020

I agree, Fighter. I don't think anyone hates anyone or any race/nation/people in this forum.

It's only observation of some facts that come to mind, in objective fairness, that we may candidly iterate without intent to affront. Scientists are often guilty of that, while not intending to be political. Dialog leads to arbitration of thought and enlightenment.

AboveUnity (this thread, moreso), is a safe-house for us to join in and express our opinions without  contempt. It's balanced to see another's perspective. The truth lies somewhere in our discussions and sharing. Chris was very bold to express his thoughts and convictions. There is a lot of content to consider here.

There are some of us that abhore our loss of freedoms, and will voice our opinions of those actors we feel are responsible, without malice. Perhaps one can accept another's anger, knowing that there may be a real cause behind it.

By all means ... I enjoy your perspective. It enabled me to take time to research things I wasn't aware of. Thank you!


Chris posted this 25 May 2020

Hey Guys,

All are welcome to their opinions and views! I am not going to debate others views and opinions.

I do think we over complicate things, but others out there, are trying to control with every move! Pure evil is abundant in our race! Its a hard truth to face!

We must get our House in Order, and with Evil People at the top it is impossible to do that!

I agree, seek the Truth, then sooner or later, at the very minimum they will be exposed. Truly, for our race to evolve, we truly must do more than just seek truth, we must stop and protect against this Evil! So many are helpless, victims of this Evil! Every being deserves to be protected! The mentality we humans have had imposed upon us, survival of the fittest, is not how humanity should live! We do though! The lengths that some go to for a dollar, it is beyond disgusting! 

I live a poor mans life, because I refuse to go to the lengths some do!

Most of us do, now, live in poverty or close to it, while the 1%'s bring home more in 1 Hour, than many others, entire years income! 

Humanity can not evolve unless we get our house in order!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Augenblick posted this 28 May 2020

One Mountain Cannot Contain Two Tigers

The Secret Speech of General Chi

As explained in Gen. Chi’s speech, the Chinese Communist Party’s intention is to militarily defeat, occupy, and colonize the United States. This plan has been confirmed by a Russian defector source who worked in China and had information about a joint Sino-Russian plan to invade North America. This plan was drawn up in 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union. The division of spoils was described thus: “Russia would get Alaska and parts of Canada. China would get the lower 48 states, with other countries invited in for ‘looting rights.’” - J. R. Nyquist

"We must prepare ourselves for two scenarios. If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half of its population would perish."

If China sacrificed 1/2 of its population, it would still be 600 million strong. They may be months ahead of the world in recovery from the COVID-19 plandemic; a tactical advantage.

China-India Standoff

China - U.S Conflict

China Logistics

Whatever one may feel about America, if it falls, imagine what happens to the rest of the free world if the CCP rules.

"I’m very excited today, because the large-scale online survey that was done for us showed that our next generation is quite promising and our party’s cause will be carried on. In answering the question, “Will you shoot at women, children and prisoners of war,” more than 80 percent of the respondents answered in the affirmative, exceeding by far our expectations.

Today I’d like to focus on why we asked to conduct this online survey among our people. My speech today is a sequel to my speech last time, during which I started with a discussion of the issue of the three islands, [where I] mentioned that 20 years of the idyllic theme of “peace and development” had come to an end, and concluded that modernization under the saber is the only option for China’s next phase. I also mention we have a vital stake overseas. Today, I’ll speak more specifically on these two issues.

The central issue of this survey appears to be whether one should shoot at women, children and prisoners of war, but its real significance goes far beyond that. Ostensibly, our intention is mainly to figure out what the Chinese people’s attitude toward war is: If these future soldiers do not hesitate to kill even non-combatants, they’ll naturally be doubly ready and ruthless in killing combatants. Therefore, the responses to the survey questions may reflect the general attitude people have towards war.

Actually, however, this is not our genuine intention. The purpose of the CCP Central Committee in conducting this survey is to probe people’s minds. We wanted to know: If China’s global development will necessitate massive deaths in enemy countries, will our people endorse that scenario? Will they be for or against it?

As everybody knows, the essence of Comrade Xiaoping’s thinking is “development is the hard truth.” And Comrade Jintao, has also pointed out repeatedly and emphatically that “development is our top priority,” which should not be neglected for even a moment. But many comrades tend to understand “development” in its narrow sense, assuming it to be limited to domestic development. The fact is, our “development” refers to the great revitalization of the Chinese nation, which, of course, is not limited to the land we have now but also includes the whole world."

If you find any of this interesting, or coincidental, read the entire text at the link above.


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Chris posted this 28 May 2020

Hi Augenblick,

Seems there is a lot of Propaganda, trying to push the narrative. China is a Pawn, the Elite are using China as the Big Brother, or the Bully. War might just be inevitable, China is building for something, but lets hope it is avoidable!

Google trying to CONTROL the narrative: Google Drive Takes Down Personal Copy Of "Plandemic" Video above for your pleasure!

More Google: Sen. Hawley Demands Google Explain "Long Pattern Of Censorship" After YouTube Comments Scandal

Lately I cant help that we have entered a new Time Line!

Things have changed, I have no doubt about this, some existing predictions not occurring, the likes of Baba Vanga saying Obama would be the last US President and so on...

