My Friends,

I want to encourage everyone doing the work, start with a Benchmark!


What is a Benchmark:

a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared. E.G: "the pay settlement will set a benchmark for other employers and workers"


So, start with your input Coil, your Partnered Output Coils, but deliberately leave the Third Coil, L3 disconnected!

Measure your Transformer Efficiency! Documents it, have this Figure as your, this is Basis Electromagnetic induction as a Baseline for my machine, and then, before you move ahead, check it, test your Transformer again.

NOTE: You will need to find your best Frequency, set to say a 10% Duty Cycle.


Now, Experiment, Add the Third Coil to your Circuit, Load it,focus on getting the best Sawtooth Waveform you can!

Now, measure! How much better off are you? How much worse off are you, then use this Benchmark to make progress from there.

Today, I have explained, again, how Energy is added to the System, like the Tom Bearden Heat Pump Example, L3 out second Partnered Output Coil is Adding Energy to the System!



As well as many other places here on this forum.

So, to make steps forward, find what steps make for improvement in the machine! Remember, L3, your Second Partnered Output Coil must add Energy to the System, it Assists the Input, makes for a greater Forward M.M.F.

So, using the Benchmark, say 85% with 3000 Hz and Duty of 10% but connecting POC 2, we get 90% then we have gained 5% Energy by adding L3, L3 has added 5% Energy to the System.


The more efficient this process is, the greater the Gain will be from your baseline!

Best wishes,