POC under permanent magnetic field.

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Himrael posted this 23 September 2020

Development of a compact nitrogen radical source by helicon-wave discharge  employing a permanent magnet - ScienceDirect

Schematic of the Helicon Plasma Source. | Download Scientific Diagram

Helicon plasma source is known as efficient generator of uniform and high density plasma.Floyd Sweet VTA - Magnet Conditioning Confusion

notice the helical antennas on plasma chamber are bucking coils. the magnetic field focuses the interaction point axially in the center of the core. what everyone here has already done in this forum just put permanent magnets or a coil powered by dc around your coil and see if there is any difference.

here are some videos


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Himrael posted this 23 September 2020

alohalaoha posted this video earlier

and Chris posted this translation 

so hello everyone happy to welcome my
laboratories in general, I decided not
reanimate or reanimate your
the system that I showed everyone on the video
in the woods near the car not right there from
the coil from it is lying there in the corner I
decided to do a little differently and in
principle it turned out it turned out maybe
not be as powerful as
me then in the clearing but it doesn't matter
now, in principle, the very fact that
you can do anything and how much
anything and any power means well for
in order to start yes that is everything
believe that this is not a varnish, oh
yes, that is, this is a battery - we will remove it in
so this is a normal load here they are two
wires here they go go go on
light bulbs now i press the button nothing
then under the tables under the chairs we
we are not observing anything, as it were
absolutely no extra wires
no gay yes behind masks nothing
you see everything that is everything is clear and clean
grounding means how will I prove it
grounding is easy, so I take it for
bare wire he and delirium into the ground and
nowhere else earth so
mother does not hit, we all know that well
I will deliberately open the lid and unscrew the bolt
and I will show that this is not a divorce
real land here it is here I take it
here you go
how I want that's nothing at all that is
the computer will work
I forgot about myself here right now I would burn
well, why would I strike it well?
this is an ordinary welding wire 25
we hang it back
yes to achieve someone already with us so now
twist it here so that's it
order we close our resonant
generator so what else means the most
the main thing is the frequency multiplicity and understand
what happens in this system that is
current pushing occurs in other words
we do what we generate strong
magnetic field then just simply this
push the magnetic field with
high voltage which is
happens in this place she gets
using tesla coil means system
unfortunately not very stable here
so this is just a smoke version of the deme
the device means nothing more than what and what
here over here diode bridge capacitor
or marine 2 2 control relays
buttons and no left connections here
in general, it’s just that
for glass I wanted to make glass
did not become a regular power supply 24
volts and 220 volts means we supply
that we supply 12 volts to the system
power the system with 12 volts it
starts now we press start system
has risen disconnect the battery
we won't need it anymore
the system works how to prove that
the system works up to easy it is with us
earth is our load press the button
bulbs are on here total power 2
kilowatts burn very brightly, but maybe
to be two kilowatts, I did not reach here
since the voltage is on the tester
we put a constant current before we connect to
I show the light bulbs what's at the exit
DC will not turn over now
cons of this
on the tester here you are
at 203 202 I then had 198 this
no matter the lamp is on, it will be healthy at all
it’s impossible to even put out the light here
well, all great lighting and no need
on whom to depend and in no way everything
it works, so I lowered the frequencies
here the pot whistles slightly it is possible
but that is what they call this ferrite but
in fact, I would also like to say
that ferries work at such frequencies
really can't, that's why it's not necessary
mock him a little to raise
the frequency here is now 16 kilohertz here
then what concerns under if I will not
close to bring the camera out
means the wire is thin 0 3 mm
dangles with a thick wire comes here
here i have a controlled tesla to
Sorry, she's moody, creepy it in
in principle, the system is crappy here
use couture driven couture
which will turn on in the floor wave and
push current in general, that's such a garbage here
it's impossible to even look at the light
camera in Moscow, well, something like this
the whole thing is up and running, chu can say
well, if it's kind of interesting that is
I honestly told you what Romanov said
about an oscillatory circuit with one
half stable other unstable
think about it and why
what pushes current current push voltage
voltage is high from couture and current u
crazy with why because
crazy magnetic field in inductors
coil everything looks like a classic
Tesla for some reason hides Islam here
so makar that is the inductor at the bottom
from above the whole coil that is, 100 beats
coil stability will be on top here
already reflected waves will go and
standing wave here is about the same
the most
well, something is shorter here it works
economy, let's measure it again
the tension there marvel wilds warmed up
probably already
so there will not be 202 volts 201 where there
the tape warmed up a little, I am and be healthy
see constantly
we put natural to 204 volts shorter
how to show nonsense because
on these wires along the way now
moving high treble
stress because all the bulls*it works
that is, if someone is in such miracles
do not believe but sorry to prove anything
I won't be stupid
that is, Nikola Tesla always said if
do you want to make a note back
voltage systems your chances are equal
zero if you want to self-feed
using the magnetic field your chances
are equal
the very success you are now
you will see that is, this is the system it is
this is how it works and in fact there is nothing here
no complicated the only thing for that
so that her
let's say industry use
there either I don't know to put on the stream or
something like that, well, you have to do
normal this very normal
phase-locked loop so as not to run away
frequency well and think about that
of course stable, by the way
now I'm thinking about what to do
kapanadze the Russian system
so most likely 4 bulbs of 500
watt and the system works please all
like a classic, what I already have for you
showed this installation the coil was working
rewound and changed a little frequency but
it doesn’t matter so it’s like
what i wanted to tell you i think that
already told these are shorter
talking pies
I hope you have an idea in your head
how all this is happening now
forget that the oscillating circuit
such a resonance
very good friends with Tesla like this
here is a little tip
why do many people say
shout at us a diagram and there is still such a thing
in fact, a diagram is born in my head
different means well, I wanted to show what else
one interesting thing is that the system
a little light is shining beautifully now
when I put out here the backlight I made here
so well it certainly is so small
blogging my now purely for fun
there the backlight shines there LEDs and
the very tip of the fans is red
this LED is bright white
shorter than 10 glass by it's simple
in order to believe well and
load of 2 kilowatts here already of course
then nothing is visible burns unreal in
my eyes are shining so I hope you like
understandable well, although in principle, many wind
the coils are trying to squeeze out something with it
nothing succeeds
well, this is natural that is, as it should
work a little to understand
how the oscillating circuit works and in
principle, this is the reel that the shark shook
she is not quite right here
to personal reel she is a little better there
three three separate coils which
properly separate
oscillating circuit separate removable
the coil is given which it is just stupid on
the diode bridge goes directly without any
generally yaki well inductor which is usual
induction whole shark used
the q wave because
induction he when
here's a crazy magnetic field that's us and
everything must be achieved in short
dare the bulbs are burning impossible here
they are already being fried like this