I hope, I pray we have good times ahead, if we all do the right things we do have the power to change the predicted future, but only if make an effort for change!

My Hopes, wishes, and prayers for all on this Globe, I hope all is well and our Future is great!


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Chris posted this 28 May 2020

My Friends,

Its easy to get Mad these days with whats going on, just one example:

French Intelligence Warned Of 'Catastrophic Leak' From Wuhan Lab

Eleven years before the joint construction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, French intelligence services warned Paris that China's reputation for poor bio-security could lead to a 'catastrophic leak,' according to the Daily Mail.

In 2004, the EU's chief brexit negotiator, Michael Barnier, ignored those warnings - signing off on the lab's construction when he was the French foreign minister.

Ref: Zerohedge


Instead of getting mad, lets get even, get one up on these criminals!

Learn what we are sharing, become a family that no longer needs the Governments and Corporates any longer! Build our Technology and share it!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 05 June 2020

My Friends,

The news article: Researchers Retract Botched Anti- Hydroxychloroquine Study Which Was Used To Attack Trump


The study, published on May 22 in the UK's prestegious Lancet medical journal, relied on bogus data from a company called Surgisphere, which would not transfer the full dataset for an independent review, and "can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources."

It wasn't just the WHO who used it to knock HCQ either - as the study was heavily relied upon by the left to mock President Trump for taking the drug.

The entire study was fake. Congratulations on using garbage science from con artists to scare sick people away from potentially life-saving treatment. Hope the dank anti-Trump burns were worth it.


This is a joke! Media is out right lying! Fake news articles seen all the time, why?

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 05 June 2020

My Friends,

This one is a beauty!

In Rare Statement, Soros Denies Paying Protesters To Riot


This is such  joke, why this guy is still free, I just don't know! Lets look at some facts:

Following accusations that paid protesters are hijacking the George Floyd protests and inciting riots, George Soros' Open Society Foundation has issued a rare statement claiming that he - nor anyone else, is funding the chaos.

Introducing the statement, Spokesman Michael Vachon writes:

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are being used to spread the now familiar and thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory that George Soros and the Open Society Foundations are paying people to protest, in this case over the murder of George Floyd. We are appalled by this attempt to delegitimize the genuine outpouring of anger and concern from people in the U.S. and around the world.



Open Society's statement claims that "We abhor violence of any kind, and will not allow the destructive acts of a few to distract us from the crucial work of coming together and forging a better future for all of our neighbors."

Soros then claims that the Open Society Foundation nor "any other" are funding protests.

Those protesting the death of Mr. Floyd and police brutality across the nation do so out of a deep and abiding concern for their country; they don't do so for pay from these foundations or any other, as some cynics claim. Such assertions are false, offensive, and do a disservice to the very bedrock of our democracy, as enshrined in the First Amendment


Many began to question whether the protests have an organized, staged component after piles of mysterious bricks were discovered in major protest towns, and a video of what appears to be an organizer paying a protester emerged. 




Soros' statement comes days after a hoax flyer appeared in Washington State claiming that the Thurston County Democrats was seeking "a professional anarchist" with funding supplied by the Open Society Foundation.

While that was , this wouldn't be the first time leftists have conspired to disrupt otherwise peaceful events. In 2016, Clinton operative Robert Creamer - who visited the Obama white house nearly 350 times - 'stepped back' from his role as an organizer after a Project Veritas undercover video revealed a discussion on paying agitators to incite violence at Trump rallies in 2016.

"One of the things we do is we stage very authentic grassroots protests right in their faces at their own events. Like, we infiltrate," said Creamer's former minion, Scott Foval.

Soros has donated early $90 million to feminist groups which were behind January, 2017 protests of Donald Trump's inauguration.


Soros has been caught doing this stuff before, he does fund Antifa, and Antifa is a revamped Nazi group that was a WWII Group:



We, the people need to, desperately need to, wake up and see this is a fight for control, Good vs Evil, Riots paid for, by those that want control!



"Trump will disappear in 2020 or even sooner." - WHAT??? Is that a threat?




Was George Lucas telling us something:


Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,




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Augenblick posted this 05 June 2020

Piles of BRICKS mysteriously sprouting up near riot hotspots all over US

Piles of BRICKS mysteriously sprouting up near riot hotspots all over US have journalists demanding answers

There are also accounts of guns being left in alleys at some locations.

Will there also be justice for the black business owners that have lost their livelihood because of rioting?


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Augenblick posted this 05 June 2020

For those interested in viewing multiple demonstrations simultaneously:

Blazing Press News

The host also has a good trove of COVID-19 videos. He was ahead of the curve ...


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

My Friends,

This is one awesome video:


Sad, but happy, amazing.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,



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Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

My Friends,

This video explains a lot, why we don't trust our leaders and why we are in such trouble:


I have come to a similar conclusion i recent years!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

My Friends,

Somewhat of a confirmation by Q:


There we have it, confirmation of Control of Humanity by an Outside force:

>Coordinated? By who? Outside entity providing instructions?


If you want to read Q's Posts, please visit: or




We have been compromised, its been going on for a LONG LONG TIME! 

We must rid our Planet of this Outside Force! Forever! Take the Power Back!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 1 weeks ago

My Friends:


Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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