Nuclear Bomb Prediction - 1997

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Chris posted this 24 October 2017

Predictions are a part of life today, you can choose to ignore them or learn from them, the choice is yours.

Major Ed Dames predicted in the documentary: "Viewing the Future - Grim Predictions by Major Ed Dames" that North Korea would be responsible for the next Nuclear Bomb - See: minute 44: 30

At the time, none thought it possible, most laughed even years later, and now: "North Korea: Japan warns of 'unprecedented, critical and imminent' nuclear threat"

I ask you, please prepare, several days of Water and Food, a Go-Bag, and some mental preparation.

If this event comes true, as Major Ed Dames predicted, which is very likely, then much worse is just around the Corner. The Killshot @46: 33

Lets not forget, it was Major Ed Dames that found Steve Fossett when no one else could!


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Zanzal posted this 25 October 2017

If NK uses a nuke it's the end of their country. Unless they also have nothing to lose it probably won't happen. The problem of course is that uncertainty fills the divide between belief and reality. Let's hope they never believe their situation is so desperate.

As far as prepping goes, my opinion is to read the bible and have faith in God. This is not just pure dogma although that may work for some, I find there is much wisdom to be found. Take for example "storing treasure in heaven" and doing good to those who hate you. These things are not only pious but they are very practical as well. When people are stealing and killing each other to stay alive, be the opposite. Be kind, generous, share your food with others. People are much less likely to want to kill the people who are nice and own nothing of value anyway.

Also acquire the skills to fix things or to grow things, in a crisis there are two kinds of useful people to have around. Those with the skills and those who are willing to do hard work. This was good advice in 90 AD and its good advice now.

So in short I recommend: Spiritual prepping. It will be far worse for a person who lives through a nuclear winter only to find themselves unworthy for Universe 2.0.


Chris posted this 25 October 2017

I agree Zanzal - Wise words there!

Good people are pure, they are Meek, it is said: "The Meek will inherit the Earth"

Be Good, Do Good and Feel Good, be Meek and Evolve with the Earth.


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Chris posted this 25 June 2020

My Friends,

I received an email, hard to tell if its legit, I get a lot of spam, but the content was directed to this page, and the content recommended a: Home Evacuation Plan.

This is something I think all need to look into! From Fires to Floods to possible War and Nuclear Fall Out, as Zanzal said, its unlikely, but still its possible, then we all need a backup plan.

People that have been in these situations, more now than ever before in history, will tell you: When you gotta go, you gotta go and there is no time to pack!

So, take 5 minutes out of your weekend, put together a Home Evacuation plan today.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


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Augenblick posted this 26 June 2020

Zanzal and Chris,

I couldn't agree more. I recently found a linear-coil-magnet type flashlight for less than a US dollar for a bug-out backpack ... not to say we should all have our "lanterns" prepped and ready.

NK has two (EMP?) satellites circling over our heads.

Regarding the spiritual: I recommend the no-nonsense 5 year Bible study by J Vernon McGee. TTB.ORG

If one has any questions about the hereafter, rest assured that the purity of the real Gospel, unfettered by religion, myth and traditions, is sufficient. No sense to worrying about why this is all happening, and to what end.

The home evac plan is right on. Try to coordinate with your neighbors for support when those gremlins come running to your neighborhoods. Ask your neighbors first what their concerns are before you tell them your plans. As we have seen, there are many ignorant sheeple willing to virtue signal your security away.


... in the blink of an eye.

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Chris posted this 26 June 2020

Hey Augenblick,

I don't know what the Future brings, but we all know, unless we Human Beings do not make serious change very soon, then things will go bad very quickly! There are a lot of people in High Places, that definitely should not be, to many Crazys at the top of the ladder!


Ed Dames and Remote Viewing has a very good track record, but as Ed Dames himself says, Time is the hard thing to get right.


Whats the old saying:

"Chance favors the prepared Mind - Louis Pasteur"


I have for a long time had that really bad feeling on the Horizon, I don't know when, or what, but I feel something is coming! COVID is a sign, our times are dire, we have to prepare, even if nothing happens, its better to be prepared and not to have to use it, than not prepared and have nothing to use!

I should note, this is the reason I have worked on Power for so long - That feeling of dread and dire times! The fastest way to turn a First World Country to a Third World Country is to cut the Power!