here is the interesting bit about what he is saying

I honestly told you what Romanov said
about an oscillatory circuit with one
half stable other unstable
think about it and why
what pushes current current push voltage
voltage is high from couture and current u
crazy with why because
crazy magnetic field in inductors
coil everything looks like a classic
Tesla for some reason hides Islam here
so makar that is the inductor at the bottom
from above the whole coil that is, 100 beats
coil stability will be on top here

the stable part will be the permanent magnetic field which is unidirectional (on his setup the two large outer coils, same direction wound and in series, powered by DC) and the unstable part will be the bucking coils who are oscillating. these two parts together will create through compression and relaxation the extra energy. put another way compare waving your hand in air v.s waving your hand on top of water, permanent magnetic field in this example is water, just visual aid. 

the DC powered coil in the end device will be replaced by permanent magnets. therefore consider the dc input power null.

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Himrael posted this 23 September 2020

Helicon waves are waves in low-temperature, partially ionized plasmas in a dc magnetic field
(B-field). The study of helicons involves both ion–neutral collisions and Larmor orbits, even
when the B-field is uniform. Helicon discharges are ionized by helicon waves generated by a
radiofrequency (RF) antenna. Interest in helicon discharges arose because of the high plasma
densities they generate compared with other RF sources at comparable powers. The
semiconductor industry has not taken advantage of this, even since the possible use of
permanent magnets for the B-field has been demonstrated. Nonetheless, a large literature on
helicons has evolved because of the numerous problems these discharges posed and the
interesting physics found in their solutions.

11. Conundrums and insights

Throughout the history of helicons numerous problems have
arisen in the behavior of these discharges. As one mystery
was solved, another would appear. It is like the peeling of an
onion: each layer reveals another one underneath. Here we
shall describe some of these layers.
(1) Why does the amplitude oscillate along the cylinder?
The solution was given in the previous section: it is due to
the beating of simultaneous excitation of waves with two
values of k.
(2) Why is a right-helical antenna better than a left-helical
HELIC calculations show a higher value of plasma
resistance R for the m = +1 mode than for the m = −1
mode. If by right-helical antenna we mean one that
launches an m = +1 mode in the ‘downstream’ direction
away from an endplate, this is expected since the mode
patterns of figure 5 show stronger fields at the edge for the
+1 mode.
(3) What causes the high ionization efficiency?
This was found to be due partly to the TG mode, whose
fields are necessary to satisfy the boundary conditions at
the confining radial wall.
(4) Why does an endplate behind the antenna increase n?
This is caused by the reflected wave, as shown in figure 18.
(5) Why is the density peaked at the center?
The density has to decrease radially so that Maxwellian
electrons can create an E-field pointing outward, pushing
the ions out. If the density were low on the axis, ions
would be pushed inward by the E-field and could only
escape to the endplates at their slow thermal speeds. The
central density would then build up until it is highest there.
(6) Why is the ion temperature so high?
E Scime et al have contributed extensively to the science
of helicons. One of their discoveries is that the ion
temperature is much higher than would be expected from
thermal equilibrium with the neutral gas. This was
attributed to ion Landau damping at the lower-hybrid
(7) Why is a half-wavelength antenna better than a fullwavelength one?
It would seem reasonable that a full-wavelength helical
antenna would have a narrower spectrum and would
couple better to the plasma than the usual half-wavelength
antenna. But it was found [130] (figure 32) that the
opposite is true. This has not yet been explained.
(8) Why is the discharge sometimes hard to ignite?
When an RF pulse is applied to the antenna, a few electrons
from the cosmic ray background are accelerated, strike
neutral atoms, and cause an avalanche, which starts the
ionization process. At low pressures and small diameters,ignition may not occur; and then it is necessary to start
the plasma at high pressure, say 30–40 mTorr, and then
reduce to the operating pressure. Breakdown is more
easily achieved at 27 MHz than at 13 MHz.
(9) Are helicons actually electrostatic, not electromagnetic,
The antenna mechanism of figure 7 shows that
electrostatic fields are an essential element of this
inductive discharge. In the absence of full scans of Efields in a helicon discharge, we show HELIC calculations
of these fields. Figure 33 shows radial plots of |B| and |E|
for the H and TG modes separately. The H-mode has |B|
slightly peaked on axis and |E|slightly peaked at the edge,
while the TG mode has both strongly localized to the edge.
Although it would seem that the E-field, reaching 700 V at
the edge, is dominant, it is the RF magnetic field that has most
of the wave energy, as shown in figure 34. Thus, a helicon
discharge is still quite different from a capacitive discharge,
in spite of the fact that the RF energy enters mainly through
electric fields at the edge.

some interestng facts about helicons, there are many research papers on them. they call the unexpected heating landau damping , non ohmic heating, collisionless heating,whisler waves...etc.

full article

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Himrael posted this 23 September 2020

Free Energy Jan 2015 How Partnered Output Coils Work Together Its NOW up to  YOU!!! - YouTube

what chris said about assymmetry is right. the two opposing coils are symmetrical the imbalance is created by the third unidirectional coil in other words these three make up the famous "triode". 

in this system refered by sweet floyd , partnered output coils also act as the inputs. so the core of the transformer is not acting as the transfer medium from primary to secondary but an extension of the permanent magnetic field. and therefore the limitations of ferrites maximum frequencies tolerance could be disregarded.(just remember impedance matching at high frequencies, for starters 625khz) 

Another point i want to make  

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Himrael posted this 23 September 2020

rather than looking at the magnetic field like this

Partnered Output Coils

which is not incorrect but not the full picture

uncovering the missing secret of magnetism - Cerca con Google | Uncovering  the missing Secrets of Magnetism by Ken L Wheeler

here is a video by tinman demonstrating this

so nature's magnetism is inherently bucking coils. just food for thought when imagining coil geometry.

Please let me know your results if you decide to pursue this. i have no means to test my ideas in practice. thanks for your attention and good luck. 

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