  • Not being able to keep Food Cold/Frozen!
  • No Running Water!
  • No Flushing Toilets!
  • Loose all Internet!
  • Banking Gone!
  • lots of things most would not have thought about!


If a Solar Flare takes out Transformers, kiss a Decade good bye before they are Constructed and gotten back online! Billions of people would die!

This thread is not really just about possibility of a Nuc Detonation, its about Survival in case of bad events! Many of which has been predicted for decades even millennia!


Himaliayan Phonix posted this 26 June 2020

Hello guys I am just hoping better future for our planet,,, we are living in an era where few are masterminds and playing with the lives of living being on the planet. We are totally in humanity crisis due to our controllers, they have controlled us in such a way that nothing we can do but to just hope better. When I hear about nukes here , I just remembered about something which I studied some time ago and it almost took all my concentration because of the strange properties of a material .There is a fluid type metal , you know mecury , which has a sub-type called red mecury, I saw people found it in Russian made old Radio and televisions circuit boards which are probably manufactured 20-50 years ago, the red Mercury was filled in a cylinder shaped glass tube and was considered as an electronic component in signal processing stage of some devices. ( it's value in $ is more then $5000 per gram now and back then it's value was unknown and it really has some strange properties. I have seen on internet old Russians had made batteries from it and these batteries don't need to be recharged ( a battery for lifetime ) I have some info on this material ( red Mecury) but I am unable to find it anywhere, if anybudy knows about it let me know some details. Red Mecury is one of the key to free energy and possibly key to know the operation of nuclear power plant. There is much misinformation spread on the internet about this material on the internet very hard to reach the truth. It's chemical formula as I studied it from the internet is said to be "Sb2O7hg" or written "hg" sorry for being off-topic but my poor mind thought its a right place to get information about this material , photo attached

Attached Files

Chris posted this 26 June 2020

Great Post Himaliayan Phonix!

I added the Image to your post, Help using the Forum shows how to do this.

The first thing that came to my mind was PYM Particles:


Of course, this cant be your answer. I wish I could give more answers this is amazing! You should have a Lab Study this! I am sure they would do it for a reasonable price!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Himaliayan Phonix posted this 27 June 2020

Thank you Chris and i will study it until I get it someday. It's amazing material and people on this form may have old antique electronic devices laying in their junkyard or workshops which may contain this material.

Now for me this is a new food for thought "PYM particals" 8)

Himaliayan Phonix posted this 27 June 2020

Help using the forum shows how to do this.

I didn't get where this help section is can you elaborate more please thanks

cd_sharp posted this 27 June 2020

Hey, Phonix,

It's here .

Best wishes

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Fighter posted this 27 June 2020

Mercury vortex was used to produce propulsion force in the old vimanas which visited our planet in ancient times.

They say "gods" used it in their ships. We know now they were not gods, they were visitors.

It definitively has exotic properties which we are not currently using properly.

Maybe you can find more about this in old vimanas manuals.

Himaliayan Phonix posted this 27 June 2020

Yes fighter , absolutely it has different properties and most of the information about it is classified and hidden. I wish to have it or make it by myself.

Chris posted this 27 June 2020

Apologies, have edit my original post: Help using the Forum

Hope this helps.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


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Chris posted this 27 June 2020

Fighter is right, also Red Mercury, Xerum 525, was used in the old Die Glocke - The Nazi Bell.


Yes, I would get this tested, it could be worth a great deal!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Fighter posted this 28 June 2020

Chris is right, sorry, I forgot about Die Glocke (The Bell) made by the Nazis.

Die Glocke could be the same technology like Vimanas, as you know Nazis sent expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, Egypt, South America (and God knows what other places) in search of ancient advanced technologies to help them build "wonder weapons".

Based on your name I guess you live in the Nepal/Tibet region, you could have access to documents and information kept in the old temples there about Vimanas and their power sources. I mean that information existed there thousands of years before the global disinformation/censorship covered the entire world.

So from all of us here you may be the only one being so close to places holding original/unaltered information about ancient advanced technologies, about Vimanas and their propulsion and power sources.

If you live in that region I guess your interest in mercury as a power source is not just a coincidence...

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